Letters to the Editor

“Ben Be sure you watch and listen to this concerning Bezo’s. Musk, and Branson and their part in our new Space Program.

Ben you need to listen and watch this older Michael Salla podcast as it explains everything you need to know about these three men and why the Galactic Federation of Worlds chose them to head the production of Space Ships transports etc etc, Salla is wrong about a macronova happening the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the other Councils are preventing it from happening, They want the Earth and all of us to evolve which takes time and also they are not going to allow this to happen once we finally cleared the planet of thousands of years of evil which includes the entire Galaxy which also had to be cleared, In other videos he goes into this with Elena Dannon and Alex Collier plus speaks with Thor Han Elena’s contact at the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the other councils involved with all of this. The deep state kept putting it out to cause fear among the public and keep our vibrations low. But now you can see they are all trying to help humanity so they are now at least trying and if any of them screw up they will lose all those contracts and face the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Yes they have dark pasts but we need to try to give them support. The reason the Galactic Federation of Worlds wants this done ASAP Is to be able to defend the Galaxy once they leave they will not stay here forever and they feel the evil ones will definitely try to return and do this again which they have done in other worlds so it must be done quickly.

I am on my way out will send you the one on Antarctica later on today.

Warmest Regards.

PS Would strongly suggest in order to understand fully what is happening right now you need to go to Amazon and buy Elena Dannon’s new outstanding book called ‘the Seeders’ you will not be able to out it down. Fantastic book…Everyone on Earth needs to read this book..”


“Listen about the second huge agreements between the US and the Jupiter Accords for Space related things.

Once you listen to this after the same countries signed the Artemis Accords earlier this second meeting happened to sign bigger more important meetings One of the reasons they chose the US to lead the Space programs between all these countries it later came out how impressed they were and are with Donald Trump they felt they can work with him well and they were impressed with him and his family. Salla discuses this later in one of the videos,. You will learn a great deal the Pentagon is not telling you lol”



Salla once came to Japan to speak. However, large body guards prevented me from entering the place he was speaking or talking to him. I believe his is an employee of Lawrence Rockefeller and his son Podesta.
I will believe in med beds etc, when I see it with my own eyes. Until then it is just pie in the sky.
-Benjamin Fulford

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