Murder of Mexican President by Rockefeller regime confirmed

Mexican sources have confirmed that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Amlo) was murdered by the Rockefeller controlled fake regime of Joe Biden. What is happening is that his look-alike replacement is using an ear piece. Presidential press secretary Jesús Ramírez Cuevas

reviews questions from journalists and, with the help of a ChatGPT type AI,  then dictates answers to the Amlo look-alike.

Mexian cartel sources say they will avenge the murder of their president by hunting down all members of the extended Rockefeller and Soros families.

We can be sure something similar has happened in Turkey and are confident the Turkish people and the ancient guild of assassins (blue dragon society) will take similar action.  

The days when the Khazarian mafia can murder world leaders with impunity are ending.

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