Most Americans may soon be banned from traveling overseas and US may also restrict imports under new regime

The United States is facing regime change as a result of the nation’s imminent bankruptcy, according to high level CIA sources in Washington and also senior MI6 sources. The information reaching us is that all the State governments except Florida, Washington and California are backing a return to constitutional law. The Pentagon is also on the program with people like General’s Schwarskopf and Stubblemeyer leading the patriotic forces. There is talk of action starting this week and this photo of Obama on March 26th shows us he is clearly worried and stressed out about something:

President Barack Obama

[restrict paid=”true”]The new regime may take some drastic measures on the economy as a result of the bankruptcy of the Federal Government, the sources say. These measures would include restrictions on imports so the US can rebuild its manufacturing base. There may also be severe restrictions placed on the amount of Americans allowed to travel overseas. These measures are designed to eliminate the US’s structural external deficit as quickly as possible.

The various states, together with the Pentagon and the Supreme Court will take over, at least temporarily, the powers to create currency. They will replace Federal Reserve promissory or debt notes with a new currency. They will exchange Federal Reserve promissory notes for the new currency at a fixed rate within a 30-day period. The 90% of US dollars owned by non-Americans are likely to be converted into other currencies. The Chinese are actively considering offering gold and commodities backed Hong Kong dollars in exchange for valid (i.e. not created through derivatives fraud) US dollars. The Japanese, the Russians, the Europeans and others may also offer to exchange the overseas US dollars for their own currencies.

It is still not decided if the new US currency will be the Amero or something else but signs are that it will be something else, probably a new type of Greenback. The British are actively using their influence to remove New World Order traitor Harper and his government and not allow him to hand Canadian sovereignty over to the Washington D.C. criminal cabal. That is why the Amero idea looks like it will not float.

The final shape of the soon to be announced international debt jubilee is also starting to appear. The latest news from our sources is that international financial obligations between nation states will be reset to 1916 levels. That is because although the Federal Reserve Board act was passed in 1913, it did not go into action until 1916.

Hopefully this will be accompanied by a much needed telling of the real truth behind the horrific tragedy and wasted opportunity that was the 20th century.

Pentagon people have contacted the Black Dragon Society and have indicated they are going actively start developing free energy technology for civilian use. The main technology they are pushing is the Stirling engines they currently use to power their missiles (have you ever wondered how a cruise missile can travel thousands of miles without giant fuel tanks?). Since at least 6,000, and probably a lot more, inventions have been suppressed in the name of “national security” we can expect a lot more wonders to emerge soon from the bowels of the Pentagon.

Several different major financial institutions including the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, Credit Agricole, Mizuho Bank and the People’s Bank of China have begun creating funds dedicated to the development and application of the various suppressed technologies. Once the various T’s are crossed and I’s dotted then hundreds of billions of dollars will become available to finance the new technology as well as to finance an end to poverty and the repair of global eco-systems.

In Japan, meanwhile, pressure is steadily being increased on New World Order and Trilateral Commission hold outs led by former Prime Minister Nakasone. The system of worshipping the Emperor as a symbol will continue in Japan. However, the Japanese right-wing now realizes that ever since Emperor Hirohito died, the emperor became merely a symbol for David Rockefeller and his Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate lackeys in Japan.

The new system will be headed by an informal group of Japan’s most intelligent and powerful people. They will act as a shadow government that will step in only if Japan’s democratic and bureaucratic institutions show signs of becoming dysfunctional. The Emperor will once again become a truly Japanese symbol under the new system.

The Japanese right wing has also been explained that they cannot count on the United States to defend Japan against China. They know, for example, that when Obama visited China last year, he offered to give control of Japan to China as part of a proposed G2. China rejected the plan but the Japanese right wing remains wary of China nonetheless. That is why they will be seeking an alliance of countries like Russia and India -countries that actually have borders with China- to agree to protect each other from Chinese domination.

The Chinese do not see these moves as a threat because they insist their rise will be peaceful and that nobody, including Japan should worry about it. The Black Dragon Society has a reliable pipeline now to the Chinese politburo and we believe all concerned are interested in harmonious relations.

In Europe meanwhile, the secret war against Nazi influence continues unabated. The recent revelations against the German pope Ratzinger regarding his helping a pedophile in the Church are part of a campaign to purge the upper reaches of the Vatican of all Satan worshippers. The Christian rank and file of the Church is behind the move to expose these people.

The agreement by the EU to act as a last resort helper of Greece is expected to be nothing more than a time saving effort and will almost certainly not prevent the demise of the Euro. Once the new financial system kicks into gear, there may be plenty of money available to the nearly bankrupt PIIGs (Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Greece) but they will be told in no uncertain terms that they will have to earn any money they get. The economic reality facing these countries is that they will either have to lower their standard of living or else leave the Eurozone and put out a new Mediterranean currency. This will also, of course lead to a temporary drop in living standards but that is inevitable because a derivatives sugar high is always only temporary. Reality cannot be avoided forever.

Various European governments are also actively considering a new alliance with Russia and the colonization of Siberia by unemployed Europeans.

However, until the dust settles it is hard to see exactly what new institutions will arise from the ashes of the old.

The dark Cabal is still in control of much of the US media and the fake Obama regime continues in power at the time of this writing. Until we see this end, we must keep our powder dry and our wits sharp. [/restrict]

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