New World Order ends 500 year plan to conquer the planet

On March 30th, the Vatican renounced the Doctrine of Discovery. It was a once in 500-year news event that went almost completely unreported in either the corporate or alternative media.

This doctrine -first put forth by Popes in 1452- allowed Christians to murder, enslave and steal the land of non-Christians around the world. It led to over 500 years of relentless wars of conquest and pillage by the West against the rest of the world. That is why Spanish conquistadors would pull out a bible, ask Aztecs and Incas to obey its teachings and then start slaughtering them when they refused. It is what Americans used to justify the genocide of first nations. More recently, it was used by George Bush (Pecce) Jr. to justify a massive invasion of the Middle East.

Now, the Roman Empire is saying “We are sorry we tried to subjugate the entire planet to the obedience of a Caesar.” Pope Francis says: “Never again can the Christian community allow itself to be infected by the idea that one culture is superior to others, or that it is legitimate to employ ways of coercing others.”

There is also talk again of replacing Francis with an African Pope. This may be the real reason talks have again emerged about him resigning “for health reasons.” Vatican watchers note:

The health episode involving Pope Francis appears increasingly indecipherable. The given versions are not only different. They are also in contradiction with each other.

In any case, during the same week the Vatican was making its moves, the head of the Committee of 300 sent a message to Asian secret societies, asking to negotiate a polycentric new arrangement for the planet. Asian secret societies replied as follows:

We seek to realize world peace. We have been deceived may times by the beautiful words of the West but, we are looking forward to the creation of a world new world federation. (世界の平和実現は我々も求めています。何度も欧米に美しい言葉で騙されてきたが、新たな世界連邦を期待しています)。

These moves by the two main Western power centers -the Vatican and the British Commonwealth- are being made because the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the BRICS now control about 80% of the world’s population and GDP. Even France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Slovakia, Poland, and the UK are already breaking with the Khazarian Mafia and trading with Russia.

This means the KM’s “rules-based world order” is now limited to a few puppet leaders like the fake Joe Biden who are about to go to jail.

There is also an outright revolution brewing in the United. States. France, Israel, Germany and the few other KM holdouts.

Another big factor in the West’s suing for peace is military defeat. CIA sources say “Once Putin finishes off Ukraine


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