Zionists call for world dictatorship by rabbis, but face defeat instead

Faced with a loss of control over the Western world’s financial system and thus a loss of power, the Elders of Zion are publicly calling for a theocracy and death for those who disobey it.  Of course, nobody but a few fanatics is paying attention to them.  Instead, the Jews are about to be liberated from thousands of years of slavery.  This may be hard to digest for non-religious, rational people, but it is what the objective, real-world facts show.

Last week, the Sanhedrin, a group claiming to have a divine right to rule humanity, called for “a Bible-based international organization to replace the United Nations.”  This would be composed of a group of 70 nations which obey the Elders of Zion.  To inaugurate this, they are building the altar of the Third Temple and planning to make animal sacrifices on it.  They also call for Noahide Laws to be applied to all of humanity.

As Pastor Chuck Baldwin and others point out, “Noahide Law calls for the death of anyone practicing idolatry (defined as any type of worship other than Talmudic worship).”  Furthermore, he warns, they are calling for “the establishment of an international court based in Jerusalem that ultimately would be given the power to execute (via decapitation) anyone who commits ‘blasphemy.’”

To make this perfectly clear, they are calling for the execution of Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, etc. unless they submit to the Elders of Zion.  These are the people behind the thwarted plot to kill 90% of humanity.

The so-called God these people claim to obey, as written in the Catholic Bible, says, among other things, that anyone other than Moses or Aaron who tries to look at God will be “stoned or shot by arrow.”  Exodus 19:13

Their God also asks for human sacrifice:
“You will give me the first-born of your children.”  Exodus 22:28

Furthermore, “God” asks for:
“gold, silver and bronze;  materials dyed violet-purple, red-purple and crimson, fine linen, goats’ hair;  rams’ skins dyed red, fine leather, acacia wood;  oil for the light, spices for the anointing oil and fragrant incense;  cornelian and other stones to be set in the ephod and breastplate.”  Exodus 25:3-7

Okay, so we have a so-called “God” that threatens to kill people with stones or arrows, asks for human sacrifice, and demands gifts such as gold and “rams’ skins dyed red.”  I’m sorry, but I would think the almighty Creator of the Universe would at least use lightning bolts to kill people and could conjure up as much gold as he/she/it wanted.

A rational, scientific explanation leads us to conclude we are dealing with a group of sophisticated human slavers hiding behind a “God” image, and not the Creator of the Universe.

Anyway, after this request for treasure, the so-called “God” went about killing Jewish leader after Jewish leader until a blindly obedient group appeared.  Their descendants are the Sanhedrin, who claim and can recite an unbroken lineage going back to the time of Moses.  In other words, these people have been helping enslave the Jews for thousands of years.  Now, behind the nice words, they are trying to enslave the rest of humanity and promising to kill those who do not obey them.

Having been brought up as an atheist, I was completely non-plussed when Japanese military intelligence told me the group that invited me to join them in a plan to kill 90% of humanity (I have it on tape) was “the Elders of Zion.”  To avoid implicating ordinary Jews, etc., I have, for the sake of simplicity, been calling this secret group of human slavers “the satanists.”

The horrible thing about all this is that they very nearly succeeded.  It was only the Pentagon and the Asians, working together, who managed to stop this horrific plan.

So now let’s look at why recent world events would lead these Sanhedrin slavers and their ilk to think the world might be ending.  Let’s start with the events in the U.S.  Here, Pentagon sources explain, “the September 30th, 2019 fiscal year end (today) coincides with the expiration of the central bank …
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… gold agreement.”  This, along with a massive Saudi Arabian defeat and the removal from power of Israeli Crime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “makes gold-backed currencies a reality,” the sources say.

That is the backdrop to the “political theater and trade wars,” they say.  The political theater, of course, features a hysterical U.S. Congress calling for the impeachment of U.S. President Donald Trump just before suddenly shutting down for two weeks.

The Pentagon sources also tell us, “Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Joseph Dunford retires to join [General James] Mattis and [General John] Kelly as senior military leaders backing Trump in his battle against Zionists and the Deep State.”  Furthermore, “the JCS is now led by Army General Mark Milley, while the deputy and de facto national security adviser is Marine Major Matt Pottinger, who was there on Day One, brought in by [former Defense Intelligence Agency Director General] Michael Flynn.”

As further background, the sources explain, “Dunford was nominated JCS Chairman in May 2015, so Trump may have been recruited then, resulting in his June 16, 2015 presidential campaign announcement.  Dunford’s former bosses Mattis and Kelly then joined the Trump administration in January 2017.”

British royal family sources say that even if the U.S. corporate government fails to make the payments due on September 30th, they will have until October 17th to try to come up with the money—or now gold—to keep afloat.  That seems to explain why their Federal Reserve Board crime group has been handing out $100 billion in cash per day since September 25th and promises to keep doing so until October 10th.  My advice to anybody holding real assets is to avoid cash offers for these assets coming from Zionist-controlled mega-banks.

Now, let us look at the absurd political farce taking place in the UK as the October 31st Brexit deadline looms.  Here is how a senior MI6 source summed up the situation:  “The British have officially gone insane in their current civil war—total chaos.”  MI6 have issued a warning that “in no uncertain terms, Germany has the gloves off and the knives out for us.  It is unofficial war.”  What is clear is that the British favor going ahead with Brexit by a margin of two to one, while the political class frantically tries to stop this from happening.  The British military know the politicians have been bribed and blackmailed into going against the popular will, and will act accordingly if necessary, the source says.

Next, in Israel, the Israeli defense forces plus the non-fanatical Jews understand what is going on.  Netanyahu has failed to form a government and it’s only a matter of time before he goes to jail.

Now let’s step back again and look at the hidden history of a 20th Century that was dominated by a diabolical Zionist plot to enslave humanity.  The first thing readers need to wrap their minds around is that Adolf Hitler was (according to an Austrian parliamentary commission and other sources) a Rothschild and one of the founding fathers of Israel.  His mission was to chase the Jews out to Israel.  Next week we hope to publish several photographs showing Hitler during his post-war retirement in Argentina.  The Japanese now tell us Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin was also a Rothschild.

Let that sink in:  not only are the Zionists messianic religious fanatics, they are also among the greatest mass murderers in history.  More recently their crimes have included 9/11, Fukushima, Malaysian Air Flight 370/17, mass murder in Syria, etc.  On top of that, we have human sacrifice on a mass scale—the most likely reason why 40,000 children go missing in the U.S. every year.

This is probably what the Gnostic Illuminati and the MJ-12 people think of as a “rogue artificial intelligence.”  More likely, it is an ancient, incredibly intelligent and incredibly evil cult of human slavers.  They have used control of information (religion), food (money), and violence (assassins) to govern- (control) -ment (minds).  Their weakness is their pinpoint concentration at the highest levels of power and wealth.

The U.S. military needs to use all necessary force to remove these people from power.  They are not going to step aside politely.  We need to keep fighting until this ancient scourge is defeated once and for all.

On a final note, tomorrow (October 1st) marks the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China.  There will be a massive military parade to honor it, and many Chinese will think of this as a victory parade of sorts.

China would never have had a chance to overtake the West if the West had not become infected by the Zionist rot.  Once the infection is cured, the West, in harmony and friendship with China, Russia, and everybody else, will finally be free to launch a new age.

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