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I have listened to you for some time and do appreciate your labours in the work with which you are so involved.  I do have a few questions.  I did notice you were at some time a Canadian journalist and so me being a Canadian, I heard something and would like to verify if is so.  I may have missed it, but I was not able to access this information.

  1. While listening to an interview with Lindsey Williams of  He said that in the 2013 Canadian budget Economic Action Plan PGA 144-145, it says that “the Canadian government has the right to every Canadian bank account when the systemic big banks fail.  There will be no bailouts.”  What are your thoughts on Lindsey Williams?  Have you heard anything like this or come across this anywhere?
  2. I appreciate your positive attitude that the world cabal or Illuminati will be defeated.  How is this possible if the the US, UK, UN, and France’s military’s are owned by these people, who have parasited every aspect of the Western governments?  I would like to hope you are right.
  3. Were you ever a Canadian citizen?
  4. What would be your greatest concern about Canada?
  5. What are your thoughts on, a group in Canada who are wanting to reinstall the Bank of Canada printing its own money, as we apparently did before Pierre Elliot Trudeau gave this over to the IMF?
  6. I have wanted to subscribe to your newsletter, but why are so many sites like yours and others making you have a Google account first? I personally try to avoid this like the plague.

Thanks and I realize you are a very busy man.



Thank you for your questions.  First of all, as to whether or not I am a Canadian, my ancestors first moved to Canada in 1776 as United Empire Loyalists whose motto was “good government.”  They believed, correctly as it turned out, that if the Anglo-Saxon people were divided, they would be conquered by foreigners.  That is exactly what has happened since the United States is now controlled by fascist Roman aristocrats who subcontract the rule to Jewish traitors to their own people.

My great-grandfather G.T. Fulford was a Canadian senator, and my grandfather was a Canadian MP for more than 20 years.  My father Dwight Fulford was Canadian ambassador to various countries.  In the 1980’s he helped rescue more than 10,000 people from the fascist death squads in Argentina.

Lester B. Pearson, originator of the idea of peacekeeping troops, was a friend of the family who used to come over for meals.  The reason I came to Asia as a youth was because I once asked my father why Canada could not stop the warmongering fascists.  His answer was that “Canada is too small.”  So I decided the only way to stop these monsters was to enlist Asian help, something I believe I have almost succeeded in doing.

About 10 years ago I took Japanese citizenship because I wanted to run for parliament here and convince the Japanese to stop bankrolling the fascists in the US and spend their $7 trillion in overseas assets to help the planet.  Since then I have been intimately involved in the secret war to liberate the planet earth.

As far as the Bank of Canada is concerned, it was Prime Minister William Lyon McKenzie King who nationalized it.  King was a friend of my grandfather’s and was godfather to my father.  P.E. Trudeau was a traitor who handed over control of the Bank of Canada to the fascists.  His wife, Margaret Trudeau, was the daughter of James Sinclair, of the family that created Scottish Rite Fremasonry.  That is why most Canadians are now subject to Babylonian-style debt slavery.  So yes, I strongly favour nationalizing all the privately owned central banks and putting them under transparent, meritocratic, and democratic control.

Pastor Lindsey Williams has genuine insider information, and he is right that as things stand now, the Canadian government could confiscate everybody’s money.

My greatest concern for Canada is that it falls further under the control of the fascists, who for now have to cling to certain democratic rules.

Finally, there is no need to create a Google account in order to access my site.  If you are getting that sort of message, then you are being hit by U.S. agency censors and hackers.

Sincerely yours,
Benjamin Fulford

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