Report on negotiations with the illuminati in Italy

Negotiations between representatives of the illuminati and the Black Dragon Society in Italy between February 17 and 24th were productive and friendly. Meetings took place between myself as special ambassador for the BDS and an illuminati “mastermind,” a French General, a representative of Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi and Russia’s Putin, a Vatican representative, a representative for former US Vice-President Cheney, a representative of Wall Street, a representative of the Saudi Royal family and others. The overall conclusion was that free energy and other forbidden technology should be developed and deployed in a manner that does not disrupt current businesses and governments.

[restrict paid=”true”]The most important discussions were with the “mastermind,” who seemed to be in a position of authority over most of the other people I met (with the clear exception of Putin’s representative). He expressed various European and American concerns. The first was that the West did not want to submit to Chinese rule. We made it very clear that Asian countries were making a 50/50 deal with the West. The best way to describe the essential mechanism behind the proposed new financial system is to think of two people sitting across a table from each other each pointing a gun. If the person on the other side is a beautiful woman or handsome man, you may decide to make love. If it is a disgusting man coming to rape you, you may decide to fight. If it is someone who does not interest you in any way, you may decide to walk away.

The mastermind also expressed puzzlement at why Asian countries suddenly stopped investing in the West. “We helped them modernize their economies so why are they doing this to us?” he asked. We explained that Asian countries wanted to invest their hard earned dollars in high-tech, in building schools and bridges, in ending poverty, in helping the West rebuild in infrastructure in fact in anything except a giant military industrial murder machine.

The other big concern was that if hydrocarbons became obsolete, governments would lose a large source of tax revenue and that vast amounts of people would become unemployed. We explained that instead of sticking straws into the ground to suck out oil, the big energy companies could do things like build vast desalination plants and dig huge canals to turn the deserts green. The Sahara alone is three times the size of Australia and if turned green it could provide homes for billions of people as well as land for vast new nature preserves.

The Illuminati in Italy, we learned on this trip, are members of the old Roman aristocratic families who intermarried over the generations to keep their bloodlines “pure.” They claim to have ruled humanity since before ancient Egypt according to a divine plan they were entrusted with. They worship the sun and practice other pagan rituals inside Catholic churches after closing hours. According to their belief system something known as the procession of the equinoxes will take place in 2012 at which point their rule will end and the Age of Aquarius will start.

According to them, a German based Cabal, known as the Thule society did not want to relinquish control over the planet and were instead plotting to set up a 1,000 year Nazi Reich. To implement this rule, they planned to murder over 4 billion humans and enslave the rest. However, now it appears the Mediterranean countries, France, England and Russia have joined the BDS in opposition to this plan.

This means the Nazi power base is being reduced to Washington D.C., Germany and some Nordic countries. One sign of this is that the Mediterranean countries are now seriously contemplating abandoning the Euro and setting up a new Mediterranean currency.

In a clear sign of rats deserting a sinking ship, Cheney’s representative said Cheney was not a real power broker but rather a think tank type of guy who just followed orders. We said we would work with anybody, including Cheney and his group, if they agreed to join the campaign to end poverty, end war, stop environmental destruction and develop the forbidden technologies.

The only representative who did not appear willing to compromise was the man from Wall Street. He was told in no uncertain terms that the big Wall Street firms that own the Federal Reserve Board will have to eliminate all the dollars created through fraudulent derivatives or they would remain isolated from the rest of the world’s financial system. He was also told the new technology would be developed and that they had better join the bandwagon or get left behind. He did not provide any clear answer.

However, in a sign these people do not plan to go quietly into the night, the Washington D.C. crime syndicate fired up HAARP again and hit Chile in response to the setting up of a new Latin American Federation that exclude the US and its puppet rogue government in Honduras.

Their time is limited nonetheless because multiple investigations are closing in on them. Among other things, Goldman Sachs in being investigated for engaging in economic sabotage against Greece, the New York Federal Reserve Board is being investigated for illegally funneling money to AIG and calls for a renewed investigation of 911 are becoming unstoppable. We expect a Pentagon move against the Washington D.C. criminal establishment sometime before this summer.

There are also signs now on multiple fronts that the financial logjam is beginning to break. Hundreds of billions of dollars, if not trillions of dollars, may soon become available to start implementing the new economic paradigm. One foundation is going to be set up to be run on a 50/50 basis between East and West. Many other foundations will start moving according to their own agendas. Hopefully this will include the various “programs,” that have been blocked. We have also proposed creating a world people’s central bank. This bank would be run on the principle of one human, one vote and possibly run via the internet.

It is still not certain when public announcements will be made or if they will ever be made. However, as always we remain hopeful that it will happen sooner rather than later.

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