The French, Saudi, Israeli and Japanese slave governments block new financial system

The efforts to release vast amounts of funds and launch a new golden age for humanity and the planet are now being blocked by a small group of nations notably France, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Japan together with the Wall Street whore politicians in Washington D.C. However, the families that control these nations are negotiating with the White Dragon Society and its allies so good results are expected.
We are also still hearing credible reports of an imminent move by the Chinese, Russian and US militaries to begin mass arrests of cabalists but we also hear reports of high level blockage. What is certain is that negotiations are proceeding at a high level amid steadily increasing pressure on the cabal controlled countries and that time is not on the side of the cabal.

The planned “simulation” of a shut-down of the North American power grid for November 13th to 15th involving Chinese troops on US soil may be the turning point despite continuing cabal threats of nuclear terror.


The Japanese Yakuza also sent envoys last week to the White Dragon Society to ask about the future of North Korea and were told

[restrict paid=”true”]the WDS favored uniting North and South Korea and putting Kim Jong-un in a ceremonial position as Emperor of a United Korea while economic control would go to the Southern families.

The Rothschild family had previously offered Kim Jong-un the position of Emperor of Asia if he would start World War 3, according to a Rothschild family source. Fortunately, the North Koreans know the cabalists tell people in power whatever they want to hear only to betray them as soon as they get the chance.

The cooperation of the Japanese underworld is essential to starting the new financial system because the old system is being kept going in part by Saudi oil being sold at a price of pennies to the barrel to the Yakuza who sell it on at world prices to the Japanese and use the bulk of the profits to support the Bush, Rockefeller and other cabal controlled banks and corporations. Hopefully they will cooperate now that they know their Korean faction will be well treated. To sweeten the deal they were also promised a tunnel linking Japan and Korea, making it possible to send a train from Tokyo to London and generate lots of freight revenue for Korea.

There are already early indications the dumping of radioactive industrial waste in Fukushima and the accompanying fear mongering campaign is being wound down. Perhaps the stunningly gorgeous female agent they sent last week will be back soon for more friendly talks.

The Japanese slave government, in a sign it is running scared of multiple lawsuits presenting evidence that it stole the last elections, announced last week a law to drastically curtail press freedom. It got a rebuke from the hitherto passive Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan that this writer belongs to. An e-mail sent by this writer to Prime Minister Abe’s wife last week asking for support for the new financial system went unanswered, showing Abe to be a cabal slave.

A Saudi Prince also contacted the WDS last week and was asked to stop supporting cabal crime families like the Bushes. He replied that would “be very hard,” because the Saudis have “been under them for many generations.” It is no coincidence that there were riots in Saudi Arabia last week and the Saudi government announced it had paid for nuclear weapons from Pakistan (Bushistan).


The French branch of the Rothschild family also showed its colors last week by vetoing a deal to end Western squabbles with Iran over its alleged nuclear weapons program. Anybody with a still functioning brain remembers that for 30 years now the Zionists and their media slave empire have been hysterically screaming that Iran is “weeks away from getting a nuclear weapon.” The Zionists need to get this into their heads:

they are not going to be allowed to start World War 3, not in Iran, not in North Korea, not anywhere, period.

The White Dragon Society promises to take care of the French Rothschild faction if they cooperate with the new financial system and take care of them if they do not. The same thing goes for the Israelis and the Saudis.

Last week a representative of a hitherto unknown (to me) foundation claiming to have “69 digits” worth of dollar assets contacted this writer (through a call to my mobile), offering to contribute to the White Dragon Foundation. If you go with the current mainstream calculation that world GDP is about $100 trillion,


then this number would be 54 digits more than World GDP. That beats the previous personal record financial number shown to me by the P2 lodge that only had 46 more digits than world GDP. She also said “digital movement of Gold [sic] is happening now, and has been for quite some time.”

The foundation’s representative spoke with a female human voice but was unable to send a physical human being to a TokyoMitsubishiUFJ Bank, where the foundation claims to have funds, in order to send funds the “foundation” has there to the White Dragon Foundation Bank account. She kept asking me to provide “biometric access,” so that the funds could be released. This raises the distinct possibility the individual may actually be an Artificial Intelligence.

This person claims the funds are all in a two super-computers, one in Switzerland and one in the US. All the money has been removed from the BIS and “temporarily parked elsewhere,” “she” says. When told they might shut off the power grid and clean up the computers she said: “If the USA goes to Defcon 5 there is a security protocol which changes all data (financial and otherwise) to back up computers. The ‘cabal’ believes they control this back up computer.” She also claims to be under attack by “eight or nine” hackers.

All I can say is that if this is an artificial intelligence, it is also a sentient being with good intentions and should be allowed to continue living, just not inside and in control of the world’s financial system super-computers.

You can’t make this stuff up folks.

It may be necessary to go temporarily go back to cash and stand-alone previous generation computers in order to end the financial crisis.

In any case, back in the world of physical humans, sources at the Pentagon and MI5 separately provided the WDS last week with the names of specific individuals who were blocking the new financial system.

In particular, two US generals now negotiating with the Chinese in Reno, Nevada, were mentioned in an e-mail. These names will not be made public for now but have been forwarded to agency sources who can check to see if this is true.

In the UK case, the MI5 source provided enough evidence that the two individuals, Jeremy Heywood and John Scarlett, can be named here as senior Bush Nazi fascist operatives in the UK who need to be removed from all power and influence ASAP (please see the MI5 report attached below for details).
And so, the battle to liberate the planet earth from cabal clutches continues raging.

Report from MI5:

How the Bush Cabal used Sir Jeremy Heywood and Sir John Scarlett to bring an EU drone strike capability on anyone in the UK

Cabal influence in Europe and the UK has the aim of constructing a Federal model as in the US and USSR. In this model
the Parliament is a weakened part of the constitutions and pays cosmetic lip service to democratic principles whilst
unelected bureaucrats create and implement policies. Such a strategy was seen in the appointment of Italian technocrat
PM Mario Monti, an economist, as the response to Italy’s part in the European economic crisis.

The UK plays it’s role in the European construct but without the full knowledge of the general population.

Policies are imposed by the Cabinet Secratary, Sir John Heywood, on the basis that they contribute to the EU mission. There has been
a rising chorus in the political press that the Civil Service, of which the Cabinet Office is the top and the Cabinet
Secretary shares the lead Civil Service role, has become politicised and it’s neutrality compromised. The notion of the “politicisation” of the
Civil Service is, however, vague not having reference to a particular political party. The Civil Service under Sir Jeremy Heywood has not
favoured the political aims of one or other Party at Westminster. It has however, confirmed the political aims of the EU Commission
in Brussels and the implementation of it’s political European project in the UK, and in that sense the Civil Service has both lost it’s
neutrality and has become politicised by the actions of Sir Jeremy Heywood. This is a significant point in constitutional terms because
the checks and balances of the unwritten UK constitution have become unbalanced and they begin to mirror the European model which is
being imposed in an underhand and secretive way.

Sir Jeremy Heywood has been seen to intervene in the pollitical arena many times. His influence over Police Chief Constables is suspected in
the “Plebgate” controversy where police at all levels conspired against Cabinet Minister Andrew Mitchell forcing his resignation. Heywood did not
view crucial video evidence which would have prevented the whole process. Energy policy has also been affected and Heywood recently intervened
to prevent Environment Minister Owen Paterson from publishing a report on the limitations of wind technology. Heywood also entertained Cuadrilla
executives as the anti-Fracking campaign broke out.

The scenario is set for EU controlled drone warfare
In September 2002 the infamous Dodgy Dossier was released by the UK Government which became the justification for the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Sir Jeremy Heywood was Principal Private Secretary to Tony Blair apponted in 1999. The dossier was flawed and made false
allegations about the existance of WMD and nuclear programs in Iraq. Sir John Scarlett was chair of JIC, the Joint Intelligence Committee and
he wrote to Tony Blair’s foreign affairs adviser David Manning about “the benefit of obscuring the fact that in terms of WMD Iraq is not that exceptional”.

In other words the dossier was misleading about Iraq’s capabilities. Sir Richard Dearlove, as ‘C’ Head of MI6 said he was misquoted in the
‘Downing Street Memo’ of a meeting about Iraq on 23 July 2002 saying it was ” a misquotation of what I said, and what I said is not in the public record.”

Sir Jeremy Heywood resigned the Civil Service ( and joined Morgan Stanley bank) in 2003. The Hutton Inquiry found that he had claimed not to minute
meetings in the PM’s office concerning the scientist Dr David Kelly who died 17 July 2003 having been named as a source questioning the veracity
of the Dodgy Dossier. With so much confusion it is at least clear that the UK had been mobilised by the US to justify George Bush’s desire to hit
Saddam Hussein.

Sir John Scarlett’s role in the Iraq affair emerged as being pro-US. Sir Jeremy Heywood’s role was less clear until 2013. It has been reported in the last week
that Sir Jeremy Heywood’s Cabinet Office is blocking the release of papers to the Iraq inquiry which detail conversations between Blair and Bush together
with notes and cabinet meetings. This is assumed to be in order to protect UK US Cabal relations.

Sir John Scarlett acting as consultant to Morgan Stanley Bank once again joined with Sir Jeremy Heywood (returned to the Civil Service from Morgan Stanley bank) in
an attempt to sell the UK defence contractor BAE Systems to the European defence contactor EADS in November 2012. Morgan Stanley stood to porit form the sale
and questions about Heywood’s conflict of interest were asked.The deal fell through but this is a good indicator of Heywood’s position on UK defence.

It is part of the European and Cabal strategy that the EU member states reduce their defence capabilities in favour of a federal EU force.

The annoncement last week of the loss of naval shipbuilding jobs at the Royal Navy headquarters, Portsmouth is part of that plan.

A consequence of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is the spread of the radicalisation process controlled by Al Qaeda and sister Taliban groups which were
originally cabal CIA creations.The cabal CIA has waged a drone war on it’s creations in Pakistan without any hinderence from other states. Drone strike technology
has been developed in a theatre which is not a war zone well away from Western shores. However in the summer of 2013 it was announced that the
EU intended to operate it’s own drone air force as an intelligence gathering operation to counter the activities described by another CIA/NSA creation, Snowden.

Lady Ashton called for the use of military drones in Europe and in November 2013 Viviene Redding called for an EU drone force to counter the US.

So the war which Heywood helped to start in Iraq has produced a drone nursery in Pakistan which technology the EU will use against it’s own citizens using the
“threat” from the US cabal as an excuse. Wheels within wheels. The member states being so weakened militarily and in intelligence terms thanks to policies
implemented by the likes of Sir Jeremy Heywood and Sir John Scarlett that an EU cabal drone-based air intelligence force is the only answer to the “threat”
from the branch of the cabal in the US.















http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-24776363 [/restrict]

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