The “rules based world order” has lost

It is almost game over. The so-called “rules-based world order” has lost internationally. All that is left now is to finish them off in their last strongholds in Europe, Israel and the United States.

The clearest sign of their defeat was a UN vote on December 13th calling for a cease-fire in Gaza. Only 8 countries supported the USrael’s opposition to the ceasefire. These were Austria, Czechia, Guatemala, Liberia, Micronesia, Nauru, Papua New Guinea and Paraguay. Another way to look at this is to see these as the last countries controlled by the Nazi faction of the Khazarian Mafia.

This is down from 60 countries that attended a Knights of Malta meeting calling for a continuation of the Ukraine war last summer. Significantly, none of the other G7 countries now support USrael.

The loss of Japan was probably the biggest blow to the Nazis. Last week a dozen senior Japanese politicians, including four cabinet ministers, were arrested in Japan. These included Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno, Chairman of the Policy Research Council Koichi Hagiuda, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Yasutoshi Nishimura, Agriculture Minister Ichiro Miyashita and Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Junji Suzuki.

They were all affiliated with the Unification Church or Moonies. Japan is now in the midst of a major political clean-up that will remove the system of KM bribery that turned the Parliament into a giant acting troupe.

The next move in the clean-up will be to remove all the second and third-generation politicians who were turning the country into a feudal dictatorship. When the purge is finished, Japan will once again be controlled by meritocratically selected public servants and democratically elected politicians.

The arrest of the Moonie politicians means the Nazis have lost control of Taiwan, Japan and North Korea. These countries are now planning to deepen ties with ASEAN in order to create an East Asian counter-balance to communist China, Asian royal family sources say.

Former Rockefeller Council on Foreign Relations Chairman Richard Haas hinted at these fundamental changes when he told the Wall Street Journal last week about “a dramatic shift in U.S. ability or willingness to come to Taiwan’s aid.”

Now that their “good friend” uber-Nazi Heinz Kissinger is gone, China, for its part, will be deepening its integration with India to form the economic center of gravity for the post-Western world, the Asian royals say.

By the way, the recent UN votes suggest the remaining Nazi submarine bases are located in Guatemala, Liberia, Micronesia, Nauru and Papua New Guinea.

Land-locked Paraguay is where the Moonies had a ranch next to the one owned by Adolf Hitler (see attached FBI report on Hitler) that was subsequently taken over by George Bush Sr. They used Japanese and German submarines to create an international drug mafia smuggling cocaine from South America, amphetamines from North Korea and Heroin from Southeast Asia. This group was also engaged in large-scale human trafficking and arms sales.


They made their big move on September 11, 2001, and managed to turn the USrael into a Nazi state along with Japan. That is why Japan and the West began a massive bio-weapons research and dispersal project after 911.

Now that Japan has been liberated, the battle is on to remove the Nazi strongholds in Austria, Czechia, Israel and the US.

The battle to liberate the US took a dramatic turn on December 15th. The “Q” people set up a countdown clock that said a power outage would occur. A power station in New York was blown up at midnight on December 15th, -exactly when they predicted- causing widespread power shortages in New York.

It is a good guess that power was cut off in the big KM stronghold of New York in order to turn off alarm systems and let special operations troops grab high-profile individuals. Time will tell if this was the case.

The Q people are now saying “Y2K3: The world as you know it…is over with. Ten days of total chaos…Merry Christmas.”

The Q movement, of course, is closely related to US President Donald Trump. We have now heard from the Trump people and found out that


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