The US is headed for gunfight at the OK Corral

The undeclared civil war in the US is headed for a showdown that will involve lots of nighttime shootouts. On one side the Satanists have used Google etc. to compile a list of Americans who they want to kill in order to stay in power. On the other side are patriots with a list of over 1 million sealed indictments they want to act on in order to liberate the US from Satanic rule.

First, let us talk about the Satanists’ plan. German intelligence warned us last week of a planned genocide of 15 million Americans.

American Patriot Goldberg was killed after putting out this information in February of 2020. It was based on White House documents he claims he was given. His predictions for 2021 to 2023 turned out to be accurate. He claimed the Zionists (Satanists) were disturbed that too many Americans were aware of the Satanic nature of Zionism and they needed to be culled. Their plan called for agents to disseminate the truth about Zionism (Satanism) on corporate media outlets like YouTube in order to get a list of names of people who watched the information. They were then going to be targeted with a virus.

This is exactly what happened. The vaccines pushed on the people of the world were only toxic for people who had been identified as threats to Satanism.

The next phase of the plan, called Project Zyphir is scheduled for 2024 and 2025. It is the extermination. Goldberg says they are going to tag people for anti-semitic speech, charge them with crimes and eliminate them completely…What they are talking about now is power outages followed by a purge. They are going to come to you in a military vehicle and place you in a camp. It is a very, very big operation that they are planning. They will do it under the cover of night during one of these brown blackouts. They have a three-day blackout, they have a nationwide blackout that lasts two days and a lot of localized blackouts. They are going to blame it on Iran. They are planning this next year and the year after. They are not done tracking and identifying everyone.

Senior CIA sources confirm this saying: “It is mostly accurate [but] there is much more to this. Be careful how you use it as it raises red flags by those who control almost everything and are always watching.”

The recent removal and slaughter of the homeless people of San Francisco confirms this is real. Dr. Pierre Corey meanwhile says a Nazi-style purge of “undesirables” is already underway: “African American, Latino and the elderly are dying at higher rates than anyone else. It’s the most severe discrepancy I have seen in my medical career.”

Also, the House passed a resolution that says “anti-Zionism is antisemitism,” creating a “legal” justification for arresting anti-satanists.

Since American troops are unlikely to obey orders to kill their own citizens, this would explain all the undocumented military-aged foreign males getting paid salaries by the World Economic Forum.

According to Goldberg “Operation Warp Speed” Donald Trump “loved it” because they promised to declare him King of Israel. Trump’s speech writer Seven Miller has a big role in all of this, he says. We have also confirmed from the P3 freemasons that self declared top Satanist Leo Zagami is staying at Mar a Largo.

The white hats, for their part, have their own plan. According to them, Donald Trump


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