Six North Korean atomic bombs located in Japan, five have been seized by the police

The North Korean government smuggled six nuclear weapons into Japan to use as blackmail against the Japanese government, according to a senior Japanese public security police source. Five of the bombs have been seized by Japanese authorities but the sixth is located in the basement of the headquarters of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chosen Soren) and police have been warned it will be set off if they try to seize it. The discovery of the bombs by Japanese authorities confirms the original warning about the North Korean plot to attack with Japan that from a KGB agent who claimed to report directly to Russian Prime Minister Putin. The nuclear blackmail is linked to a failed Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate plot to start World War 3 on the Korean peninsula in a bid to stave off bankruptcy.

[restrict paid=”true”]The battle for control of the world’s financial system is now entering a key phase. The latest news is that funds that have been blocked around the world may be released either starting on October 15th (not likely) or after the G20 meeting due in North Korea in November, according to CIA, Japanese security police and NSA sources.

However, despite the optimism from these diverse sources, there still appears to be a major, unsolved power struggle raging beneath the surface.

Last week the Obama administration sent feelers to the White Dragon Society, stating that “Obama is now allied with the military and he has kicked the Jews out of his government.” Michele Obama demanded that Rahm Emmanuel and others be fired because of racist remarks made about her children (he allegedly called them pikaninies), an NSA source says. However, we very much doubt the military will follow Obama’s orders since he hired a lawyer with no military background to head his National Security team after the departure of Marine General Jim Jones. It seems that Obama, realizing he was about to be thrown into the bus, decided to try to strike out on his own but he is probably in way over his head.

In fact we have heard the Khazarians have already “put a sanction” on Obama meaning he is not expected to be long of this world. It may even be a public Kennedy style assassination according to a senior US government source.

The fight in Washington still seems to be between the faction that wants to replace Obama with Hillary Clinton and a group that wants an interim military government under Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Gates is in Vietnam now meeting his Chinese, Japanese and ASEAN counterparts. We are still not quite sure what is being discussed but we are sure the North Korean nuclear bomb in Tokyo is part of it. That bomb is connected to North Korean spy Yasuhiro Nakasone’s desperate attempt to take over the Bank of Japan. This plot will fail since senior North Korean operatives in Japan, including former Prime Minister Koizumi and so-called right wing nationalist Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara have now been identified. The North Koreans will need to start negotiating directly with the White Dragon Society if they want to get anything.

BOJ governor Shirakawa will be resigning this month and is scheduled to be replaced by deputy BOJ governor Hirohide Yamaguchi (this is not the same Yamaguchi who was arrested with $134.5 billion in bonds in Italy last year).

Meanwhile, the Italian treasury police, working with Daniele Dal Bosco and the OITC have been trying to sell not only these bonds, but in addition $1 trillion in dragon family bonds as well as some Austrian and German bonds they have also stolen.

The latest intelligence report on OITC head Ray C. Dam is that he is fact a Muslim born in Kurdistan who has no royal blood. Nor does he have the university degrees he claims to have. The OITC also never had a UN charter like they claim but rather they pretended to have taken over former Indonesian President Soekarno’s charter.

There is a lot of information that we are now receiving that we cannot yet publish for a variety of reasons. However, the overall impression to be gained from the various information sources is that things are coming to a head quickly. There will probably be some senior secret meetings in the coming weeks aimed to ending the financial stand-off. Some important new secret people with “level 7” security clearance will be participating in negotiations with their Asian counterparts. No firm date has been set for the meeting yet.[/restrict]

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