Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate threatens Europe as their empire crumbles

The Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate has been threatening “terrorist” attacks on Europe in a bid to derail EU/Chinese negotiations. They have also revived their threat to set off a suit-case nuclear bomb in the US. In addition, President Obama, aware he is about to be sacrificed, has been threatening to take his handlers down with him. The widely publicized gift of a dead fish to departing White House Chief of Staff and Senior Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel was a death threat. The Feds for their part are now intensifying their push to replace Obama with Hillary Clinton. The prospect of civil war in the US is growing and global chaos is expected to intensify as the old financial system crumbles while the new one remains blocked.

[restrict paid=”true”] The Feds have been running the printing presses at hyper-speed and have been forcing countries around the world to devalue their currencies in response. The plan to introduce a gold-backed Amero is now degenerating into a plan to issue an Amero that is only “theoretically” backed by gold because of the outrageous leverage that will be applied to any real gold the Feds have managed to get.

The situation is expected to degenerate over the coming months and a senior Rothschild source is now saying the Federal Reserve Board will not last beyond January 30th of next year (2011).

The ongoing visit by Chinese Premier Wen Jiaobao to Greece, Italy, Turkey and Belgium and his public statements of support for the Euro and for Greek bonds is a clear and open anti-Fed signal by the Chinese. Europe is now engulfed in heavy rioting and strikes and the Eurozone governments are desperate to stablilize the situation and prepare for a post Fed era. One sign of this are France’s Sarkozy proposals for a EU/Russian alliance. Another sign is that NATO member Turkey has been engaging in joint military maneuvers with China and the Russians.

Asean European summit is important because it is basically a summit between the West and Asia that excludes the United States and its (temporary) Canadian colony.

A major Rothschild faction, meanwhile, has contacted the White Dragon Society and told them they had no choice but to deal with them if they ever wanted to get the financing needed to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and release the forbidden technologies. They were told to wait for the criminal charges to be filed against the United Nations, Davos and the people behind them before any deal would be reached.

The final legal preparations for the Racketeering charges to be brought against Davos and the UN are going ahead and charges are now expected to be filed next week. When the charges are filed, there will be international mass publicity to ensure the whole world knows.

In Japan, meanwhile, North Korean Fed agent Yasuhiro Nakasone, surrounded at all times by 26 North Korean bodyguards, is doing everything he can to support the Feds. He has conned many in the right-wing establishment into picking unnecessary fights with China and Russia。In addition, the Bank of Japan has been pressured into supporting the Federal Reserve Board through unsterilized market interventions. Bank of Japan governor Shirakawa is so fed up and pressured by the situation that he told a White Dragon Society member that he plans to resign this month. He says he has been too stressed out by the conflict over control of Japan’s money printing presses to be able to continue. Shirakawa at one recent point had US military troops stationed around his house to protect him from hired thugs.

However, the installation of US missile bases aimed at China in the Senkaku Islands is a move supported by the White Dragon Society because the US military establishment will need the support of the countries surrounding China after their Federal Reserve Board paymasters go bankrupt. They can help guarantee that the countries surrounding China do not become Chinese colonies.

The Chinese, for their part, know that time is on their side and have no intention of appearing overly aggressive. They will continue their strategy of peaceful development until their economic power becomes so overwhelming the world’s center of gravity will naturally flow towards them. War is not in their best interest.

The rest of the world, meanwhile, continues to assert their independence from the Feds. Notably, the Pakistanis have shown some spine and have cut off Nato fuel supplies to Afghanistan in response to US attacks on Pakistan. Attempts to start World War 3 there will not succeed.

The overall world situation is now extremely volatile and all efforts have to be made to prevent the Satanists from starting all-out global war. The Satanists, meanwhile, continue to look for a home for at least one million Satanist refugees who are expected to be chased out of the US, according to senior CIA and Japanese military intelligence sources. The Japanese at one point promised to resettle them in the Northern Island of Hokkaido but that offer has been cancelled. Israel has also refused to take them. Some sort of home will have to be found for them because it would be wiser to offer them an out than to force them to fight. [/restrict]

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