Western governments are a sick April fools’ joke even as war looms

With this week’s report appearing on April 1st, we thought about writing an April Fools’ joke article. However, the real situation is already like a sick joke so we didn’t bother. Just think about so-called President Joe Biden officially declaring Easter as “Transgender Day of Visibility.” This appears to be either a twisted April Fools’ joke or a direct middle finger to Christians, from the allegedly Catholic, Joe Biden.

In reality what is happening is no joke but a prelude to a very likely massive military move by Russia, North Korea and China to take Western Europe, South Korea and Taiwan out of Western control. The West is so paralyzed by criminally incompetent governments that this will not be a war so much as a walkover. 

Let us start with Russia. The Russian Orthodox Church issued an “order” to the Russian people saying the special military operation in Ukraine is “a new stage in the national liberation struggle…to fulfill the mission of those who defend the world from the onslaught of globalism and the victory of the West, which has fallen into Satanism”.


Let’s make it clear, Russia is run by the Orthodox Church and you don’t declare Holy War unless you are deadly serious. The Russian FSB has made it known they consider the Federal Reserve Board and the families that own it to be their real enemy.

That is why FRB puppet Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk warns of the “real” threat of conflict in Europe, saying “literally any scenario is possible. We haven’t seen a situation like this since 1945.”


If Russia moves into Western Europe, the French and German military high command have admitted they could not resist for more than a few weeks.

Lieutenant General Rob Magowan, deputy chief of the country’s defense staff admitted in Parliament the UK would be unable to “fight a full-scale war against Vladimir Putin” for more than two months due to a lack of ammunition and equipment reserves.

The US military is no longer going to be able to help either. The demolition of the bridge in Baltimore has ensured that.

By the way, if you are one of the few remaining cool aid drinkers who still believe the “official” story this was an accident, please look at the videos and visuals below.

My initial suspect for this attack was Barack Obama because his Netflix movie predicted a similar event.

However, if you ask the question qui bono or who benefits from this, it has to be Russia. The bridge collapse trapped four ships the US military would absolutely need to transport equipment quickly across the Atlantic in the event of a war in Western Europe. These are:

  • The Cape Washington, a Cape W Class roll-on/roll-off vessel.
  • The Gary I. Gordon, a Gordon-class roll-on/roll-off vessel.
  • The SS Antares (T-AKR-294), an Algol-class fast sealift vehicle cargo ship.
  • The SS Denebola (T-AKR-294), another Algol-class fast sealift vehicle cargo ship.


This means if Russia moved into Western Europe the US would not be able to transport enough military equipment on time to be able to do anything about it. Field Marshall Douglas MacGregor says Russian submarines could take out any remaining US transport ships.

In any case, we know from our own Pentagon contacts the US military does not intend to fight to protect KM puppet governments in Europe anyway.

This matters because Russia has all but declared war. The Russian Foreign Ministry is demanding the arrest and extradition to Russia of all people involved in the March 22 (322)

terrorist attacks on Russian territory, including Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) head Vasyl Malyuk.


Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova made it very clear the US government incriminated itself by immediately blaming ISIS despite it being well-known ISIS etc. are US and British creations.


Alexander Bortnikov the chief of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has also publicly accused the United States, Britain and Ukraine for the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall.


Our own FSB sources say Russia is further demanding the arrest of fake US President Joe Biden and his boss Barack Obama. They are also asking for the arrest of Charles Mountbatten Windsor.

That is why Russian ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov says improving relations with Washington under President Joe Biden is “impossible”


There are also signs that any attack by Russia would take place simultaneously with a North Korean move on South Korea.

In what looks like preparation for war, North Korea is importing huge amounts of fuel for military vehicles from Russia. At least five North Korean tankers sailed this month with oil products from the port of Vostochny in the Russian Far East.

North Korean tankers may have delivered more than 1.5 mln barrels of oil products between January 1 and September 15, 2023, the Russian Tass News Agency reports. “Moscow and Pyongyang have promised to strengthen their military-technical cooperation,” it adds.


Russia also used its veto power last week to stop UN monitoring of arms transfers between Moscow and Pyongyang.


Amid this tension Japan has been desperately trying to talk to North Korea but North Korean Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui reiterated Pyongyang’s stance Friday that it will reject any contact with Japan


Our own North Korean sources say they control the Japanese underground and are preparing to remove the slave government in Japan because it murdered over 400,000 people with vaccines.

Another sign something fundamental has changed is that Goldman Sachs is shutting down its’ banking business in Japan.


When I was working for Forbes I remember going to GS parties where the likes of former US Vice President Walter Mondale were employees. It was the de facto government of Japan. Their leaving is big news.

Japan is about to have a new Emperor and a new government according to my own sources connected to the greater (Fujiwara) imperial family.

“I’ve described the security environment as the most dangerous I’ve seen in 40 years in uniform,” said U.S. Adm. John Aquilino, head of Indo-Pacific Command, before the House Armed Services Committee this month. 


China and Taiwan though, will reunify without any war, Asian secret society sources say. They say a deal has already been made for peaceful reunification.

In any case, the situation is so tense an emergency meeting has been called this week with representatives of the Habsburg family (European Royalty), the Pentagon, the CIA, the Russian FSB, the people in Antarctica and Asian royals. A person who will be attending the meeting says they will discuss


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