Will 100 years of Fed tyranny end this week?

There are many indications this is going to the week the 100 year Federal Reserve Board reign of tyranny comes to an end. The following AP article serves to confirm what my own sources told me about January 30th being a deadline for the Federal Reserve Board:

Central banks end US dollar emergency swap lines

The emergency lending program the article refers to started with an unprecedented show of support for the Federal Reserve Board in 2007. In the autumn of 2007 the Swiss, EU, Canadian and other central banks provided the Feds with $500 billion in emergency funding. This allowed the Feds to meet a September 30th, fiscal year end payments deadline. When the Europeans cut off Fed funding in September 2008, causing the so-called “Lehman shock,” it was a Chinese faction that came in and provided them with $1 trillion to keep going for another year. That money ran out on September 30th 2009. After that the Federal Reserve Board and the Bank of England tried in October to pay China the money they owed with gold plated tungsten. When this was discovered they said they would get real gold “soon.” In the meantime, they managed to get bridging finance by selling US military secrets, using drug money and by stealing whatever they could.

Now that the Feds have been cut off from the global central banking system, it is hard to see what rabbit they are going to try to pull out of a hat next.

The attack on Haiti with an earthquake weapon and the seizure of their central bank assets did nothing but further disgust the rest of the world.

What follows next is anybody’s guess. One move a Pentagon official mentioned was an invasion of Nigeria. That could be accompanied by an invasion of Venezuela, according to the hawk’s scenario.

However, saner heads in the military do not want to start World War 3 because, among other reasons, war games always show the US losing such a conflict. A worst case scenario would see 90% of humanity wiped out in a nuclear war that would leave the Northern Hemisphere of the planet inhabitable.

So, will the military stage a coup d’etat against the Federal Reserve Board controlled Washington establishment, announce a temporary government, return to constitutional rule and stage new elections? This is a best case scenario.

There are some signs this may be happening. For one, Defense Secretary Robert Gates watched a 48-year old movie about a military coup against Washington while in the company of the press corps. Was this a hint? Another point is the US effort to negotiate an end to the conflict in Afghanistan. This may well be a prelude to the closure of many of the 800 US military bases worldwide that would almost inevitably follow a return to constitutional law.

In this scenario a South African style truth and reconciliation committee could be set up. It would be very interesting to hear about the plans for a fake alien invasion the US has been working on since World War 2. We could also find out exactly who was planning to kill 4 billion people as well as how. There are so many dark secrets being kept from the people that it will be very interesting indeed to finally hear the truth, however shocking it may be. “Conspiracy theorists” would finally be vindicated on many fronts.

Another scenario would leave the current regime in power amid a declaration of martial law and an intensified propaganda campaign. This is something that has already been tried by Obama with his establishment of a special ruling council. This effort is largely toothless though, because the Pentagon has already said they are not going to harm American citizens.

Furthermore, that is not going to end the banking boycott nor is it going to save the US economy from bankruptcy. There may be a return to WW2 style rationing in the US as its isolation from the global economy intensifies.

The US dollar is not going to collapse, however, because the 90% of dollars owned by non-Americans are going to keep their value and be renamed either Hong Kong dollars or Renminbi. The quadrillions of dollars worth of fraudulent derivatives hidden by the Feds in offshore banking centers will remain quarantined from the rest of the financial system and are now worthless.

If the American government starts issuing a Lincoln/Kennedy style greenback, it will become a powerful regional currency along the lines of the yen. Americans though, having lived above their means for the past 30 years, will find their new greenback buys them a lot less than their dollars used to. This will be great for US exporters and for tourists visiting the US.

In any case, the faster the Americans bring their financial system in touch with reality, the faster they will be able to rebuild their economy.

The Japanese military/intelligence establishment will stay allied with the US unless the US financial situation makes the US unable to project military power in Japan. In such a case they will seek links with Russia and other countries to counterbalance Chinese influence.

Meanwhile, although Democratic Party power broker Ichiro Ozawa is still expected to be sent to jail and removed from power, Prime Minister Hatoyama is going to be allowed to stay. The DPJ government is expected to remain in power for several more years.

Any effort to replace it with a new party is now going to be a longer term project, according to Japanese secret government sources.

The Japanese secret government has also given the go-ahead to inviting inventors of suppressed technology to Japan so that their inventions can be tested and then put into production. This could take place within a couple of weeks, depending on the logistics involved.

The Japanese head of the Black Dragon Society has also agreed to hold an international press conference in the near future.

In a related development, there will be a key meeting between the Chinese and a representative of the Rothschilds on Monday. Hopefully this will unlock the new financial system. We will issue an update on that meeting on our blog.

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