Simultaneous military, G7 and BIS summits point to something big

Major world changes are clearly close on the horizon. This past weekend saw a G7 Finance Minister’s summit near the North pole, a BIS central bank governor’s summit in Australia and a gathering of the world’s military leaders (including Nato, Russia and China) in Germany. All of this is a sign of preparation for some major public announcements almost certainly related to the new financial system.

The Federal Reserve Board has been actively buying up all its old bonds, notes and Treaty of Versaille boxes at 1% of their face value, according to a Black Dragon Society member with esoteric banking connections. The Bank of Japan has also been buying up all of its bonds owned by non-Japanese. These are some other indications a big announcement is imminent.

The most likely scenario, according to our sources, is that the 90% of US dollars owned by non-Americans will be renamed Hong Kong dollars and backed by the Renminbi. There are conflicting plans for the US as we write but our latest information is that a gold-backed Amero will replace the Mexican peso as well as the US and Canadian dollars to form a North American region currency. In preparation for such an event the Pentagon, the Canadian mounted police and Mexican Federales are said to be prepared to deal with civil unrest in the US, according to our sources.

The Amero will have a lot less purchasing power (30 to 50% less) internationally than the US dollar has now so many Americans will be understandably angry when the change is announced. The un-escapable fact though, is that Americans have been living beyond their means for the past 30 years.

Nonetheless, it is still not clear if the Washington D.C. criminal establishment will be ousted and replaced by an interim government until the US can return to constitutional law and hold new elections. There is still infighting going on as we write and a final showdown has yet to be seen.

It remains to be seen if the US falls into civil war but Pentagon sources believe this can be avoided if the military takes legal steps to remove the criminal corporate government in Washington D.C.

Meanwhile, the military summit in Munich revealed some major geo-political changes that may be related to this. Basically, there was talk of Russia joining Nato with, among others, Polish delegates making this suggestion. This coincides with arm sales by the US and the EU to Taiwan as well as military exercises in Thailand involving Thai, Japanese, Indonesian and Singaporean troops. All of these moves are clearly aimed at telling China not to overstep itself and assume it can form a China centric world dictatorship.

Of course the Chinese delegate in Munich made it very clear that China had no such ambition. Senior Chinese sources in fact did tell me earlier that China did want to rule the world but of course now that they have been confronted with all of these forces they have had to scale back their ambitions.

The center of world financial and intellectual gravity will nonetheless shift to China over the coming decades but it will do so in an organic fashion that does not alienate or endanger anybody.

The only way for the West to prevent this from happening would be for them to purge their financial and political systems of the criminal element that took over the highest echelons of power.

There are many signs that such a purge has already begun and will continue for a long time.

First of all the financial industry has seen thousands of bankers arrested and hundreds murdered. Eventually, the ring-leaders of the 911 attacks will be arrested if not executed. This only a matter of time now.

Secondly, the pharmaceutical industry is going to see a major purge as the criminal element that deliberately manufactured diseases in order to sell cures continues to be exposed. Cures are already available for most diseases so that industry will have to retool itself towards the creation of life, ability and pleasure enhancing substances.

The application of free energy technology to replace petroleum will also begin in earnest. In order to prevent social disruption the oil, nuclear and other industries will undergo an orderly transformation. Early use of free energy technology will be restricted to such things as turning deserts green.

The political class is also going to see a major purge and many government are expected to fall over the coming year. Regime change is likely in Canada, England, Germany and the US.

It is not clear if all of these changes will be made with big public announcements or if they will just be phased in over time. Hopefully there will be a truth commission set up.

Meanwhile, right wing elements in Japan are busy plotting the creation of a nationalist party to compete with the ruling Democratic Party of Japan. They are trying to get right-leaning members of the DPJ to defect to a new party.

They have also forced the DPJ to distance itself a bit from China and take a more balanced diplomatic approach.

Overall, there is a lot of confusion in government circles in most Western countries as well as in Japan because the political class was mostly unaware of the existence of a secret government above them that ruled via control of the financial system.

There may not be any big public announcements this week. However, a date to watch for is February 15th. This Chinese new year is a special once in 60 years year of the tiger and it begins on February 14th. That is a Sunday so the first day markets will open after that will be the 15th. Since many Chinese believe in numerology and Chinese astrology and, even if they don’t, it would be logical to announce the new financial system at the beginning of the Chinese new-year.

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