The Year of the Tiger begins and it will roar

This week marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year. This will be a very special Year of the Tiger. The year of the tiger comes in-between the Year of the Bull and the Year of the dragon. This is very symbolic, I believe. The Bull is a fitting symbol for the West these days, virile and aggressive but lacking in wisdom and patience. The dragon is very old and wise but is perhaps too cautious and passive and can be seen as a symbol of the East. If you mix the best elements of the bull and the dragon, the result is a tiger. This week I will fly to Rome as a representative of the Black Dragon Society to negotiate with the leaders of the Illuminati and the Teutonic Knights. Hopefully we will be able to come up with a formula for a new financial system controlled exactly 50/50 by East and West. Eventually, a financial system controlled by all of humanity is likely after a transition period needed to make sure issues like corruption, governance etc. are all dealt with.

[restrict paid=”true”]There will be meetings with senior Vatican representatives in Rome followed by a probable trip to BIS headquarters in Switzerland for more meetings. As mentioned before, we will propose taking the 90% of dollars not owned by Americans, back them with gold and renaming them. All dollars created through fraudulent “derivatives” contracts will be erased from the books.

The alliance between the Black Dragon Society (West) and the Red and Green Dragon Society (East) can also hopefully be cemented. This would become like an emergency volunteer fire department. The structures and hierarchy would exist at all times but they would only move into action during an emergency situation. The rest of the time it would sleep. The leadership would be like the Knights of the Round Table with a group of seven or nine guardians of humanity.

The background to these discussions is an increasingly dire situation in the G7 countries as the financial system heads for a train-wreck. The crisis in Greece is coming to a head quickly now with the Germans publicly saying they will not bail them out and the French saying the Euro is finished. Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and Luxembourg are all headed for sovereign default and social chaos as things now stand. These countries will have to decouple from the Euro, re-establish national currencies and experience a one-off sharp drop in purchasing power.

If the new financial system is successfully launched, then there will be plenty of money available to help these countries repair their economies and financial systems.

The Federal Reserve Board, meanwhile, is getting progressively desperate and aggressive. The attacks on the Toyota Motor Corporation are a good example of their bullying tactics. What they fail to comprehend is that by attacking Toyota’s extensive operations in the US, they are merely damaging the US economy even further. All the happy talk about “economic recovery” coming from their US media machine is also not enough to hide the reality of the situation.

Of course the Feds still continue to threaten war as well. They sent an agent to tell me that the entire pacific rim of fire will be made to erupt, creating a crisis that will kill 4 billion people. This of course would also mean that the Western hemisphere would be attacked with nuclear weapons and humanity would go back to the dark ages. Of course, the owners of the Federal Reserve Board think they will be able to hide out in underground bunkers and then re-emerge to enslave any surviving humans. That is how mentally sick these people are.

Fortunately, the Pentagon has already contacted the Black Dragon Society and has agreed to cooperate with them. Their conditions include a write-off of US debt and a gradual swords to plowshares transition and this has been agreed to.

The Chinese, the Russians and the Europeans are also ready to cooperate. That means the Nazi controlled Xe mercenary army is now being forced to retreat to strongholds in places like Texas, South Africa and central Australia. However, if their bosses the Teutonic Knights reach a deal with the Black Dragon Society then Xe is almost certain to be ordered to stand down.

The Chinese, meanwhile, have been pressuring for an announcement of the new financial system on the first business day after the Chinese New Year which is today, the 15th of February. They have been asking for a team of experts to go to Hong Kong for this purpose. However, since the Teutonic Knights agreed to talks before the 14th, then even if there is no public announcement, the history books will record that date as the new beginning.

It is dangerous to mention specific dates, however, because we are still in a state of financial warfare and it will not end until it ends. Remember, for example, that Obama was widely reported to us from hitherto reliable sources to be due for a trial on his citizenship on January 26th but the date came and went without anything happening. That is why readers must remain skeptical until there are major public announcements.

Hopefully there will be a press conference arranged in the near future to make the announcements. If all goes well, the brainwashed majority of humanity will finally get to learn the truth about their history, the underground bases, the classified technology and who knows what else.

There could be something even more radical in store. Although this is still a tentative hypothesis, there have been so many numerical and other coincidences (remember the blue moons?) as well as so many bizarre anomalies in the skies that I am beginning to think the planet earth is a digital construct. If that is the case, then it is only a matter of time before humanity gets the source code. We are already close with the ability to manipulate our DNA, collect free energy and explore the universe. We could be headed for the evolutionary equivalent of the Cambrian explosion in a lot shorter time than we originally expected.

Certainly the Freemasons who have controlled the Western world for at least the past 300 years and probably much longer, tell me they have been manipulating history according to a predetermined plot for the past 26,000 years. This could be just another one of their many fantastical lies but all of that will come out once the truth and reconciliation committee is appointed.

It appears we are all victims of the Chinese curse: “may you live in interesting times.”

Next week’s report will be sent from either Milan or Switzerland and will contain the latest details on the negotiations. [/restrict]

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