A new source from Brazil

Hello Benjamin:

I am a reader of your site.  I’m from Brazil.

I’m sending you an article which talks about an attack that happened on the northeast coast of Brazil.  Tons of oil from abroad are killing our coast.  Could this have anything to do with the Dark Kabbalah [Cabal] attacks?  A boycott is happening with my country’s environment.  Could this be related to an alleged internationalization of the Amazon to control the world’s food and water production?

I would like to know if the content of your articles could be more related to Brazilian politics.  Could you make references to our situation?





Thanks for the information.  My understanding is that Bolsonaro works for Nazis who seized Brazil in order to get its resources and thus avoid bankruptcy.  Bolsonaro’s shooting during the election campaign, his treatment in an Israeli-linked hospital, and his friendship with Benjamin Netanyahu all show that he is a Nazi.

The destruction of the Amazon is a crime against humanity and I hope Bolsonaro is arrested soon.  Right now, though, the main battles against the cabal are taking place in Washington, DC and Israel.  After they are defeated there, Bolsonaro will be taken down.


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