About Clintons on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”

Okay now, who is this thing playing the part of that witch and criminal who should have been put into jail, or more simply, eliminated!  Who is this?  A Clinton double, Clinton clone or…?  What else?  And why is she appearing in this kind of TV show when, IF still the “original” one (most likely, definitely not) she should be arrested and get the death penalty!


There is no way that such people should be paraded and acclaimed!  For God’s sake, what happened to that awful video where she and her ”lover” were “skinning” a little girl’s face?  What is going on here, Benjamin?

That is a very good question.  It is like we are stuck in a matrix.  The military has promised to arrest these people but it doesn’t happen.  I have heard she was killed and yet she pops up again.  My best guess is that it is computer graphics.  The military need to occupy the TV studios and the tech companies to stop this nonsense.

I am promised things will happen this month.  Believe it when you see it.

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