Letters to the Editor

“Thank you for another affirming report that assures we are

I want so much to believe you, but a weakness in the white hat
progress to victory troubles me.

If I am a Swiss soldier we are asking to arrest the psychopaths
assembled in Switzerland and rid the world of the very monsters
who openly plan to kill us, I have to be sure the white hats and
the elders will protect me and my family from the real possibility
of torture and death, not to mention the loss of my career and

I will have a nagging feeling I may not have the support and protection
that would give me confidence to “do the right thing”.

Something in the predictions of white hat victory suffer from a
longstanding noticeable lack of real action that would inspire me to make a hero’s

In 1980, the Georgia Guidestones were erected on a hill in Georgia
proclaiming a set of ten guidelines inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages and a shorter message inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts.

And what do these inscriptions declare?

In the briefest and boldest words possible, the guidestones tell the world exactly
what the monsters in the Switzerland meeting took days to review and refresh.

That they will kill all but 150 million of the people on earth and enslave the rest.

No warplanes circle above these blatant and defiant promises of enslavement and death.

No soldiers patrol their perimeter to protect them.

In 42 years, other than a little graffiti, they have stood unchanged, daring
all patriots and lovers of life to do something about it.

As that Swiss soldier considers turning on the very leaders who are paying him well,
I have to ask myself:

“Why am I being asked to risk my life and my family when there is not one patriot
or white hat in the entire United States with the conviction and courage to blow those
19 ft tall abominations into a pile of rocks?”

And if I am Klaus and his minions continuing our plans without interruptions to carry out
our declared program of murder and enslavement of the entire planet, I would smile
at those who keep announcing the white hats are winning because they can’t even remove
our beloved Georgia Guidestones–a stationary unprotected target fearlessly declaring
annihilation in the faces of all humanity for 42 years.” –Anon

Destroying the Georgia Guidestones would be like destroying the concentration camps. It is better to keep them as proof of the malivolent intentions of the Khazarian mafia who seized power in the West.
In any case, my message to the Swiss soldiers is that freedom is something worth fighting for. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, “if you are willing to give up your freedom for a bit of security, you deserve neither.” – Benjamin Fulfor

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