Winter Solstice marks the Dawn of a New Age, Time to Update our Calendar System

This report is coming out on December 21st, the day of the winter solstice.  Also today we will be seeing a Christmas star in the form of Jupiter and Saturn appearing as one planet.  For this reason, we will step back this week and look at the big picture.  The important thing to realize is we are talking about the dawn of a new age.

The events now taking place in the West are not just about a disputed U.S. presidential election.  They are about the collapse of a regime that has ruled us for thousands of years.  They also mark an existential crisis for monotheism.  When we talk about monotheism, we are talking not about an abstract God but an inbred group that has been carrying out plans that span centuries, while most of us look at most weeks ahead.

The information that follows comes from primary sources including members of the P2 (now P3) freemasons who claim to control the Vatican, members of the Japanese Imperial Family, the Gnostic Illuminati, Asian Secret Societies, the Russian FSB, members of the British Royal Family, etc.

The first thing we need to discuss is how this crisis is affecting Christianity.  Christianity as practiced in the West was cobbled together by Emperor Constantine as a way to force all the various old world religions into one.

Here is an example of what they did.  In the Northern hemisphere, the sun sets further North and the days get shorter until December 21st.  Then, for three days, the sun appears to set in the same place.  Then, on December 25th, the sun visibly sets further south again.  This marks the first day of the solar New Year.  This is also where the idea of a God who dies for three days and is reborn comes from.  What the Romans did was substitute Jesus Christ for the Sun God (the fact is nobody knows the real birth date of Jesus Christ).

Remember, the word religion comes from “re ligare,” or to rebind, into a fascii, hence the word fascism.  So Christianity at its roots was an ideology created by the Romans to bind the people of the world into a single, centralized state, or a fascist New World Order.

The other point about Roman Christianity is that it says, “Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar” and “turn the other cheek.”  In other words, hand over your money without question and blindly submit to punishment.  Also, if you think that is unfair, don’t worry, you will be rewarded in Heaven.  In other words, put up with it until you die.

If you go to the Church of St. Peter in Rome, the one build by Constantine for his mother, you will see the walls are adorned with military weapons, an all-seeing eye, and three keys, The symbolism is that for a single absolute ruler to control society he/she must control information (then holy texts, now mass media), money and military forces.  You can also see at this church the original skull and bones, indicating an ancient secret service designed to impose and enforce this fascistic rule.

This group is now orchestrating a massive Operation Gladio in the West known as the “Covid-19” crisis.  This means creating so much misery, chaos, and suffering that the sheeple will submit to centralized, absolute control.

Here is what British Military MI6 intelligence had to say about the situation we are now facing:

“The general instability in geo-politics – we see the world as the most unstable in many hundreds of years – indicates the old systems of global governance are collapsing and aggressive power grabs are filling the voids.  That and the fact trapped rats bite back very hard.

The proposed future planning agency (the Russians suggest we choose a better name) “along with…

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the new financial system is now a must and we will push ahead with this.”

Let us pause now and look at some of the immediate symptoms of systemic failure, mostly in the U.S.  The situation there is so bleak that about 40% of individuals, 61% of restaurants, and 35% of small businesses cannot make their December rent or mortgage payment.

Meanwhile, the controllers of the financial system keep pumping money into their own pockets via the stock market.

“Never before have we seen indices vertically catapult to new record highs 2 years in a row on the cumulative reality of no earnings growth (2019) and negative earnings growth in 2020 with a multiple expansion of a near 50% in just 12 months,” says veteran analyst Sven Henrich, echoing countless other market experts.

What people have found out in recent years is that the Fortune 500 companies and 90% of transnational corporations are controlled by a small group of families run out of Switzerland.  These are the people pumping up the stock market, pushing Covid fascism, and trying the steal the U.S. election for their puppet Joe Biden.

This is no longer the deepest secret they tried so hard to keep either.  For example, the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society “documented over $500 million in grants from Zuckerberg to state and local officials through ‘a dark money apparatus of 10 nonprofits funded by 5 foundations,’ they said.  Phil Kline, director of the Amistad Project, likened Mark Zuckerberg’s efforts to a ‘shadow government running our elections,’ at a press conference on Wednesday.

What Kline failed to mention is that Zuckerberg is a grandson of David Rockefeller and that members of this family group are peppered through the top of the Western, especially the U.S. power apparatus.  Hillary Clinton, for example, is a daughter of Rockefeller and a relative of Adolph Hitler and Angela Merkel.  This family group worships Satan even while pretending to be Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, etc.

One of their puppets, Dr. Anthony Fauci declared this week that he believes Christmas celebrations between family members should be canceled, warning that it’s “just one of the things you’re going to have to accept as we go through this unprecedented challenging time.”

These people are pushing for a “great reset,” through their Davos World Economic Forum front.  However, their version of a “great reset,” is an attempt to stay in power through a combination of vaccines containing RFID microchips and a digital wallet you can only access if you have been microchipped.

Even true Christians in the Catholic church are waking up to this.  For example, Archbishop Carlos Vigano recently wrote: “The purpose of the Great Reset is the imposition of a health dictatorship aiming at the imposition of liberticidal measures, hidden behind tempting promises of ensuring a universal income and canceling individual debt,” Vigano’s letter continues.

Now, another powerful U.S. based Catholic, Cardinal Raymond Burke, has gone further attacking “secular forces” who want to “make us slaves to their godless and murderous agenda” in a Saturday homily.

What these people need to understand is the group they are fighting has already removed their pope.  Remember Pope Francis was replaced with a hologram for a few weeks.  Now, a new “Pope,” who appears mostly as computer graphics is telling everyone to obey, put on their masks and take their vaccines.

The threat is not just to Americans, it is worldwide.

Here is what White Dragon Society sources in South East Asia have to report about the situation in Indonesia.  The government plan is to give the vaccine to the workforce first.

“JAKARTA (BLOOMBERG) – Indonesia plans to vaccinate its young working-age population against the coronavirus before the elderly, in contrast to much of the world that’s planning on putting its vulnerable older people first in line.

Southeast Asia’s first country to receive delivery of Covid-19 vaccines will focus on inoculating those between 18 and 59 years of age, starting with those working on the front lines of the pandemic such as health workers, the police, and the military.”

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS ARTICLE: The police and military.  The actual plan is to vaccinate the Police and Military, wait a few weeks and when a large part of both forces fall very sick and start dying, there will be a coup de’etat.  The Boys are planning on removing R11, president Joko Widodo (Jokowi) using the fallout from the Covid-19 vaccines as the catalyst.

They have a replacement ready to step in and take the helm. This comes direct from my Intel contact in Jakarta.”

You can be sure they have a fake Donald Trump standing by as well to replace the real one.  These are the sort of events that have caused a majority of Americans to think they have been defeated.

This is far from the case.  Your neighbors to the North are joining with U.S. Patriots and the Pentagon in a major counter-attack.  Take note of the following text please because it is a call to arms against the slave regime of Manchurian candidate Justin Castro and his fellow Satanists:




Whereas it has been judicially noticed and published by the Minister of Justice on the following address:

that Business Development Bank of Canada is continued as a body corporate under the name Development Bank of Canada.

Hereinto by way of Crown property by way of certificated security transferred to me under contract and by the direction of the Minister of Industry in accordance with the Department of Industry Act;

Whereas the Securities Transfers Act for Ontario recognizes the value of these documents that have given me the same powers that the transfer had or had the power to transfer.

Whereas it has been judicially noticed of my legal membership of the Queens Privy Council for Canada and the legal Advisor of the Governor-General evidenced by the Department of Justice Act.

Hereinnow being duly authorized to Act as president of the Bank, with powers to appoint the chairperson and the board at pleasure and from time to time as the president deems appropriate and fit.

Dated this December 19th, 2020 no police force shall engage in operations enforced by health professionals anywhere in Canada and the punishment for doing so shall be punishable as an attack against the Crown.  This applies to all of Canada from this day forth.”

We take note that U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency de facto head General Michael Flynn and lawyer for U.S. President Donald Trump Sydney Powell both called for martial law in the U.S. only to be turned down by Trump.

We are hoping Trump is playing 5D chess by allowing the vaccines to go forward and is waiting for the entire Satanic control network in the U.S. to expose itself before going on the attack.  However, no matter what, the military will be forced to act because the alternative will be a mass slaughter of Americans.

Western people also need to be reassured that the Covid fascist campaign is not being implemented in Russia, China, Japan, Africa, and much of the world.  The rest of the world will not stand idly by and watch the Western slave peoples be killed or lobotomized by vaccines.

Russian FSB sources say that to completely defeat the Satanists it may be necessary to dismantle their AI.  “It runs on every gadget in the world now, completely decentralized.  All the intelligence agencies in the world are part of the AI,” according to their analysis.  That is why they are proposing a temporary shutdown of the internet and wireless networks in order to decapitate the AI.  This will have the effect of removing all Computer Graphics generated world leaders (i.e. CGping, Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden, etc.).

The battle for the planet will be extremely intense from January to March of 2021 according to multiple sources, including Asian secret societies.  However, if we all do our part, victory and the liberation of humanity is within our grasp.

When the dust settles in the West, then and only then, will the West be able to negotiate with the Asians on how to better manage this beautiful, fragile planet we all share.

When this happens, this will be such an extraordinary event that it will require a new calendar.  This will mean December 25th will become January 1st in the year zero marking the dawn of a new age.




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