Month: July 2010

The current global crisis is at its heart an ongoing gang war

In the last of our three part background series, we will explain why the Yakuza and other Asian gangs see the current global crisis as nothing more than a major gang war aimed at replacing an ancient Godfather and his clique.

My first dealings with Japanese gangsters at a high level began during the Japanese “bubble” years. My view, as was conventional with Japan watchers up until the 1980’s was that real power in Japan lay with the bureaucrats, especially Miti and the all-powerful Ministry of Finance.

[onlymembers] Imagine my surprise one night when, talking to a Japanese MOF section chief, he told me: “if you really want to know what is going on, talk to Nomura Securities.” This came as no great surprise because I had already figured out the Japanese stock and bond markets were a big play-act managed by Nomura and the other “big three Japanese security firms (then Daiwa, Nikko and Yamaichi). Nomura was run by two men, the Big Tabuchi (Chairman) and the little Tabuchi (president and not a blood relative of the Chairman).

It turns out they ran Japan by lending money to 5000 “VIP’s” (mostly politicians, journalists, bureaucrats, financiers and gangsters) and telling them to buy particular stocks which were then ramped up in price. Later it turns out the mastermind behind this was Susumu Ishii, the head of the Inagawa crime family, Japan’s number 2 gang.

Only years later, when I got to talk to the #3 boss of the Inagawa crime family did I learn that they considered their true boss to be none other than George Bush Senior. I have in my possession photographs of Bush’s Senior and Junior as well as Bill Clinton posing with top Inagawa bosses.

A member of the inner circle of the top boss of the Yamaguchi Gumi, Japan’s number one gang, for his part told me they sub-contracted for David Rockefeller. The much weaker Sumiyoshi gang alone seems to report to Japanese uber-bosses.

When Junichiro Koizumi, an Inagawa crime family gangster, became Prime Minister, clearly the Bushes had the upper hand in the Japanese underworld. Koizumi systematically went after elements of the Yamaguchi gang that relied only on Japanese sources of income and were therefore independent of the Bush and Rockefeller gangs.

Later, when I confronted Koizumi’s Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka about handing over control of Japanese banks and postal savings (ie the Japanese people’s hard-earned savings) to Bush, Rockefeller, Rothschild and other oligarchs, I accidentally triggered a major gang war. Takenaka immediately dispatched an agent to invite me to join the Freemasons and become finance minister or else be murdered (I have this all on tape and video). In the same week the Asian Red and Green contacted me and offered me protection.

The Red and Green are more like a chamber of congress than a gang but most Asian gangsters world-wide will obey them but only if it is an emergency and only for the greater good.

The Red and Green decided to go into active, instead of dormant mode when I explained to them the Bushes and their fellow gangsters created SARS in an attempt to depopulate Asia. They confirmed with communist China that this was true and the secret global East/West gang war began in earnest.

At the beginning only about 30% of the Japanese underworld sided with the Asians. The rest went along with their old bosses Rockefeller, Bush & crew.

I was set up for a ritual and public execution in Osaka after Bush blackmailed a top Chinese power-broker known as Madame Wu about an illegal slush fund she had overseas.

I had no choice but to go to Yamaguchi-gumi headquarters, make as speech and put it up on U-tube. This alerted the mainstream of the gang that part of their top leadership worked for foreign gangsters against the interest of their own people.

This was in 2006. Since then a sort of stalemate has continued with neither side willing to go into full gang-war mode against the other. Instead the war has been fought by financial proxy involving oil futures (remember the $150 a barrel oil?), food prices (the Western gangsters paying farmers not to grow food), the Chinese move into the developing world, the “Lehman shock,” and more.

The British and the Swiss joined with the Chinese and most of the non-G7 world in the move against the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate (Bush/Rockefeller/Rothschild etc.).

The Feds have retaliated with horror after horror first by trying to spread disease (remember H1N1), and recently by trying to destroy the world’s oceans.

There is much, very much, that has been left out of this report but suffice it to say I have survived 5 assassinations attempts since this all began. My only crime was to ask “why are 90% of the world’s savings being used to finance never-ending war?”

The Feds have been slowly and steadily losing support and are now doomed. They still do not intend to go quietly into the night but it is now certain that global rule by gangsters is finally coming to an end. It is the people’s turn to control global finance and therefore the future of humanity and the planet. [/onlymembers]

The truth about the Yakuza and Asian gangs part 1

For the next three weeks I will be disconnected from the internet and all digital means of communications so instead of summarizing the week’s news, I will be presenting deep background knowledge on the Yakuza and Asian gangs.

The first thing one needs to know about the Yakuza and the triads is that they are not crime gangs as defined in the West. The Yakuza are deeply connected to Shinto, the Emperor and Japan’s mysterious and ancient minority peoples.

The Yakuza are partially descended from refugee followers of Mozi who fled heavy persecution by the first emperor of China in 200 BC. They settled in Kyushu and along the South-West coast of Japan.

[onlymembers]Around 600 AD the ancestors of the Japanese imperial family lost a war on the Korean peninsula and were forced to flee to Southern Japan. There they started rice farming and started to prosper until they were attacked by the aboriginal Jomon peoples. To fight them off they hired the followers of Mozi as well as aboriginal warriors. Excavations of Samurai tombs from the Kamakura era (1185-1333) show they had a different bone structure from other Japanese. In other words the rice growers figured out it was better to hire the minority peoples than to fight them.

To this day members of the Japanese special forces and Yakuza from certain districts of Japan have a different appearance from Yayoi Japanese who are descended from rice growing Koreans. The pure blooded minority people have a distinctive appearance much like the Ainu people of Nothern Japan. They were originally divided into 9 tribes. To this day the leaders of the tribes gather in the mountains for meetings on special dates.

Some of the yakuza I know personally have naturally orange or brown hair and eyes that are the same color as the mineral tiger eye. They also have lots of body hair.

Shinto is the religion of these people. This is not the state sanctioned emperor worshipping Shinto created in the Meiji era but is instead known as ancient Shinto. It is the animistic religion of these tribes. That is why you will usually find a minority people’s village around any major Shinto shrine.

A family that has run a shrine in the ancient capital of Nara says many of their teachings originally came from a “blonde, blue-eyed Jew.” It is true that the Japanese Katakana script is virtually identical to ancient Hebrew writing.

There are also many parallels between the first part of the old Testament or Tora and Japanese foundation myths.

According to the Shinto elders, there was a rift thousands of years ago over the use of certain incantations and magic.

The spirits the Shinto priests say they can invoke have many parallels to the spirits the Italian illuminati say they can invoke with their secret rituals.

For example, the Italian Illuminati believe you can attain certain dark powers by killing a black cat and drinking its blood.

The priestess the ancient Nara shrine has a similar tale from her childhood. She says there was an old man who lived nearby and used to be friendly to her. At one point though he began to act strange and violent. The village elders decided to confine him to a special hut. One day they heard strange noises and the screaming of cats coming from the hut. They went to investigate and found him eating the heart of a black cat and surrounded by dead black cats. He kept saying “now I can see it all.”

He was taken to a mental hospital and when the priestess went to visit him she felt he was no longer human because of the glow coming out of his eyes.

What this story illustrates is that the yakuza are not simply some kind of crime gang. They are heirs to ancient secret traditions.

To this day they run their groups according to rules that are very similar to the code of the Samurai. There are strict rules against nepotism. The son of a gang boss is not allowed to inherit leadership of his father’s gang.

Each Yakuza group also operates an autonomous Island or piece of turf they will defend with their lives against other Yakuza. All of the Yakuza are linked at the top by a secret leadership council that also oversees the Japanese police, armed forces and financial system.

The four main gangs in Japan are the Yamaguchi gumi, the Inagawa Kai, the Sumiyoshi gumi and the Goto gumi. The Goto gumi used to be affiliated with the Yamaguchi gumi but split off last year in a dispute over money and ideology.

Most major businesses in Japan have a “ketsu mochi” or gang that backs them up in case of disputes with other companies or other gangs. If there is a dispute between corporations that cannot be resolved amicably, each consults their respective ketsu-mochi. These then meet somewhere informally and either reach a compromise or declare war.

These days a compromise is almost always reached. This is one reason why lawyers are in such low demand in Japan.
Next week we will discuss police/yakuza/imperial family relations. [/onlymembers]

The Emperor, the Rockefellers and the Japanese secret establishment

During my 25-years of reporting in Japan, the Japanese struck me as being a very superstitious people because they always insisted the Western world was ruled by David Rockefeller. At the same time veteran Western journalists told me the only serious taboo they ever encountered in their work was the emperor. Japanese journalists for their part took it for granted that criticism of the emperor would lead to harassment and even murder by right wing groups and gangsters. At the same time, there was always this façade in place that insists Japanese is a democracy with a free press.

[onlymembers] Only after countless meetings with senior right wingers, CIA officials, Yakuza, dozens and dozens of senior politicians, imperial family members and countless other sources was I able to unravel the puzzle, or at least part of it.

What is clear is that after World War 2, Japan became a de facto Rockefeller fiefdom. However, the Emperor Hirohito retained enormous power and influence so a deal was struck in which domestic policy would be handled mainly by the Emperor and his staff while foreign affairs was Rockefeller turf.

The right wing establishment very much supported this arrangement because of the cold war and their loathing of communism. Furthermore, the Emperor Hirohito inspired the Japanese with a new goal to replace that of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere: catch up with and overtake the West.

The result was decades of fast economic growth in Japan accompanied by slavish Japanese obedience to US foreign policy goals. This arrangement worked fine until the 1980’s when Japan actually began to fulfill the Emperor’s ambition of overtaking the West.

The Japanese trade surpluses with the US, although tiny in real terms compared to those of the past two decades, began to make the Washington establishment extremely nervous. After years of frustrating trade talks aimed at opening the Japanese market failed to dent the US deficit, a fundamental change in policy began.

The change came when George Bush Senior became the US Vice-President and was put in charge of US foreign policy by Ronald Reagan. Bush’s view seemed to be that since the US had military superiority over Japan they should use it. In August of 1985, according to senior members of the Japanese security police and other sources, Bush ordered that a Japanese airline domestic flight (#123) be shot down with a US missile. The murder of 500 innocent Japanese was used to force the Japanese to sign the Plaza Accords, which they did in September of 1985.

The result was the sudden increase in value of the Japanese yen and the Japanese financial bubble. While Japan seemed to rise to ever new heights as a result of this bubble, it was just the beginning of an economic war aimed at neutering the Japanese economy.

When the Emperor Hirohito died in 1992 (of a disease that could have been cured had he gotten proper medical attention), Japan was set up for a long period of stagnation. Perhaps that is why the new era after Hirohito was named Heisei (平成)which can be translated as “flat growth.” It is now the 22nd year of Heisei and Japanese GDP is actually lower than it was when the era began.

The Bush Nazi faction also began to systematically murder Japanese Prime Ministers, journalists and others who did not go along with the new regime. The Heisei Emperor, unlike his predecessor, did not, as the public events of his rule demonstrate, have the ability to protect his country.

One particularly grim episode was the murder of Prime Minister Noboru Takeshita. He was originally taken aboard a helicopter and hung upside down in mid-air in an attempt to convince him to go along. When he still refused, he was taken to Alaska, stripped naked and chased with helicopters. He was then had his testicles stomped with boots before he was beaten to death. Both a member of the Japanese royal family and a senior member of the Japanese security police claim to have been shown the video of this murder as a warning.

The US behavior towards Japan became so ugly that even the Japanese criminal underworld started to become disgusted. Things became ugly when Junichiro Koizumi, a gangsters subservient to Bush, was made Prime Minister. When Koizumi visited the US as Prime Minister, he was presented with a high-class American prostitute and then drugged to sleep. She was then strangled and when Koizumi woke up, he was blamed for her murder and blackmailed about it, according to a senior member of Koizumi’s Inagawa gang.

Koizumi proceeded to betray his country by handing over control of the entire Japanese financial system to Western oligarchs including the Bushes, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. These people then set about using the Japanese people’s own money to set up hedge funds and buy up much of Japan’s economic infrastructure.

It was only after Koizumi finally left office that damage control began but Japan remains deeply split between those who benefited financial from betraying their own country and those who remained loyal to true samurai principles. Next week we will discuss the current state of the secret war over the soul of Japan. [/onlymembers]

US Military chickens out so the American people celebrate their continued slavery on July 4th

The most corrupt regime in the history of the United States has managed to avert a planned return to constitutional law thanks to a massive campaign of bribery, blackmail and death threats. However, sources high in the CIA and the NSA both affirm that a secret decision has been made not to allow Obama to finish his presidency. The Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate will also not last beyond his presidency, the sources say. The secret battle now remains focused on forcing the Federal Reserve Board to cash over $1 trillion in bonds they owe to the rest of the global financial system.

[onlymembers]Much of the intrigue over the $1 trillion was reported on my blog because of the need to make the information public. It can now be said with certainty that the Catholic Church, or more specifically a small group of Satan worshippers near the top of its hierarchy are doing everything they can to prevent the announcement of the new financial system.

Massive international raids against Catholic offices, most notably in Belgium, have been accompanied by death threats against the hundreds of witnesses in the case. Multiple death threats and assassination attempts have also been made by Vatican Satanists who are trying to prevent the launch of the new financial system.

The proponents of the new financial system, for their part, remain optimistic and believe funds will be made available possibly this week to finance a campaign against poverty, environmental destruction and war. The government of Portugal as well as senior Latin American, North American and some European Catholic clergy are also now supporting the new financial system. However, we have been given so many promises of “imminent” release of funds we no longer pay serious attention to them. Nonetheless, the various sources directly involved in trying to start the new financial system are more optimistic than at any time since they first contacted this writer in 2006. These sources include Senior NSA, CIA, MI6 and Japanese financial authorities.

The Chinese communist government, for its part, seems to have also finally given up trying to deal with the Federal Reserve Board. Their July 4th Xinhua news front page feature noted blistering economic growth in Brazil, India, China and most of the non-G7 world. The editorial also makes it clear China and the rest of the world have no intention of accepting cosmetic reforms of existing international financial institutions like the IMF and the World Bank.

Meanwhile the criminal regime in Washington D.C. continues to try to create mayhem and destruction. The ongoing, deliberate, ecological destruction of the Gulf of Mexico is a sign how far these criminally insane people are willing to go.

The complete arrogance with which Goldman Sachs, BP and Halliburton carried out insider trading before the oil well blew in the gulf is also a sign of desperation. By carrying out such obviously criminal insider trading maneuvers like selling BP stock and buying up the world’s largest oil spill clean-up firm before the crisis began, the Wall Street Banksters exposed themselves to inevitable arrest.

The real worry is what other criminally insane acts these people plan to carry out before they are finally removed from power. The Satanists have, through several different messengers, threatened to set off the Pacific ring of volcanic fire.

The fact they have not done so since making the first threat in 2006 may be a sign that sane people are now in control of the US HAARP facilities.

We also now need to be on the alert for psychological warfare and fake incidents. The attempt to start a war in the Korean peninsula by sinking a South Korean ship and blaming it on North Korea has failed. The ongoing efforts to start a war between Israel and Iran are also now stalled because the Israeli authorities have finally realized it is just a trap.

It is hard to guess what these criminals will try next but it seems they may finally be getting ready to pull out their fake alien card. High-level Luciferians claim they have opened a portal in the Swiss mountains and have been letting various “benevolent entities” enter our world in preparation for a world dictatorship due to start in 2013. These European Satan worshippers remain one of the main obstacles to the new financial system. They claim biblical end time disasters are inevitable between now and 2012. High level teams are now moving against this group.

The overall situation now seems to be one of continuing stalemate at the highest levels. Secret meetings due in August will be planning for another autumn move against the Federal Reserve Crime syndicate.

In any case, readers in North America and Europe need to be reminded the current “financial crisis” is only happening in Europe and the US. The rest of the world is humming along just fine because they are no longer under the control of Satan worshipping, criminally insane plutocrats. The Satanic rule of the West will also, beyond any shadow of a doubt, end soon.

Do not worry about specific deadlines but rest assured time is not on their side. This will be a long hot summer for the ruling elite. [/onlymembers]