Month: April 2019

Japanese language interview

Below are links to speeches I made recently to an audience of Japanese military officers explaining the need for them to occupy the foreign-owned Bank of Japan in order to liberate that country.

Interview for Polish Alternative Media

The Polish mainstream press starts printing real news:

“I am sending you a photo of the Polish newspaper “Tylko Polska” (Poland Only) where they printed selected parts of our interview, mostly about depopulation plans, Angela Merkel, Donald Tusk, Nazis, etc.”

Dear Benjamin,

Many thanks for allowing us to record the interview with you.  It was published on PorozmawiajmyTV portal and it is highly prized among Polish viewers, especially awakened ones.

You can see it on YouTube here:

… or on Porozmawiajmy TV portal here:

They plan to add English subtitles, but due to te technical problems their translator is having, it was delayed.

Your comment about Polish ex-PM Donald Tusk raised the attention of Robert Majka, independent MP, and he would like raise this issue in the parliament (Sejm).  He is asking if it would be possible for you to provide any documents/copies or any material on it so he can present it in the Parliament and suggest there to start legal action against Donald Tusk.

As you can see, your great work is having an impact on the world!  We are very grateful for what you do and we are looking forward to more interactions with you.

All the best!

Japanese generals ready to act against Zionist stooges as “Reiwa era” begins

The Japanese military is ready to act against Khazarian Zionist stooges now that the new “Reiwa era” has officially begun, according to several generals who contacted the White Dragon Society.  Although the public is being told the new era starts on May 1, our NSA sources and Japanese right-wing sources say Emperor Naruhito assumed control today, April 1, 2019, or year Zero of the Reiwa era.

The name Reiwa or 令和 can be translated as “emphasizing harmonious Japaneseness” and is taken, apparently for the first time in history, from Japanese rather than Chinese classical texts, according to Japanese scholars.  This choice was inspired in part as a reaction to attempts by the Khazarian mafia to sell out Japan to the Chinese in exchange for protection, Japanese right-wing sources say.

Khazarian mafia agents like Richard Armitage, Michael Greenberg, and Gerald Curtis have been stripped of their role as “Japan handlers” as a part of the start of the new era, say Japanese right-wing sources close to the Emperor.

The Japanese generals have been advised by the White Dragon Society (WDS) that they will need to nationalize the foreign-owned Bank of Japan and take control of the Parliament, the Prime Minister’s office, and the major media corporations if they wish for Japan to be independent again.  Several generals agreed and said it has already happened.

However, the NSA sent a person to this writer’s house today to verbally inform me that Emperor Naruhito takes orders from …

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Special news bulletin: Israeli archaeologists discover major translation error in biblical end-times prophecies

By Benjamin Fulford (BSNewswire, April 1, 2019) — Israeli archaeologists have discovered a major translation error in biblical end-times prophesies that seem to indicate the end is near.

“Excavations of sites dating back to before the biblical Floods of Spam reveal that early prophets were unable to understand the meaning of a key word and replaced it with a guess as to its meaning,” says Dr. Yura Schmuck of the Israeli Institute of Digital Archaeology.”

The passage in question, from Revelation 13:17, reads, “No one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.”  The key mistranslation concerns the word “beast,” which in fact should be “visa,” Dr. Schmuck says.  The prophets examining the ancient biblical source code did not know what “visa” referred to, so they assumed it was a typographical error and guessed the word meant “beast,” he explains.

“If you substitute the word ‘visa’ for ‘beast,’ then suddenly it all makes sense and we can see the prophecy is coming true with the advent of digital cash,” he notes.

“This is complete and utter nonsense,” says Visa Inc. spokesperson Sey Tannick.  She notes that her company’s upcoming debt card microchip implant with “be initially introduced as an optional upgrade.”