A never-ending story

Dear Ben,

Your news has been looking for a long time like a never-ending story.  Where do you find the will and strength to continue, when nothing is visibly changing?  I believe the USA does not want to portray themselves in the bad light and become the laughing stock in front of the world, which would be the inevitable case if 9/11 crimes and many others are made public.  The U.S. would automatically represent the world’s most criminal regime, which in fact it represents anyway, but not publicly.  I think believing in the justice in these matters is like looking through the pink glasses, isn’t it?  Although I would like to be very much wrong.

With best regards,

It is a war, V, and the cabal is fighting hard, but there are many signs we are winning.  We have removed most of their top leadership like David Rockefeller, Evelyn Rothschild, George Bush Sr., Pope Benedict XVI, Zbigniew Brzezinski, John McCain, etc.  The fake ISIS and Al Qaeda campaigns are ending as well.

However, the U.S. corporation has still not been bankrupted, so we will keep fighting until this happens and world peace becomes a reality.


Hi Ben,

It is nice to hear from you.  I would like to see the U.S. bankrupt as well.  It would be great to watch it through the mainstream media.  It is said that the cabal is using their dirty fiat money for bribing and causing chaos like now in Hong Kong or, as you mentioned, in Indonesia again.  How come there are always willing and greedy people who will accept this money?  And what is happenig with Evo Morales of Bolivia?

All the best, Ben,



The “coup” in Bolivia appears to have been carried out by Blackwater mercenaries working for Elon Musk and Germany’s ACI Systems Alemania (ACISA) to seize lithium resources.  Bolivia has 50–70% of the world’s lithium and President Morales wanted batteries to be made in Bolivia instead of just exporting raw lithium and giving the profits to multinationals.

We need to target Musk (there is a price on his head already) and the executives of ACISA.

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