Could somebody in Washington, D.C. please help this woman

Hi Eva,
What I can do from here in Tokyo is publish your emails to me with the comment below:

Could somebody in Washington, D.C. please help this woman.

For your review.
Here is an evidentiary chain I have documented (probably too much detail, but I wanted to be transparent).


Hello Benjamin,

Just to start, I’m in D.C. sleeping in an airport with no one and nowhere and no money.

I’ll condense and allow you to ask questions where you want information.

I’m Canadian, married to U.S. Navy Seal William Brockbrader who has been missing for 3 years.  I feel he was forced back in to active status by McCain and before he left, something was done to him to forget me.  I believe he went along with this knowing I would not give up and hoping it would buy time for more to come to the surface and keep me safe.


  • My husband disappeared;  Last seen:  Feb 7, 2015;  Officially missing:  March 1, 2015.
  • I was in Canada after a near-death car crash without American medical coverage;  went back to Canada crossing and days later received news of his status.
  • Strange things started to happen;  my car was stolen;  family behaviour became abusive and I had confusion about why.
  • I was approached by a male RCMP Stacy Moines at a church service after speaking to the pastor.  Stacy said he was high up;  RCMP Number 2 under Justin Trudeau (Justin’s handler?) and “ALL THESE GUYS WERE HIS.”  He said he’d be able to look into my husband and asked to meet for brunch to learn details.  We met for about three days discussing everything.  I was very grateful for any help or direction.  After listening, he suggested I speak to Senator John McCain;  write to him;  call him;  and so I did so, unaware of anything about McCain other than what Stacy said:  “He signs all the budget checks and will know.”
  • Stacy said McCain was “a kingmaker.”  I had no knowledge of this term;  it meant nothing to me.
  • He bought me a $300 sleeping bag.
  • I signed papers;  presented my marriage certificate and sent it to McCain’s office.
  • McCain came back saying my husband was not DOD and not FBI.  Okay, I don’t have training so really I just want help.  If what my husband is doing is so important, fine;  I just need to be safe and have the normal ability to have autonomy that was not so easy in Canada.
  • Stacy offered a number of nice suggestions as how he could plug me into help (a union-certified electrician course and benefits).
  • Stacy made one strange comment that he’s had a hard time finding a Christian wife.
  • I was open to the union course;  however, as it was starting in the summer and my relationship with my son was stressed, I stated that my son was the priority so I was not sure if he’d be open as well.  That was my condition.
  • I mentioned I was going to leave Edmonton to go to Calgary to see my son and collect my belongings on the lawn (snow) after the car was stolen (one of the many strange things).
  • Stacy went into a rage in the church lobby, smashing his fist on his legs, yelling no, no, no.  Red flag.
  • Stacy saw two elders come sit down near us to put him on notice and that calmed him down.  He now offered to rent me a car (very kind).  He did so and I signed on as a secondary driver legally.
  • Upon arriving in Calgary and speaking with my son, he stated he was not interested in a union trade certificate summer course.  When I told Stacy we were not going to move, he went into a rage, demanding that I drop the car and hung up.
  • I then proceeded to call the car rental to notify them that I had their car, that the primary signer was in a rage, and that I had two days of errands left.  I stated the date I intended to return the car.
  • Stacy then called the car rental company and said he had received that message from me and “DID NOT TRUST ME,” as recorded by Enterprise in their internal notes.
  • Stacy then proceeded to issue an illegal arrest warrant against me (for driving without consent) the day before the car was to be returned.
  • The car was returned as promised with a full tank, no issues.  The car rental company had no issue with me and had never seen this before.
  • Stacy abused his power—the arrest warrant—when he felt I would not move to his jurisdiction.
  • This warrant made me even more vulnerable and needs to be vacated.
  • After Harvey Weinstein was arrested and news articles printed that he was “a kingmaker,” it started to make sense that Stacy’s intent as indicated by his wife comment was that he was going to potentially use his position to force me to have sex or be involved in some way in the sex trade.
  • In 2017, I went to D.C. to get help.  I contacted Robert Steele, who then replied he was working in macro so could not help me in micro.
  • I’ve now sought asylum in the USA (not officially).  I’m in D.C. with no money, nowhere to go, and can’t get River to reply.
  • The arrest warrant is bogus and needs to be vacated.

I need some financial assistance, a place to stay that is safe, etc.

My husband I feel is undercover, potentially part of who is taking Saudi down.  But I’m not sure;  he told me nothing.

Please advise, as this RCMP is a bully and abusing his power.  I’ve asked repeatedly to resolve the matter in good faith with clean hands, but no response.


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