Author: Benjamin Fulford

Khazarian mob using virus fear porn in desperate attempt to keep control over its 200-plus “nation states”

The Khazarian mob is fighting for its life and stoking pandemic fear porn in a desperate attempt to keep its control grid over humanity, multiple sources say.  This is happening because they cannot meet a payments deadline (temporarily extended into February) for the United States of America Corporation, the sources involved in the negotiations say.  One of the aims of the negotiations is to restore sovereignty to the people and the Republic of the United States of America.  This will also result in the unveiling of the secret space program, they add.

We will talk more about this later, but first, let us look at the cabal’s pandemic survival gambit.  As most of our readers are probably already aware, it is highly unlikely the “Coronavirus” outbreak in China was a naturally occurring event.  There are many signs this pandemic was planned in advance in an attempt to extort money from China for the U.S. Corporation.

First of all, there was a systematic attack on all Internet sites that provide news suppressed by the corporate propaganda media.  For example, Natural News, with its long history of exposing vaccine-related scandals, was shut down.  Jimstone Freelance was also hit harder than usual.  Other journalists are being hit with bogus criminal charges.

This site too has come under severe attack.  Our former webmaster suddenly lost his mind and displayed signs of severe PCP poisoning.  Now he has “committed suicide.”  Following this, we were locked out of our own site until white hats in the NSA helped restore it.  We are also under serious financial attack.

These attacks came just before the coronavirus pandemic emerged and was given sensational fear-mongering and saturation coverage in the corporate media.  In addition to being blackmail, this appears to be an attempt to reinsert fear and hate as the controlling narrative of our public discourse.

It looks like they had a rehearsal on October 18, 2019, when a huge exercise was held in the U.S. simulating a pandemic and the resulting economic collapse.  The sponsors of this event were the World Economic Forum (Davos), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Bloomberg School of Public Health at John Hopkins University.  In other words, Cabal Central.  Then just as the World Economic Forum was having its annual meeting in Davos on January 21-24, 2020, a real pandemic broke out and was given saturation publicity.

However, this plot, if it is one, is blowing up in their faces, because alternative news sites like Prepare for Change put out some of the massive evidence that exists showing that the U.S. Corporate government has been manufacturing and spreading bio-weapons ever since George Bush Jr. stole the election in 2000.  Remember, these are the guys who said an ethnic-specific bio-weapon would be a “useful political tool.”

Here, for example, is a U.S. government patent on coronaviruses:

British intelligence are reporting to us that they are hearing it is a “pneumonia virus which arose out of a poorly managed bio-site.”

The following statement was put out by the Asian secret societies, including the 55-million-member Hongmen and the Blue Dragon Society with their many millions of members:

“If this virus was artificial or released as part of an attack plot and is not a natural virus, then we, Hongmen, the largest secret society in Asia, together with the iron-bound secret Blue Society, vow that we will for sure hunt down the enemy, chase them to the ends of the earth, and make sure that not even a single one of their hairs remain on this planet.”


Now there is a huge campaign to spread the message that this was a naturally occurring virus or that it was spread by the Chinese.

For sure, viruses do emerge naturally, especially in the Chinese countryside where ducks, pigs, and humans live in close proximity.  Here is what the chief doctor of a large university hospital who specializes in animal-to-human disease transmission had to say about the outbreak:

“It’s the unfortunate result of those horrendous animal markets, with animals that would normally never be in such close proximity with other animals or with humans.  It’s the perfect doomsday scenario for a new virus to emerge.  We saw it with SARS, we’re seeing it now, and we’ll see other similar infections emerge again in the future.

“Many of the viruses that infect humans are of animal origin.  What is different now is the size of our population and modern transportation which allows for much faster spread of new diseases.”

The cabal had better hope she is right and the disease was natural.  In any case, it’s clear that the Chinese are not telling us the whole truth about how far it has spread.  The official Xinhua News Agency is saying the province of Hubei at the epicenter is reporting “1,052 cumulative confirmed cases of pneumonia, with 52 deaths and 129 cases in severe condition.”

If that’s true, then why is it that “More than half a million medical staff have joined the epidemic prevention, control, and treatment of patients in Hubei”?

Also, if there are only a few more than a thousand patients, why in Wuhan, a “mega-city that hosts a number of nationally renowned mega-hospitals,” are people “working around the clock to build two makeshift hospitals in suburban Wuhan”?

Just as this newsletter was about to go public, a high-level CIA-connected whistleblower contacted us to say:

“This is not a coronavirus.  It is the Nipah virus.  Caused by fruit bats.  There are cycles of much more virulent strains of the Nipah virus.  The WHO (with whom I do research) knew about this in August of 2018.  It is zoonotic.

“China will soon go into a total lockdown.  Hong Kong will be economically destroyed.  This virus is going global.  The pandemic is already here.  The WHO is delaying calling it what it is because they are scared shitless.

“In my professional medical opinion, this is the real deal, my friend.  The truth is being covered up as usual by the controlling global cabal.

“All of reality is a fabric that the controllers are losing control over.

“If China goes into a complete lockdown, this will be what pushes the global economic collapse into free fall.  It is game over and a reset will take place.”

Anybody with any real market experience will tell you that a black swan event is unfolding.  If you look at the charts below, you can see that the financial markets are facing the mathematical certainty of a meltdown.

Also, as the cabal exercise in October predicted, the pandemic will be the trigger by freezing real-world trade and economic activity.

A few other bits of news show that it is not business as usual.  For one thing, we have a huge plague of locusts hitting Africa’s breadbasket region at the same time as China fights a pandemic.  Coincidence?

Then we have NATO preparations for a war against Russia.

Meanwhile, U.S. Central Command appears to be ignoring orders from Washington and is beefing up in the Middle East and financing itself with the oil fields there.

Also, U.S. Corporate president Donald Trump is about to announce an arrogant Israeli peace plan that is already dead on arrival.

In any case, negative energy generated by the pandemic and associated campaign is failing to blow away a huge wave of positive news that is emerging.  For example, Trump, who recently participated in yet another attempt to start an artificial Armageddon in Iran, did an about-turn at Davos saying, “To embrace the possibilities of tomorrow, we must reject the perennial prophets of doom and their predictions of the apocalypse.”

At the same event, the unpopular Prince Charles of the UK actually made some very good policy proposals.  In particular, he called for “genuinely” mobilizing “the kind of trillions of dollars needed” to fix the planet.

The biggest news is that the quarantine on the planet Earth is about to be ended and humanity will be allowed out into space, according to senior leaders of the secret space program.  It is no coincidence that the newly announced U.S. Space Force has a logo that looks very similar to the one in Star Trek.

This is because there has been a high-level agreement reached between East and West for a meritocratic new organization to be created in order to oversee human expansion into the universe.  Star Trek provides the model.

To get from here to there in concrete terms is the task that now lies ahead.  A senior member of the secret space program has in his possession the original secret treaty between King George III and the Republic of the United States of America.  He says a condition for unveiling the secret space program and the 5,000 patents hidden for “national security reasons” is the restoration of sovereignty to the American Republic and its people.  Another condition is the replacing of admiralty law with Common Law for the People, he says.

In addition, this individual has in his possession the documents from the Holy Roman Empire that control the world’s financial system and the 206 countries that operate under it.  Throughout the entire world, he says “the peoples on the land” will be liberated from the “200 corporate countries run by people on the dark side.”  P3 Freemasons who represent the Holy Roman Empire are also in agreement with these goals.

Once this is accomplished, vast funds can be released to finance a massive campaign to end poverty, war, environmental destruction, disease, and even mortality.  Then the quarantine on the planet will end.

Faked Soros video?

Is this a faked video?

WATCH:  George Soros speaks at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Watch live:


As with the last time, the only source appears to be Bloomberg.  If he was speaking in public, then each news agency would have their own exclusive footage.  When I saw Soros speak at the Foreign Correspondents Club, there were about 50 cameras in the room.  There’s no way they would have all used Bloomberg’s video.  My advice is to have Bloomberg raided and forced to admit they were fabricating news.


Rothschilds kicked out of Russia and Japan as world revolution unfolds

A world revolution is unfolding with historical events taking place in Africa, China, France, Japan, Russia, and elsewhere as the old planetary control grid continues to collapse, multiple sources agree.

Let’s start with the revolution that was announced in Russia last week.  Basically, David Rothschild was kicked out and the Russian central bank was nationalized, which is why half the government was fired, FSB sources tell us.  Here’s what our FSB sources have to say on the subject:

“It was supposed to start back in November 2019 when Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was killed at FSB headquarters, but due to the presence in the country of a huge number of the richest Jews in the world (the Rothschilds, Sheldon Adelson, etc.), this operation was postponed.

“Then at the end of December, half of our money was given to one structure, which organized this sudden ‘departure’ of Jewish Premier Medvedev.  This structure will oversee various ministries and all new ministers will be appointed under its supervision.

“On January 16th, President [Herman] Gref of Federal Central Bank Sberbank got so drunk with grief that he was taken to the Odintsovo Hospital suffering from acute alcohol poisoning.  That is why he suddenly cancelled his speech at the Gaidar Forum.”

On January 18th, Gref told Tass News, “We should brace for the collapse of the existing world order.  It will be very painful.”

The FSB sources also report that when Elvira Nabiullina, the head of the Russian central bank, was fired last week, all cellphones of central bank employees were confiscated and a huge stash of documents was seized.

One other thing they reported to us was that Yevgeny Zinichev, “the head of the Ministry of Emergencies, will become the head of the FSB, but this will also not be for long.”

The P3 Freemasons, who report a lot of very weird stuff, tell us the Medvedev who was removed was actually an “an alien.”

Rothschild-slave President Emmanuel Macron of France is also under siege.  He was forced to flee for his life from a theater last week amid rioting that has gone on now for over a year.  A new French revolution is coming, French resistance sources promise.

Equally dramatic, if less public, events were going on in Japan last week.  A first cousin of former Emperor Hirohito tells us the Bank of Japan has been …

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Letter from Russia

The following letter arrived in my email from Russia.  Here is the machine-translated version, and below that is the original Russian version.

I’m Ilya Vladimirovich Konnov, 09/18/1980, that on the territory of the Federal Penitentiary Service in the Sverdlovsk region in the colony No. 53 illegal acts occur, namely:

I want to inform the following that convicted Sergeyev Artemy Mikhailovich (commandant of the residential zone) serving his sentence in correctional colony No. 53 of Verkhoturye, Sverdlovsk region, and convicted Martynov Grigory Olegovich (manager of the detachment) serving his sentence in the same colony entered into a criminal conspiracy with operatives Dmitry Kudirovym Vladimirov and Justice Maxim Valeryevich, who provide all kinds of assistance in fraudulent schemes of these convicts instead of suppressing unlawful acts, for money citizenship!

One of the episodes of this criminal group, Sergeev A.M., together with Martynov G.O., having a criminal intent for extortion against convicted Shuganov Alexander, created unbearable conditions for him to keep workers Kudymov and the Court through operas, as a result of which they threatened physical harm to Shuganov, received a money transfer from Shuganov’s sister in the amount of 245,000 rubles after they received the money, they continued to extort from him another 100? 000r after which the sister Shuganova appealed to the GUFSIN in the Sverdlovsk region with a statement.

On December 25, 2019, the task force arrived at IK No. 53 to conduct an audit.  During the audit, the facts of receipt of funds by Sergeyev and Martynov were confirmed.  Further, inspectors from the GUFSIN asked Shuganov’s sister not to write further to Moscow, promising to transfer Shuganov to SG2 in the Sverdlovsk Region, explaining his decision so as not to spoil the statistics before the new year.  Further, to divert Sergeyev’s eyes, they put him in a punishment cell for 7 days, after which he embroidered and continued to extort money from the convicts.

The second episode of extortion consists in extorting from a convict Ulomsky 200? 000 tr. but that would not work as janitors in the colony, where Martynov regularly humiliates and beat him.  There is a confident opinion that the administration of EC No. 53 actively covers the actions of Sergeyev and Martynov, because no one was punished.  Also, Sergeyev and Martynov have cell phones with Internet access that it is reliably known that they use them to carry out fraudulent schemes under the pretext of bank employees to transfer money from strangers.

One of the episodes was controlled by General Fedorov Alexander Ivanovich from the Federal Penitentiary Service in the Sverdlovsk Region, but the leadership of IK53 deliberately hides what is happening in the colony, receiving money for this from the prisoners through Sergeyev and Martynov.  On the basis of the above, I ask you to instruct a comprehensive audit of IK№53, to prosecute Sergeyev, Martynov, and the colony’s employees who committed and covered these crimes, to conduct an audit of the IFRS (Polygraph) against all these persons for reliable information and confirmation of these facts.

A copy of this appeal will be sent to the Presidential Administration, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB, the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Media, for an objective and comprehensive investigation.

I ask to provide the answer to e-mail [email protected]

Digital Signature: I47SUhZqnCu398WmSdIjisAEv7VXY9sXFtCGoYS5nnQoCbuvEpeauovP4HJu5SG3LQPe

Я Коннов Илья Владимирович 18.09.1980 что на территории УФСИН По Свердловской области в колонии №53 происходят противоправные действя а именно:

Хочу сообщить следующие что осужденный Сергеев Артемий Михайлович (комендант жилой зоны) отбывающий наказание в исправительной колонии №53 г. Верхотурье Свердловской области и осужденный Мартыновым Григорием Олеговичем (завхоз отряда) отбывающий наказание в той же колонии вошли в преступный сговор с оперативными работниками Кудымовым Дмитрием Владимировичем и Правосудом Максимом Валерьевичем которые оказывают всяческое содействие в мошеннических схемах данных осужденных вместо пресечения противоправных действий, за денежное вознаграждение! Один из эпизодов данной преступной группы: Сергеев А.М. совместно с Мартыновым Г.О. имея преступный умысел на вымогательство в отношении осужденного Шуганова Александра создали ему невыносимые условия содержания через опер работников Кудымова и Правосуда в последствие чего угрожая физической расправой Шуганову, получили от сестры Шуганова денежный перевод в размере 245?000 рублей после того как деньги были получены они продолжали вымогать с него еще 100?000р после чего сестра Шуганова обратилась в ГУФСИН по Свердловской области с заявлением. 25 декабря 2019 в ИК №53 приехала опергруппа для проведения проверки. В ходе проверки были подтверждены факты получение денежных средств Сергеевым и Мартыновым. Далее проверяющие из ГУФСИН попросили сестру Шуганова дальше не писать в Москву обещая перевести Шуганова в ИК2 Свердловской области, объясняя свое решение что бы перед новым годом не портить статистику. Дальше для отвода глаз Сергеева посадили в ШИЗО на 7 суток после чего он вышил и продолжил заниматься вымоганием денег у осужденных. Второй эпизод вымогательства заключается в вымогательстве у осужденного Уломского 200?000 т.р. зато что бы не работать уборщиков в колонии, где его Мартынов регулярно унижает и избивает. Уверенно складывается мнение что администрация ИК №53 активно прикрывает действия Сергеева и Мартынова, потому что наказание никто не понес. Так же у Сергеева и Мартынова имеются сотовые телефоны с выходом в интернет достоверно известно, что они используют их для совершения мошеннических схем под предлогом работников банков для перевода денежных средств чужих людей. Один из эпизодов был на контроле у Генерала Федорова Александра Ивановича из ГУФСИН по Свердловской области, но руководство ИК53 намеренно скрывает происходящие в колонии получая за это деньги получены преступным путем от заключенных через Сергеева и Мартынова. На основание вышенаписанного прошу Вас поручить провести комплексную проверку ИК№53 , привлечь к уголовной ответственности по данным фактам Сергеева , Мартынова и сотрудников колонии которые допустили и покрывали эти преступления, в отношение всех указанных лиц провести проверку на ИПФО (Полиграф) на предмет получения достоверной информации и подтверждения данных фактов. Копия данного обращения будет направлена в Администрацию президента, МВД, ФСБ, ФСИН РОССИИ, Генеральную прокуратуру и в Средства массовой информации, для проведения объективного и всестороннего расследования!

Прошу ответ предоставить на электронную почту [email protected]

Цифровая подпись: I47SUhZqnCu398WmSdIjisAEv7VXY9sXFtCGoYS5nnQoCbuvEpeauovP4HJu5SG3LQPe