Is Eric Fiorile of the France Conseil National de la Transition an Agent? (More)

RE:  The Conseil National de la Transition – France

After examining Eric Fiorile and his team CNT acting at the Elysée during the Paris march on May 5th, it is becoming quite clear that this guy is perverting all dissidents (just like Jerome Corsi and Alex Jones have).  He is a counter-intelligence agent, acting like a Clown In America through a mix of truth and lies.  As you know, you see the speech, the website, and then the truth emerges.

In reality, Eric Fiorile is exposing the Bilderberg group.  But honestly, he supports François Fillon and makes other mistakes by using dissidents’ names like Natacha Polony, Thierry Meyssan, Gen. Piquemal, and many others.



Despite what is exposed in his Message to Humanity,

These people and journalists, scholars, and a retired general on his list—famous-name dissidents—were not in Paris with him at the Elysee or Place de la Concorde.  There were 150 activists and tourists who happened to be there in by chance.

My guess is that he is a paid counter-intelligence agent or disinformation agent and probably is reporting to the French government.  That is why he is an expert in using others, exposing the Freemasons, the justice, the United Nations letter, Mr. Valls, Macron, etc.  They use the truth mixed with lies.  He never had an arrest warrant against Macron.  He said that he gave them and he had none left with him.  Come on, he is a clown;  he disappeared in the Underground;  nobody on his team could find him later in the afternoon.

This guy is paid by an outside think tank group as a distraction, or else to take the micky of honest French people and activists through YouTube videos and to report back names to our government.  Listing dissidents does not make him a legitimate French transition president, since we do not have solid evidence from a judge and legal actions.

I would not recommend to assist any translations with his team unless there are top brass of the French judges and military with him providing evidence of a French transition team.

Exposing the Bilderberg group and his members like Mr. Valls, and supporting another one like Mr. Fillon is just a JOKE.  Give me a break!

With love and light.


Thank you;  I will post this.

Response received from Fabrice DUBOURDIEU, Conseil National de Transition de France

Dear Ben,

I don’t know who could have written that, but it’s a rather emotional and incoherent message full of the usual slander from a rival dissident group.

First of all, we aren’t and we never supported Bilderberg participants such as François Fillon.  It’s true that Marc Granié mentioned him in his very emotional video of May 3rd.  That obviously doesn’t mean we are supporting him.  I gave you news about Marc Granié in my previous e-mail.

Your source seems to have read our website, but didn’t get the key point about NTC of France.  Unlike all other dissident organizations, we are covered by the International Rule of Law, since we are a UN-registered NTC.  Only one NTC can exist per country, and this obviously can make other dissident groups jealous.  Some are criticizing our Chairman, which is all they can do because our legitimacy is made of solid iron.

The legitimacy of our NTC is a matter of constitutional law.  Indeed, since the signature of the Lisbon Treaty in December 2007, we don’t have a constitution anymore.  The apparent political regime in power in France is illegal.  If you want to know the details, you can find them in the first e-mail I sent you.  Until now we never met anybody able to legally destroy this case.  We have only met critics about our Chairman.

The good old rumor pretending that Eric Fioril is an agent of the regime is spread mostly by competition and infiltrated competition.  One of the “proofs” they give is that he hasn’t been arrested since he started this movement in 2015.  Once again, they didn’t get the point about our organization whether they know and are jealous of our immunity-like status.  If one of us is arrested, it would be very bad global publicity for the regime, exposing globally the base of our legitimacy.  So far the main asset of the regime is that very few French citizens know about it.

The other reason why it is stupid to say he is an agent of the regime is that the NCT of France is connected to the CNES (Conseil National des Etat de Savoie).  CNES Chairman Fabrice Bonnard is our Justice Adviser.  He engineered the case for the NTC of France in cooperation with our Chairman Eric Fioril.  I sent you a summary of what the CNES is about to accomplish.  Well, if you know about that, it’s totally incoherent for our regime to recruit Eric Fioril.  We are obviously in favor of the Savoy case.  Basically, taking us down would expose two of the biggest skeletons in the closet of the French Republic.  This is the basis of our protection.

The claim that Eric Fioril is an agent to ease the listing of dissidents is a stupid old-school claim;  with electronic surveillance they are all listed anyway.

We never pretended that dissidents like Natacha Polony, Thierry Meyssan, Gen. Piquemal, and others supported us.  There is a list on our website of personalities our members would like to invite to form the government once the transition is in office.

The point about the warrant shows one more time that your source didn’t get the point about NCT of France, the regime, and its judges being fake.  Our Supreme Court is the only legal justice body, so we issued the warrants on our own.  We don’t need putative judges of the regime to produce them.

You have our version about the 5th of May so I won’t write about it again.

To conclude, I’d say that of course, so far we aren’t supported by the elites of France for obvious reasons.  But all top factions controlling our country, the good and the bad, know that if they need a legal regime change, it’s going to be through the NTC of France.  We are the legal escape button of the present illegal and illegitimate regime.

Best regards,

Conseil National de Transition de France

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