Major announcements due for mid-November, legal action against illuminati possible this week

Events are starting to unfold at an accelerating pace as the ancient “New World Order” continues its collapse. First of all, sources in Japanese military intelligence say there will be “huge announcements” sometime in mid-November, no doubt linked in part to the November 11th G20 meeting in Korea. The other big move is that the $1 trillion lawsuit involving Daniele Dal Bosco, the P2 Freemason lodge, the Davos forum and the UN will be backed by the Pentagon and will become public news possibly as soon as this week. We have also confirmed that all members of the Bilderberger, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations have been individually warned and are “very scared.”

[restrict paid=”true”]There is very little detail about the November announcements available at present because a high level purge of the top ranks of the Satan worshippers is still underway, according to a dragon family representative. The Japanese military police also refused to provide more detail so, we will just have to wait and see. However, the Dragon family did say they were allied with “good aliens” who were horribly mistreated in the 1940’s and that they have been working on the current coup at a high level for a very long time. Hopefully the announcement will involve the release of suppressed technology. The Pentagon’s ambassador to the White Dragon Society has previously mentioned that according to the American Academy of Science that over 6,000 patents have been suppressed for “national security reasons” and that these patents will now be mostly made available to the general public. The Dragon family also says “we have incredible secret technology at our disposal.” We will just have to wait and see for more details.

In a related move, a very senior pentagon official contacted the White Dragon Society last week to say the Pentagon was currently backing President Obama because Obama had begun a systematic purge of Khazarian Satanists from the US government. That means the talk of a temporary military government is on hold for the present.

The Khazarians and some members of the Jewish lobby, for their part, have begun an intensive anti-Obama campaign. Obama is expected to receive nothing but negative publicity over the coming months. At the same time, he has become a high priority assassination target, according to multiple sources. The infighting in Washington is expected to intensify over the coming weeks as a powerful lobby will continue its push to replace Obama with Hillary Clinton. Clinton is said to be “desperately doing everything she can to make sure she is a part of the new financial system,” according to a top CIA source.

On the more conventional news front, the current leaders of the planet are doing everything in their power to reform and put on a good face. Part of this is the carefully orchestrated Wikileaks campaign that seems to be aimed at showing the old system is capable of dealing with wrong-doings like torture and civilian killing by individual troops. The old order is also clearly willing to throw a few of their own, like Tony Blair, under the bus in an attempt to cleanse their image. The big questions is if Wikileaks is the real deal, then why have they not published “secret documents” about what really happened on 911?

The more significant move was to shift the balance of power at the IMF away from Europe. The new IMF voting structure increases representation for Brazil, China, India, Turkey and other developing countries. The voting structure is now such that Japan has the casting vote in-between Western and non-Western interests at the IMF.

Discussions on a new currency to replace the US dollar continue and the latest scuttlebutt is that the plan to announce the Amero as a dollar replacement is in serious trouble. It now looks more likely that the Hong Kong dollar will become the basis for a new international currency to replace the dollar. However, the issue is in a flux still and negotiations continue.

Japan is also undergoing a major transformation under the surface. Head old world order stooge and North Korean spy Yasuhiro Nakasone is now being hounded for money by all his former allies, according to a yakuza source. “They want to get as much money out of him as possible before it all ends,” the source says. In relation to that Bank of Japan governor Shirakawa has been convinced to stay in office until the end of this year, according to Japanese military intelligence.

However, the control of the Japanese financial system has already moved decisively away from the old order, the source says. The Japanese Finance Ministry, and old world bastion of power, has lost power to the Financial Services Agency. People in the ministry who were opposed to the old order were all sent over to the FSA and now the military/police/right-wing/yakuza establishment has put power in the hands of the FSA, the source says.

In relation to that the Japanese delegation to the G20 meeting in Seoul in November will be secretly headed by Bank of Japan Deputy Governor Hirohide Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi is the cousin of Akihiko Yamaguchi, the man who was illegally detained in Italy in 2009 with $134.5 billion worth of bonds that were seized by elements of the Italian P2 Freemasonic lodge working in the Italian Treasury Police. [/restrict]

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