Question about Alexey Navalny

Hello Benjamin,

I have a question.  I know Russian and watch the political situation in Russia.  In the Russian opposition, Alexey Navalny has become popular with his anti-corruption foundation.  He gets millions of views about corrupt politicians and calls for citizen protests.  He took part in the Yale World Fellows program.

Can you get information about him from different sources and publish an answer on your website?

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Here is what one of my Russian sources had to say about him:

“Alexey Navalny exposed many real traitors and thieves in Russian government, including Putin and Medvedev.  His videos, which are exposing the elite—the thieves—are amazing.

Он вам не Димон! Коррупция Медведева.  Навальный о Медведеве – Единая Россия | ФБК оппозиция Navalny Medvedev

Секретная дача Путина Putin

Ответ Алишеру Усманову Oligarh Usmanov

However, the Russian Patriots know very well that he is paid opposition.  You can understand Russian Patriots knowing that so-called American liberal institutions that were financed by Soros have promoted Alexey Navalny and financed him for a long period of time.

If a real Russian Patriot would do the same, he would be in jail immediately.  A Russian would not follow Navalny, although they would appreciate his investigations and videos.  If you need more information, let me know.”

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