The new financial system now supposed to start on May 11th but believe it when you see it

A new dollar to replace the US dollar is going to be introduced on May 11th, according to a senior CIA source. Other sources, including linked to the Chinese politburo, the Japanese secret government and the British Royal family have all said something big and good is imminent. However, we have seen so many deadlines come and go that we shall continue to believe only what we see. Fortunately, there is plenty out there to show the New World Order really is coming down.

[restrict paid=”true”]The most important sign remains the criminal investigation of Goldman Sachs. This is a frontal attack on Wall Street and the Feds. The wheels of justice grind slowly but they grind to dust. The Europeans are now also considering bringing criminal and civil charges against Goldman for helping Greece cook its government books. There is an awful lot I could say about Goldman’s activities in Japan too but, because of promises made to Japanese underworld sources, I will keep my Japan Goldman file as insurance and not have it made public unless I die.

In any case, this probe is not about Goldman Sachs so much as it is about the entire Western banking system. The audit of the Federal Reserve Board that is now under way is now expected to go all the way back to 1916, when the Federal Reserve Board first went into business (The act creating the Fed was passed in 1913 but did not go into force until 1916).

As a sign of more to come, Deutschebank offices have been raided in Germany, England and the Netherlands as part of a probe of fraudulent CO2 trading. The corporate press and the blogosphere are now going into pack feeding frenzy mode as it finally appears safe to target the previously taboo. They will not have to dig far before they uncover an awful lot of dirt.

In a sign of the increasing isolation of the Washington D.C. corporation, the Europeans have been making many public statements in recent days about the need to totally revamp the global financial system: The head of the European Central Bank told my former employer Forbes magazine of the need for global financial governance; President Sarkozy of Francewas in China promising to work together on “global monetary reform;” and the President of the European Commission was in Japan and China meeting with the Emperor and Chinese leaders discussing the “financial crisis.”

ECB President Favors Global Governance

Sarkozy and Hu bury hatchet in Beijing talks

Chinese President holds talks with European Commission President in Shanghai

We also confirmed, from our sources that reports the British royalty have asked the politicians in Washington to leave the 10 square British property known as Washington D.C. are correct. It is doubtful this order will be obeyed but it is one more piece of evidence to show the increasing isolation of the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate.

There are also signs of military moves to fill the vacuum expected to be created when the Pentagon begins to evacuate many of the 800 or so overseas military bases it will soon not be able to pay for. The biggest sign was the Japanese self-defense forces creating Japan’s first overseas base since World War 2. The base is being set up in Djibouti to protect shipping from the Middle East.

The Russians also held giant naval exercises in the Sea of Japan in what seems to be a signal to the Japanese that “we both have an interest in containing China.” Ever since Obama went to China last year to propose the US and China create a G2, the Japanese have begun to doubt if the US would really go to war with China to save them. That is why they are now probing the possibility of allying themselves with India, Russia and other countries that actually have borders with China.

The North Koreans also seem to be ratcheting up the pressure on South Korea to come up with a peace agreement. Sorcha Faal, the US Naval Intelligence information/disinformation site, claims it was the North Koreans who blew up the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Our source in China linked to the politburo confirmed this, saying the new North Korean regime has decided to “display its strength, bravery and determination.” Since North Korea and South Korea are technically at war, North Korea is actually allowed to carry out such acts of sabotage. Other sources believe it was the Bush/Nazi faction that blew up the oil rig to spite the British and create distraction from their troubles. However, since North Korea has worked closely with this faction in the past, the two scenarios are not mutually contradictory.

There many similar signs of high-level preparations for change. For example, last week the head of the UN and the Bank of Japan、among others, called for the release and funding of “green energy technology.” There are many actual concrete new energy technology deals in the works that we are aware of but will not yet write about in order to prevent sabotage.

Meanwhile, in Japan secret government sources continue to say the Prime Minister Hatoyama will probably resign this month and be replaced by Finance Minister Naoto Kan. I know Kan quite well and am quite sure he is not a Federal Reserve Board puppet. However, it remains to be seen if he has what it takes to reboot Japan’s financial system.

The Liberal Democratic Party that ruled Japan since the end of World War 2 is rapidly falling apart and efforts to create a new, viable right-leaning party are proceeding rapidly. Japanese power brokers are planning to revamp the political system sometime after the upper house elections due July 11th. Their hope is to create a new dominant umbrella party containing various factions much like the LDP did in its heyday.

No matter what though, the days of Japan being a Federal Reserve Board/New World Order colony are coming to an end.

The various global power brokers this writer has talked to have said there will not be any special announcements of a sudden change in how the world is governed. Instead, they say it will take place in bits and pieces and is exactly how events appear to be unfolding. There can be no doubt to any but the most brainwashed that historical changes are happening at an accelerating rate. [/restrict]

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