The Pentagon running out of oil, the BIS under nuclear blackmail and other signs of severe global turbulence.

There is extreme turbulence in world events as the campaign to oust the rogue cabal in control of the United States enters its final phase. One sign is a cut-off of some oil supplies to the U.S. regime, according to US military intelligence. Another is that Serbian operatives claim to have smuggled a nuclear weapon near BIS headquarters in Switzerland. Yet another is that the one million American Satanists are using earthquake weapon blackmail in an effort to force New Zealand to give them their South Island as a refuge. Meanwhile, promises of imminent mass arrests of cabal members continue to be repeated by high level sources but so far, the Washington D.C. criminal enterprise continues to create global mayhem.

[restrict paid=”true”] The D.C. crime syndicate has been trying but failing to overthrow the governments of Libya and Saudi Arabia because these countries are no longer accepting their dollars as payment for oil.

The arrest of a rebel Prince and 200 of his cohorts in Saudi Arabia was a severe blow to the cabal’s plans to retake the Saudi oil fields. Meanwhile, the new U.S. puppet regime in Egypt is losing control. Furthermore, the presence of 50,000 Israeli financed mercenaries to help Gaddafi fight cabal hired thugs is a clear, public sign the Jewish people support the fight against the Satanists.

To make up for the loss of money the D.C. cabal is jacking up US consumer gasoline prices. The Pentagon is also threatening to cut off the Straits of Hormuz, according to a US military intelligence source. “We use an awful lot of oil and the cut off is hurting us,” he explained.

The U.S. dollar has been backed by oil since the “Nixon shock” but two thirds of the world’s oil trade is no longer under cabal control.

We also need to explain here why we are now referring to the cabal instead of the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate. A BIS official explained that the U.S. dollar was owned by all the countries of the world and that there were dollar printing machines in China, Japan, Indonesia and other countries. These dollars were now backed by gold while dollars issued by the Washington D.C. cabal were being boycotted by most countries as part of a campaign to liberate the American people from Satanic control.

The D.C. cabal for its part has started paying generals multi-million dollar salaries in an attempt to buy their continued loyalty, the U.S. military intelligence source said. If the U.S. army is to liberate the American people from Satanic control it will be the Colonels who will have to go to Washington and remove the criminals, he added.

In another sign the cabal is getting desperate, a Rand Corporation weather and earthquake weapon operative by the name of Thad Allen, was in Christchurch New Zealand with 8 congress whores just before the earthquake happened there, a Pentagon source says. They left two hours before the earthquake started. We have received intelligence saying the next target would be the New Madrid Fault Line in the U.S. The Rand Corporation was not available for comment at the time this article was written.

However, according to Australian White Dragon Society sources the Satanists have been demanding either Tasmania or the South Island of New Zealand as a refuge for the million or so Satanists who will have to flee the U.S. before the American people wake up. The Islanders say they will fight rather than hand over their land.

The only Islands now being offered to them are the crocodile infested Island of Pok Pok near Bougainville, one of Islands on the Mauritius Archipelago and an island near the Dominican Republic. These islands will only be available to members of the Cabal who agree to finance a campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.

In another sign of the intensified campaign by the cabal to continue surviving, David “Zeus” Rockefeller, Warren “911” Buffet, Bill “kill them with vaccines” Gates, Sarah “shoot’em” Palin and other cabal luminaries were in India last week meeting with billionaires and politicians. They were trying to convince the Indian authorities they would help modernize India in exchange for cooperation against China. The Indians, however, are too wise to be fooled by these genocidal snakes.

In yet another sign of the cabal’s intensified desperation a KGB source told me Serbian Military intelligence had contacted him to tell him some Serbians had smuggled a nuclear weapon into Switzerland and hidden it near BIS headquarters. They demanded 11 million dollars and promised to split it with the KGB agent. However, a source at the BIS said this was a crude trap designed to flush out certain people in Switzerland and create a pretext to arrest the KGB agent.

Multiple high-level law enforcement and intelligence sources meanwhile continue to promise mass arrests but the date keeps getting put off into the future.

Finally, we would like to conclude with a message to the Satanists. At present Tomomi Matsuzaki, one of the worst victims of Satanic ritual abuse I have ever met, is in New York. Tomomi as a child was forced to live in a dog house, beaten so severely she required reconstructive surgery on her face twice and raped multiple times. You also forced the miscarriage of our five-month old fetus while she was in Nepal. This was carried out on the orders of your agent, the false Dalai Lama. Despite all this, Tomomi’s heart remains pure and she is ready to forgive you.

You must send Hillary Clinton, as a representative of the female side of your clan and put yourselves under her command. She will act as an intermediary between you and the American Christians whose hospitality you so badly abused. The Christians are a forgiving people and when they learn of the horrific childhoods and murderous control Satanists are subject to, they will get over their anger and probably forgive most of you for the torment you have inflicted on the American people.

You will not be allowed to leave the United States until you have made peace with the Americans.

If you do not surrender, the ultimate consequence will be far more horrific than your sick minds can imagine. You will be cease to exist utterly and forever in all dimensions of the universe. This is not a threat. It is a holy vow. [/restrict]

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