What the White Dragon Society is fighting for and why the Old World Order wants to stop it

The paper work for the White Dragon Foundation was accepted by the Japanese government on June 1st, 2011 and final approval is expected this week or early next week. As a result, there are indications coming from all over that the Old World Order is waging an all out offensive on all fronts in order to maintain its grip on global power. The world now faces a clear choice between the genocidal, racist religious fanatics who want to murder 5 billion people and a group that wants to end poverty, end war, stop environmental destruction and start a Golden Age. This map is a very good illustration of what the White Dragon plans to do:
Source: Wikipedia
[restrict paid=”true”] The dark green areas on land are forest, the light green either agricultural land or tundra and the tan colored land is desert. In the oceans you will see the most life where the water is red, lots where it is yellow, some where it is lime green and very little in the rest. If the suppressed energy technology were applied, the lifeless parts of the planet could be filled with life. This would make it possible, for example, to increase agricultural land by 300% while simultaneously creating new nature preserves. At the same time, as the map makes clear, the vast portions of the ocean that are now mostly lifeless can be filled with fish, whales etc. simply by bringing up nutrients from the ocean bottom. Such projects would lead to a boom far bigger than those created by either agriculture or the industrial revolution. Would you prefer Old World Order genocide instead?

The Old World Order oligarchs for their part seem to be trying to buy time for some nasty move either this summer or this autumn, as far as we can tell. In the US, the Federal government’s bankruptcy deadline has been put off until August. In the EU, the rulers have tried to postpone Greek default and the collapse of the Euro until summer as well. In Japan, the government of Naoto Kan survived a non-confidence vote only because Kan promised to resign in August.

They could simply be kicking the can just a little further down the road to buy time but they are more likely planning what they hope to be a game changing announcement.

The Federal Reserve Board faction appears to still be hoping to get their hands on the codes that will allow them to keep control of the financial system in exchange for promises to behave better. To this end they invited a White Dragon representative to visit both the Bilderberg meeting this week (June 9 to 12 in St. Moritz, Switzerland) or to the Bohemian grove in July. A different White Dragon member was invited to Wales, England to “meet Prince Charles, Prince William and an alien.” The invitations were declined.

There were also renewed threats, including threats to kill this writer made to a White Dragon Society member by George Bush Jr. and Bill Clinton among others. Somebody also phoned your correspondent in Tokyo and played a recording of the dialogue in the scene in the move the Matrix where Agent Smith is warning Neo that he had better conform.

Also, a new group emerged from the shadows claiming to be the “Red Dragon,” and producing documents signed by many members of royal families. It is still not clear exactly who or what is behind the “Red Dragon,” at this point but a couple of names are being checked out.

The Dragon groups we do know to be real include the White Dragon which has an ancient Asian counter-part, the Black Dragon (Greater East Asian Co-prosperity sphere etc.), the Dragon family (Merovingian royalty) and the Green Dragon which has roots in Iran (Persia) and central Asia. The Red Dragon may be the Nazis new name for themselves because the Odessa group (post-war Nazis) is definitely on the war path.

The Nazi faction seems to still be focused on acts of mass terror. The Fukushima nuclear terror and psy-ops show has been clearly linked by whistleblowers and other evidence to a nuclear weapon stolen from the Russian submarine the Kursk. A Pentagon Nazi source previously told us they had stolen nuclear weapons from the Kursk and that these were not under the control of any official government agency.

Our Eastern European sources tell us 4 nuclear bombs (each worth about 500 Hiroshimas) have been confirmed as missing from the Kursk and that one of them was blown up off the shore of Japan to trigger the tsunami etc. The other three are in Europe, they say.

The threat to set one of these off on June 1st never came to pass. However, we were contacted again by a self-described “Al Qaeda number 1,” who said the June 1st attack had been downgraded to a biological weapon “food poisoning” attack. He now says June 25th is the date for the big attack. The group making these threats is definitely linked to various intelligence agencies and mafia groups. However, they are also probably being closely monitored.

Overall, expect turbulence as the June 21st summer solstice approaches and during summer. [/restrict]

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