Why the battle over the $1 trillion in bonds will decide the future of the planet

The world’s top powers are all paying extremely close attention to the case of $1 trillion in bonds now missing in Italy because whoever gets to cash them will suddenly have enormous geopolitical power. The owners of the Federal Reserve Board syndicate are hoping to be to cash their quadrillions or quintillions (the numbers are absurdly unrealistic) in fraudulent derivates and thus make the cashing of a few Asian gold backed $ trillions worth of bonds into a trivial issue. Most of the countries in the world will not accept this fraud and so the stalemate continues. Last week’s meetings in Washington and at the BIS failed to resolve this issue so more intense horse-trading is expected this week.

[restrict paid=”true”]The public pronouncements coming out of the recent BIS meeting are, even to the casual observer, absurd. The idea that banks will not be allowed any off ledger accounting is absolutely correct but the Basel 3 agreement is full of loopholes and does not come into force until 8 years from now. In other words, they were just stalling for time and saying nice sounding things without substance.

The real debate was about what to do about all the outstanding dollar denominated bonds after the shift to the gold-backed Amero.

The key there, of course are what to do about all the trillions and trillions of dollars worth of bonds backed by Chinese gold the Federal Reserve Board issued in the 1930’s and before. Cashing them would give Asia huge geopolitical control over the West.

However, the fact of the matter is that the fiat currency system is now dysfunctional and cannot be repaired no matter what contortions the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate resorts to.

That is why the Office for International Treasury Control is being pushed as a front by the people behind Davos and the UN. They hope that by using a pliable front with an Asian face, the can stay in power. However, since these people have been resorting to murder and genocide and have been trying to start WW3, the countries of the world will not accept their continued control of the world’s monetary systems.

If no agreement is reached by the September 30th US fiscal year end, then serious chaos is expected for the autumn and into January.

There is a lot we are being asked not to report about this issue at present but, serious measures are being contemplated by some very powerful Western factions aimed at resolving this issue. These measures would all take place within a legal framework, according to high level Western intelligence and BIS sources.

In any case, tensions remain extremely high around the world as these negotiations continue. As one member of a committee of 12 that claims to be an informal interim global ruling council put it, quoting from prophecy: “there will be wars and rumors of war.”

In what is probably a related move, the US has been building a missile base aimed at China on the disputed Senkaku Islands. When the Chinese sent a bunch of “fishing boats” to spy, one was apprehended. This is what is behind the recent Japanese/Chinese fishing boat spat. The Americans seem to be saying, “we still control Japan and have built a powerful military alliance surrounding China so, if you want to fight, let us fight.”

This of course, is ultimately a bluff because the people at the pentagon know that total war with China would ultimately lead to the death of 90% of the world’s population as well as the destruction of the Northern hemisphere. It is merely a negotiating tactic.

The Pope’s visit to the UK at this time is also related to the ongoing struggle over finance, the secret fountain of power. They are also discussing the planned reconstruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. Needless to say, they are talking about how the old guard can keep itself in a position of power and influence after the new financial system gets up and running. Of course the Pope and Queen Elizabeth are also expected to commiserate about being under siege within their own power structures.

In Japan meanwhile, power struggles continue. The re-election of Prime Minister Naoto Kan with the help of grass-roots support in his party, has infuriated power broker Ichiro Ozawa. Ozawa is now contemplating two strategies. One is to wait until the Kan Prime Ministership implodes and then take over the government, probably by next spring. The other is to take the 100 or so members of parliament who support him and leave the Democratic Party of Japan. This would force a total realignment of Japanese politics and a new general election.

For his part, Kan has been contacting various right-wing parties and the rump of the Liberal Democratic Party in the hopes of forming an alliance.

Ultimately, when the dust settles, Japan is likely once again to be dominated by a single party containing various competing factions.

However, for now political instability is the only sure bet in this country. The factions aligned with the US will continue to take their marching orders from whoever wins the power struggle in Washington D.C. and in Western power corridors. [/restrict]

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