Month: March 2010

Most Americans may soon be banned from traveling overseas and US may also restrict imports under new regime

The United States is facing regime change as a result of the nation’s imminent bankruptcy, according to high level CIA sources in Washington and also senior MI6 sources. The information reaching us is that all the State governments except Florida, Washington and California are backing a return to constitutional law. The Pentagon is also on the program with people like General’s Schwarskopf and Stubblemeyer leading the patriotic forces. There is talk of action starting this week and this photo of Obama on March 26th shows us he is clearly worried and stressed out about something:

President Barack Obama

[onlymembers]The new regime may take some drastic measures on the economy as a result of the bankruptcy of the Federal Government, the sources say. These measures would include restrictions on imports so the US can rebuild its manufacturing base. There may also be severe restrictions placed on the amount of Americans allowed to travel overseas. These measures are designed to eliminate the US’s structural external deficit as quickly as possible.

The various states, together with the Pentagon and the Supreme Court will take over, at least temporarily, the powers to create currency. They will replace Federal Reserve promissory or debt notes with a new currency. They will exchange Federal Reserve promissory notes for the new currency at a fixed rate within a 30-day period. The 90% of US dollars owned by non-Americans are likely to be converted into other currencies. The Chinese are actively considering offering gold and commodities backed Hong Kong dollars in exchange for valid (i.e. not created through derivatives fraud) US dollars. The Japanese, the Russians, the Europeans and others may also offer to exchange the overseas US dollars for their own currencies.

It is still not decided if the new US currency will be the Amero or something else but signs are that it will be something else, probably a new type of Greenback. The British are actively using their influence to remove New World Order traitor Harper and his government and not allow him to hand Canadian sovereignty over to the Washington D.C. criminal cabal. That is why the Amero idea looks like it will not float.

The final shape of the soon to be announced international debt jubilee is also starting to appear. The latest news from our sources is that international financial obligations between nation states will be reset to 1916 levels. That is because although the Federal Reserve Board act was passed in 1913, it did not go into action until 1916.

Hopefully this will be accompanied by a much needed telling of the real truth behind the horrific tragedy and wasted opportunity that was the 20th century.

Pentagon people have contacted the Black Dragon Society and have indicated they are going actively start developing free energy technology for civilian use. The main technology they are pushing is the Stirling engines they currently use to power their missiles (have you ever wondered how a cruise missile can travel thousands of miles without giant fuel tanks?). Since at least 6,000, and probably a lot more, inventions have been suppressed in the name of “national security” we can expect a lot more wonders to emerge soon from the bowels of the Pentagon.

Several different major financial institutions including the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, Credit Agricole, Mizuho Bank and the People’s Bank of China have begun creating funds dedicated to the development and application of the various suppressed technologies. Once the various T’s are crossed and I’s dotted then hundreds of billions of dollars will become available to finance the new technology as well as to finance an end to poverty and the repair of global eco-systems.

In Japan, meanwhile, pressure is steadily being increased on New World Order and Trilateral Commission hold outs led by former Prime Minister Nakasone. The system of worshipping the Emperor as a symbol will continue in Japan. However, the Japanese right-wing now realizes that ever since Emperor Hirohito died, the emperor became merely a symbol for David Rockefeller and his Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate lackeys in Japan.

The new system will be headed by an informal group of Japan’s most intelligent and powerful people. They will act as a shadow government that will step in only if Japan’s democratic and bureaucratic institutions show signs of becoming dysfunctional. The Emperor will once again become a truly Japanese symbol under the new system.

The Japanese right wing has also been explained that they cannot count on the United States to defend Japan against China. They know, for example, that when Obama visited China last year, he offered to give control of Japan to China as part of a proposed G2. China rejected the plan but the Japanese right wing remains wary of China nonetheless. That is why they will be seeking an alliance of countries like Russia and India -countries that actually have borders with China- to agree to protect each other from Chinese domination.

The Chinese do not see these moves as a threat because they insist their rise will be peaceful and that nobody, including Japan should worry about it. The Black Dragon Society has a reliable pipeline now to the Chinese politburo and we believe all concerned are interested in harmonious relations.

In Europe meanwhile, the secret war against Nazi influence continues unabated. The recent revelations against the German pope Ratzinger regarding his helping a pedophile in the Church are part of a campaign to purge the upper reaches of the Vatican of all Satan worshippers. The Christian rank and file of the Church is behind the move to expose these people.

The agreement by the EU to act as a last resort helper of Greece is expected to be nothing more than a time saving effort and will almost certainly not prevent the demise of the Euro. Once the new financial system kicks into gear, there may be plenty of money available to the nearly bankrupt PIIGs (Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Greece) but they will be told in no uncertain terms that they will have to earn any money they get. The economic reality facing these countries is that they will either have to lower their standard of living or else leave the Eurozone and put out a new Mediterranean currency. This will also, of course lead to a temporary drop in living standards but that is inevitable because a derivatives sugar high is always only temporary. Reality cannot be avoided forever.

Various European governments are also actively considering a new alliance with Russia and the colonization of Siberia by unemployed Europeans.

However, until the dust settles it is hard to see exactly what new institutions will arise from the ashes of the old.

The dark Cabal is still in control of much of the US media and the fake Obama regime continues in power at the time of this writing. Until we see this end, we must keep our powder dry and our wits sharp. [/onlymembers]

European royal families receive stern warning from powerful new secret group

A major breakthrough in the financial logjam is imminent according to some separate sources: a Chinese politburo agent, a member of the British Royal Family and a CIA source. The CIA and British sources said some very powerful group had emerged and warned the European Royal Families to back off and relinquish control of the US and European financial systems. This group has also, according to these sources, given the Pentagon an ultimatum that it will be forced to obey. In addition, they said the world financial system would be reset to 1916 levels in a major jubilee. This would abolish all World War I and II related restitution payments among other things.
[onlymembers] They both said a deadline had been set for this Friday or March 26th although it was possible no announcement would be made until the 29th. These sources have made many predictions in the past centering around specific dates only to find the Nazi cabal escape from yet another deadline using some new trick. That means we need to be very cautious about specific dates. Our policy remains: we will believe when we see it.

However, the Chinese politburo source separately mentioned that vast amounts of funding would be made available to a large variety of groups, including the BDS, on March 26th. This money would be invested, among other things, in vast projects to turn the deserts green and replenish the deserts. The Chinese envoy expressed a desire to have a constructive, equal relationship with the Black Dragon Society.

In another major development, the Serbian Black Hand society has affiliated itself with the BDS. This means the Slavic gangs that control much of the European drug trade are now ready to battle the Nazis yet again. These people were the partisans who caused the Nazis so much trouble during WWII. They are also extremely angry at what the Nazi US government did to Yugoslavia and are eager for revenge.

There were many other signs this week the US Nazi government is under extreme pressure. The most obvious was a US appeals court ruling to force the Federal Reserve Board to disclose which financial institutions it gave US taxpayer money to. Then there are the widely reported (even in the corporate propaganda media) claims by the “synagogue bomber” that the Feds were responsible for this attack. These are both serious signs the Federal control grid in the US is falling apart.

The US rogue-regime also received many new international blows against it. First of all both China and Japan are now officially and openly reducing their US Treasury holdings. Until now, Japan and China were just reducing their new purchases of Treasuries, not actively dumping them. In related moves, the US cancelled a scheduled trip to Japan by an envoy to discuss the US base issue. At the same time Obama suddenly postponed a scheduled Asian tour. It seems pretty clear he was told he was just not welcome.

Things are looking just as bad for the US in Europe. For example, just as Hillary Clinton arrived in Russia to ask for new pressure against Iran, Russia officially announces the nuclear reactor it is building in Iran will be completed this summer.

Our sources are also reporting many new arrests of bankers in Europe. Italian authorities, for example, are contemplating filing criminal charges against Merrill Lynch, Deutschebank, UBS and others for selling what they claim are fraudulent financial products to Italian local governments and others. The US money center banks that are still not Basel 2 and 3 compliant are being squeezed from all directions now.

In addition to this, the Japanese military/yakuza/rightwing/police nexus (i.e. the people who possess and are willing to use instruments of violence) is also beginning to apply major pressure on Japanese banks to hand over control of the yen printing presses. This means US colonial rule of Japan is being unwound now that the enforcers formerly in the employ of the Feds have stopped obeying orders. That means they will no longer hand over hard earned Japanese savings to the Feds. These people realized the US would not come to protect Japan against China when Obama ignored Japan and asked China to unite with the US to form a “G2.” The Chinese, of course, refused this offer because they know the rogue US regime has broken practically every single international treaty it ever signed.

The Japanese militant groups are by no means friendly to China and are planning to build an alliance of states bordering China (including Russia and India) aimed at making sure China does try to expand militarily beyond its own borders. They also are expecting to continue the US/Japan alliance after an expected regime change in the US.

This group expects a total revamping of Japan’s political landscape by this summer leading to the creation of three new major parties. They also predict a more nationalistic and independent minded Japan will emerge soon.

In Europe, meantime, despite efforts to patch things up, the Greek crisis is getting worse. There were open calls by Germany to expel Greece from the Euro last week. This was followed by a sharp repudiation from France meaning the two countries at the very core of the EU may be going their own different ways. The Greek government also suggested it would go to the IMF and forget about the EU (never mind that the IMF itself is bust).

Despite new talk of bailing out Greece, if that actually took place then Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland would also begin to seek hand outs. The Germans and Northern Europeans will not pick up their tab meaning the EU is heading for a slow motion train-wreck.

To conclude, although we are not yet allowed to discuss the nature of the new group that promises to end world rule by bankers, we are sure that rule is coming to an end. It is just a matter of time. Do not be too disappointed if the dark cabal evades the March 26th deadline because time is not on their side. Sooner rather than later their entire horrific structure of control and slavery will come to an end. Until it does, we must all remain extremely alert and be prepared for any nasty surprises these dangerous Satan worshipping criminals come up with. [/onlymembers]

Report on discussions between the Black Dragon Society and a Chinese Politburo envoy plus other news

The Chinese Politburo sent an envoy to hold preliminary discussions with the Black Dragon Society last week. The discussions were, as was the case with the Illuminati in Italy, friendly and productive. In essence, the Chinese were interested in backing up all the world’s dollars earned through honest means with either gold or commodities and then putting the new dollars under the control of an institution controlled 50/50 by Asia and the West. Later, the institution that manages the new currency would become a meritocracy without any regional or racial quotas in its administration.

[onlymembers] The Chinese have also proceeded with concrete, specific plans to start implementing forbidden technology in April of this year.

The Black Dragon Society, for its part, said it had been approached by many inventors of suppressed technologies who have had their factories blown up by the Nazi thugs. They explained that they were still hoping to finance these technologies using Western or Japanese funds but, if the fund blockage continued after April, they would go ahead and develop the technologies in China.

The BDS also explained the situation with the Japanese right wingers, gangster, police, military and all other organizations possessing and willing to use, if necessary, instruments of violence. Essentially, about 30% of these groups were pro-Chinese; the rest were nationalist and about 20% were still pro US. We explained that promises made by the current rogue US government to China were not realistic and not sincere.

The BDS had talks with several of Japan’s most senior right wingers and gangsters. We explained to them they had been fooled by Emperor worship because there were malicious foreign forces behind the Emperor. These forces promised to cede control of Japan to China by 2011. We explained both to the Japanese right wingers and the Chinese that the Nazis in control of the US always had a habit of telling their counterparts whatever they wanted to hear but that their track record showed they always broke their promises as soon as they got a chance to do so.

The result is that the rogue US government has lost control over the Japanese right wing organizations that used to do their bidding.

We have also now independently confirmed the details of the US murder of former Prime Minister Takeshita from three separate sources, one from the Japanese royal family, one from the Japanese security police and one from the yakuza. According to these sources, Takeshita was taken aboard a helicopter and hung upside down in mid-air as a warning not to interfere in US looting of Japanese savings. When Takeshita broke his promise a second time, he was taken to Alaska and chased naked through the snow by helicopters before being killed and having his body sent back to Japan. The Japanese security police source said he had been show a video of Takeshita being chased naked in Alaska. Given such outrageous, insulting behavior towards the head of state of a supposed ally, it is difficult to imagine the US criminal government will ever again be able to seize the levers of power in Japan.

The yakuza, the police, the military etc. may not like China but they are fuming mad at the US rogue government as well. The top assassins of the yakuza have been given a list of all the names of members of the trilateral commission in Japan therefore we recommend these people either leave the country or lay low for a while. If trilateral commission members request it, the BDS will provide them with protection.

The BDS has suggested that as well as supporting regime change in the US, the Japanese military establishment should build alliances with countries like India and Russia that actually share borders with China.

Meanwhile, the criminals who took over the US government are acting in an increasingly hysterical and desperate manner. The awarding of the Oscar for best picture to Avatar director’s James Cameron’s estranged wife was such a stupid gesture that the corporate propaganda media was forced to quash and downplay all media coverage of this farce. These thugs do not seem to understand that blackmailing and threatening members of the academy has just backfired on them big time.

The Washington Post also totally ruined its reputation in Japan by writing an editorial critical of Japanese Democratic Party lawmaker Yukihisa Fujita. Fujita spent two hours with the Washington post correspondent patiently explaining all the evidence pointing to US government complicity in the 911 “terrorist attacks.” The reporter who ignored the evidence and wrote that scurrilous editorial is now in hiding. We suspect the Washington Post will now have to shut its Japan bureau or else issue a public apology.

It is also interesting to note that relations between Nazi stooges and genuine journalists at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan have reached such low levels that many serious correspondents expect actual fisticuffs at the next club general meeting. There are accusations of both censorship and embezzlement by club management being leveled by veteran journalists.

We also see a deepening rift between Europe and the US criminal government as Germany, France and other countries call for controls on fraudulent financial derivatives such as the credit default swaps that Goldman Sachs used to help Greece cook their books. Of course the US criminal government opposes any such controls because they are now using similar instruments to cook their own books.

We also note that a battered looking Henry Kissinger appeared in South Korea meaning that earlier reports he had been killed were wrong. We have been contacted by bankers who deal directly with Dr. Kissinger and it appears they are trying to work out some sort of deal with the BDS. There is a lot that cannot be made public at the present but we promise the BDS will not compromise on its core goals of ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction and ending war.

There will be sensitive financial negotiations taking place over the coming week. If they are completed in a satisfactory manner then some sort of public announcement is likely. Don’t hold your breath though because it won’t be over until the brainwashed Western public is finally told the truth by their own “leaders.[/onlymembers]

Evidence of the old order collapsing is all around us

There is no need to have special sources in high places to see that the 230-year old “New World Order,” is collapsing on multiple fronts. All we need to do is examine a series of unusual news events reported in the corporate propaganda media to see that this is the case.

First of all there are many signs of a break in the traditional Anglo Saxon alliance between Britain and the US. The latest was Hillary Clinton’s statements supportive of Argentina over the sovereignty of the Falklands Islands. This sort of statement would have been unthinkable in the past.

[onlymembers]That is not the only sign continental Europe is distancing itself from the US. France just announced the sale of four state-of-the-art warships to Russia. With the US still trying to portray Russia as an enemy and still engaged in various aggressive military moves against Russia this amounts to a serious slap in the face from a US ally.

Perhaps the most important developments though, are happening in Turkey. The ongoing purge of the Turkish military is a sign that the “young Turks” who overthrew the Ottoman Empire are being ousted from power. This is disturbing news for the Zionists because Turkey is a Nato member with a modern 1.5 million man army. Turkey has recently engaged in military exercises with Israeli enemy Syria and refused to let Israel participate in a Nato military maneuver in Turkey.

The fact that Congress passed a law condemning the Turkish acts against the Armenians over a century ago (how about condemning the multiple US sponsored genocides first) and Turkey recalled its ambassador is a clear sign of this split between Turkey and the Zionists.

The Zionist US government is also being rebuffed on all fronts in its efforts to isolate Iran. Brazil, Russia and China are just some of the countries who no longer listen to hysterical US ranting about Iran being an “existential threat” to Israel. The Israelis appear to be some of the most brainwashed people on earth and somebody needs to explain very clearly to them that nobody is out to get them or start a new holocaust. They could start by listening with their own years (not through deliberate mistranslations) to what Iranian President Ahmajinedad is actually saying. They are perfectly safe and should stop being paranoid.

The EU is also in serious trouble these days. Both France and Germany have now announced they will not pay any more money to support Greece. In Greece meanwhile, protesters have occupied the Finance Ministry and have put the parliament under siege. The Mediterranean countries are continuing to contemplate leaving the Euro zone and setting up their own Mediterranean currency, according to P2 Masonic lodge sources.

Another sign of a split among the oligarchs is the moves being made against Goldman Sachs and others. Both the Justice Department and the Federal Reserve Board have called for investigations of Goldman Sachs actions in Greece. In addition, The Wall Street Journal Marketwatch also reported the following: “The U.S. Justice Department recently asked hedge-fund firms Soros Fund Management, Paulson & Co., SAC Capital Advisors and Greenlight Capital to preserve documents related to trading in the euro, according to a person familiar with the situation.”

These moves are also no doubt connected to the investigations of the New York Federal Reserve Board on the suspicion it illegally funneled money to AIG.

President Obama’s support of former Fed Chief Paul Volcker’s planned new restrictions on banks is still another sign of pressure against a particular group of Oligarchs.

Seen in that light, the latest scheme to revive the Amero I reported in my blog would appear to be backed by the CIA/Goldman Sachs faction. The people who are pushing this Amero plan told me the Federal Reserve Board would be abolished. It is doubtful they will be able to carry out this plan because not many people would be willing to trade their dollars for the new Ameros even if they are backed by Canadian and Mexican gold.

Meanwhile, in Japan, the right wing forces have come up with new plans to overthrow the Democratic Party of Japan’s government. They say DPJ power broker Ichiro Ozawa will be ousted by May because they have gathered a lot of information about his shady activities which the plan to make public. They also say the Liberal Democratic Party that ruled Japan until recently was going to be dismantled. Their scenario calls for the emergence of three new parties by this summer. One party would be led by popular LDP politician Yoichi Masuzoe. Another would be headed by veteran lawmaker Takeo Hiranuma. A third would consist of the rump of the DPJ.

Overall, the situation appears to be fluid and unstable and more changes can be expected in the run up to the upper house elections due this summer.

The Japanese right wing and defense establishment also need to rethink their dependence on the US for military protection. The fact that Obama ignored Japan and proposed creating a G2 with China is a clear sign of real US thinking. With the public announcement of US bankruptcy just a matter of time, it is highly doubtful the US will be able to maintain its current massive military machine. It is also hard to imagine the US would risk total war with China to protect Japan. The Japanese need to forge their own military alliances with countries like India and Russia that also border China and also are wary of absolute Chinese domination.

The harassing of Japanese automakers by US authorities and the most likely retaliatory raid by Japanese authorities against IBM Japan make it clear the US/Japan alliance is on shaky ground.

As the old order continues to crumble, there are signs the new financial system is almost ready for announcement and implementation. Multiple groups are now offering to fund the construction of factories to begin implementing hitherto forbidden technology. Multiple reliable sources are also saying that large funds are being mobilized worldwide to finance the new paradigm. There are still various technical issues to be overcome but the signs are good. [/onlymembers]

Report on negotiations with the illuminati in Italy

Negotiations between representatives of the illuminati and the Black Dragon Society in Italy between February 17 and 24th were productive and friendly. Meetings took place between myself as special ambassador for the BDS and an illuminati “mastermind,” a French General, a representative of Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi and Russia’s Putin, a Vatican representative, a representative for former US Vice-President Cheney, a representative of Wall Street, a representative of the Saudi Royal family and others. The overall conclusion was that free energy and other forbidden technology should be developed and deployed in a manner that does not disrupt current businesses and governments.

[onlymembers]The most important discussions were with the “mastermind,” who seemed to be in a position of authority over most of the other people I met (with the clear exception of Putin’s representative). He expressed various European and American concerns. The first was that the West did not want to submit to Chinese rule. We made it very clear that Asian countries were making a 50/50 deal with the West. The best way to describe the essential mechanism behind the proposed new financial system is to think of two people sitting across a table from each other each pointing a gun. If the person on the other side is a beautiful woman or handsome man, you may decide to make love. If it is a disgusting man coming to rape you, you may decide to fight. If it is someone who does not interest you in any way, you may decide to walk away.

The mastermind also expressed puzzlement at why Asian countries suddenly stopped investing in the West. “We helped them modernize their economies so why are they doing this to us?” he asked. We explained that Asian countries wanted to invest their hard earned dollars in high-tech, in building schools and bridges, in ending poverty, in helping the West rebuild in infrastructure in fact in anything except a giant military industrial murder machine.

The other big concern was that if hydrocarbons became obsolete, governments would lose a large source of tax revenue and that vast amounts of people would become unemployed. We explained that instead of sticking straws into the ground to suck out oil, the big energy companies could do things like build vast desalination plants and dig huge canals to turn the deserts green. The Sahara alone is three times the size of Australia and if turned green it could provide homes for billions of people as well as land for vast new nature preserves.

The Illuminati in Italy, we learned on this trip, are members of the old Roman aristocratic families who intermarried over the generations to keep their bloodlines “pure.” They claim to have ruled humanity since before ancient Egypt according to a divine plan they were entrusted with. They worship the sun and practice other pagan rituals inside Catholic churches after closing hours. According to their belief system something known as the procession of the equinoxes will take place in 2012 at which point their rule will end and the Age of Aquarius will start.

According to them, a German based Cabal, known as the Thule society did not want to relinquish control over the planet and were instead plotting to set up a 1,000 year Nazi Reich. To implement this rule, they planned to murder over 4 billion humans and enslave the rest. However, now it appears the Mediterranean countries, France, England and Russia have joined the BDS in opposition to this plan.

This means the Nazi power base is being reduced to Washington D.C., Germany and some Nordic countries. One sign of this is that the Mediterranean countries are now seriously contemplating abandoning the Euro and setting up a new Mediterranean currency.

In a clear sign of rats deserting a sinking ship, Cheney’s representative said Cheney was not a real power broker but rather a think tank type of guy who just followed orders. We said we would work with anybody, including Cheney and his group, if they agreed to join the campaign to end poverty, end war, stop environmental destruction and develop the forbidden technologies.

The only representative who did not appear willing to compromise was the man from Wall Street. He was told in no uncertain terms that the big Wall Street firms that own the Federal Reserve Board will have to eliminate all the dollars created through fraudulent derivatives or they would remain isolated from the rest of the world’s financial system. He was also told the new technology would be developed and that they had better join the bandwagon or get left behind. He did not provide any clear answer.

However, in a sign these people do not plan to go quietly into the night, the Washington D.C. crime syndicate fired up HAARP again and hit Chile in response to the setting up of a new Latin American Federation that exclude the US and its puppet rogue government in Honduras.

Their time is limited nonetheless because multiple investigations are closing in on them. Among other things, Goldman Sachs in being investigated for engaging in economic sabotage against Greece, the New York Federal Reserve Board is being investigated for illegally funneling money to AIG and calls for a renewed investigation of 911 are becoming unstoppable. We expect a Pentagon move against the Washington D.C. criminal establishment sometime before this summer.

There are also signs now on multiple fronts that the financial logjam is beginning to break. Hundreds of billions of dollars, if not trillions of dollars, may soon become available to start implementing the new economic paradigm. One foundation is going to be set up to be run on a 50/50 basis between East and West. Many other foundations will start moving according to their own agendas. Hopefully this will include the various “programs,” that have been blocked. We have also proposed creating a world people’s central bank. This bank would be run on the principle of one human, one vote and possibly run via the internet.

It is still not certain when public announcements will be made or if they will ever be made. However, as always we remain hopeful that it will happen sooner rather than later.

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