Report on discussions between the Black Dragon Society and a Chinese Politburo envoy plus other news

The Chinese Politburo sent an envoy to hold preliminary discussions with the Black Dragon Society last week. The discussions were, as was the case with the Illuminati in Italy, friendly and productive. In essence, the Chinese were interested in backing up all the world’s dollars earned through honest means with either gold or commodities and then putting the new dollars under the control of an institution controlled 50/50 by Asia and the West. Later, the institution that manages the new currency would become a meritocracy without any regional or racial quotas in its administration.

[restrict paid=”true”] The Chinese have also proceeded with concrete, specific plans to start implementing forbidden technology in April of this year.

The Black Dragon Society, for its part, said it had been approached by many inventors of suppressed technologies who have had their factories blown up by the Nazi thugs. They explained that they were still hoping to finance these technologies using Western or Japanese funds but, if the fund blockage continued after April, they would go ahead and develop the technologies in China.

The BDS also explained the situation with the Japanese right wingers, gangster, police, military and all other organizations possessing and willing to use, if necessary, instruments of violence. Essentially, about 30% of these groups were pro-Chinese; the rest were nationalist and about 20% were still pro US. We explained that promises made by the current rogue US government to China were not realistic and not sincere.

The BDS had talks with several of Japan’s most senior right wingers and gangsters. We explained to them they had been fooled by Emperor worship because there were malicious foreign forces behind the Emperor. These forces promised to cede control of Japan to China by 2011. We explained both to the Japanese right wingers and the Chinese that the Nazis in control of the US always had a habit of telling their counterparts whatever they wanted to hear but that their track record showed they always broke their promises as soon as they got a chance to do so.

The result is that the rogue US government has lost control over the Japanese right wing organizations that used to do their bidding.

We have also now independently confirmed the details of the US murder of former Prime Minister Takeshita from three separate sources, one from the Japanese royal family, one from the Japanese security police and one from the yakuza. According to these sources, Takeshita was taken aboard a helicopter and hung upside down in mid-air as a warning not to interfere in US looting of Japanese savings. When Takeshita broke his promise a second time, he was taken to Alaska and chased naked through the snow by helicopters before being killed and having his body sent back to Japan. The Japanese security police source said he had been show a video of Takeshita being chased naked in Alaska. Given such outrageous, insulting behavior towards the head of state of a supposed ally, it is difficult to imagine the US criminal government will ever again be able to seize the levers of power in Japan.

The yakuza, the police, the military etc. may not like China but they are fuming mad at the US rogue government as well. The top assassins of the yakuza have been given a list of all the names of members of the trilateral commission in Japan therefore we recommend these people either leave the country or lay low for a while. If trilateral commission members request it, the BDS will provide them with protection.

The BDS has suggested that as well as supporting regime change in the US, the Japanese military establishment should build alliances with countries like India and Russia that actually share borders with China.

Meanwhile, the criminals who took over the US government are acting in an increasingly hysterical and desperate manner. The awarding of the Oscar for best picture to Avatar director’s James Cameron’s estranged wife was such a stupid gesture that the corporate propaganda media was forced to quash and downplay all media coverage of this farce. These thugs do not seem to understand that blackmailing and threatening members of the academy has just backfired on them big time.

The Washington Post also totally ruined its reputation in Japan by writing an editorial critical of Japanese Democratic Party lawmaker Yukihisa Fujita. Fujita spent two hours with the Washington post correspondent patiently explaining all the evidence pointing to US government complicity in the 911 “terrorist attacks.” The reporter who ignored the evidence and wrote that scurrilous editorial is now in hiding. We suspect the Washington Post will now have to shut its Japan bureau or else issue a public apology.

It is also interesting to note that relations between Nazi stooges and genuine journalists at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan have reached such low levels that many serious correspondents expect actual fisticuffs at the next club general meeting. There are accusations of both censorship and embezzlement by club management being leveled by veteran journalists.

We also see a deepening rift between Europe and the US criminal government as Germany, France and other countries call for controls on fraudulent financial derivatives such as the credit default swaps that Goldman Sachs used to help Greece cook their books. Of course the US criminal government opposes any such controls because they are now using similar instruments to cook their own books.

We also note that a battered looking Henry Kissinger appeared in South Korea meaning that earlier reports he had been killed were wrong. We have been contacted by bankers who deal directly with Dr. Kissinger and it appears they are trying to work out some sort of deal with the BDS. There is a lot that cannot be made public at the present but we promise the BDS will not compromise on its core goals of ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction and ending war.

There will be sensitive financial negotiations taking place over the coming week. If they are completed in a satisfactory manner then some sort of public announcement is likely. Don’t hold your breath though because it won’t be over until the brainwashed Western public is finally told the truth by their own “leaders.[/restrict]

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