Month: October 2010

Major announcements due for mid-November, legal action against illuminati possible this week

Events are starting to unfold at an accelerating pace as the ancient “New World Order” continues its collapse. First of all, sources in Japanese military intelligence say there will be “huge announcements” sometime in mid-November, no doubt linked in part to the November 11th G20 meeting in Korea. The other big move is that the $1 trillion lawsuit involving Daniele Dal Bosco, the P2 Freemason lodge, the Davos forum and the UN will be backed by the Pentagon and will become public news possibly as soon as this week. We have also confirmed that all members of the Bilderberger, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations have been individually warned and are “very scared.”

[onlymembers]There is very little detail about the November announcements available at present because a high level purge of the top ranks of the Satan worshippers is still underway, according to a dragon family representative. The Japanese military police also refused to provide more detail so, we will just have to wait and see. However, the Dragon family did say they were allied with “good aliens” who were horribly mistreated in the 1940’s and that they have been working on the current coup at a high level for a very long time. Hopefully the announcement will involve the release of suppressed technology. The Pentagon’s ambassador to the White Dragon Society has previously mentioned that according to the American Academy of Science that over 6,000 patents have been suppressed for “national security reasons” and that these patents will now be mostly made available to the general public. The Dragon family also says “we have incredible secret technology at our disposal.” We will just have to wait and see for more details.

In a related move, a very senior pentagon official contacted the White Dragon Society last week to say the Pentagon was currently backing President Obama because Obama had begun a systematic purge of Khazarian Satanists from the US government. That means the talk of a temporary military government is on hold for the present.

The Khazarians and some members of the Jewish lobby, for their part, have begun an intensive anti-Obama campaign. Obama is expected to receive nothing but negative publicity over the coming months. At the same time, he has become a high priority assassination target, according to multiple sources. The infighting in Washington is expected to intensify over the coming weeks as a powerful lobby will continue its push to replace Obama with Hillary Clinton. Clinton is said to be “desperately doing everything she can to make sure she is a part of the new financial system,” according to a top CIA source.

On the more conventional news front, the current leaders of the planet are doing everything in their power to reform and put on a good face. Part of this is the carefully orchestrated Wikileaks campaign that seems to be aimed at showing the old system is capable of dealing with wrong-doings like torture and civilian killing by individual troops. The old order is also clearly willing to throw a few of their own, like Tony Blair, under the bus in an attempt to cleanse their image. The big questions is if Wikileaks is the real deal, then why have they not published “secret documents” about what really happened on 911?

The more significant move was to shift the balance of power at the IMF away from Europe. The new IMF voting structure increases representation for Brazil, China, India, Turkey and other developing countries. The voting structure is now such that Japan has the casting vote in-between Western and non-Western interests at the IMF.

Discussions on a new currency to replace the US dollar continue and the latest scuttlebutt is that the plan to announce the Amero as a dollar replacement is in serious trouble. It now looks more likely that the Hong Kong dollar will become the basis for a new international currency to replace the dollar. However, the issue is in a flux still and negotiations continue.

Japan is also undergoing a major transformation under the surface. Head old world order stooge and North Korean spy Yasuhiro Nakasone is now being hounded for money by all his former allies, according to a yakuza source. “They want to get as much money out of him as possible before it all ends,” the source says. In relation to that Bank of Japan governor Shirakawa has been convinced to stay in office until the end of this year, according to Japanese military intelligence.

However, the control of the Japanese financial system has already moved decisively away from the old order, the source says. The Japanese Finance Ministry, and old world bastion of power, has lost power to the Financial Services Agency. People in the ministry who were opposed to the old order were all sent over to the FSA and now the military/police/right-wing/yakuza establishment has put power in the hands of the FSA, the source says.

In relation to that the Japanese delegation to the G20 meeting in Seoul in November will be secretly headed by Bank of Japan Deputy Governor Hirohide Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi is the cousin of Akihiko Yamaguchi, the man who was illegally detained in Italy in 2009 with $134.5 billion worth of bonds that were seized by elements of the Italian P2 Freemasonic lodge working in the Italian Treasury Police. [/onlymembers]

Illuminati rule to end this year, maybe even this week

Although I have been trained as a skeptic and a believer in science, something so unusual happened this new year that I believe it must be an omen. On December 21st a group of shamans held a ceremony by a lake in the Philippines that locals believe to be the home of a goddess. The Shamans, including a revered Maori lady, also believed this lake to be a portal to other dimensions. Whatever the case, there was heavy rain and thick cloud cover as the group headed to the lake for a ceremony to mark a change in how Western civilization behaves. When we arrived at the lake suddenly an area of blue sky appeared immediately above us. All around there was still heavy cloud cover and rain. However, directly over our heads, in the middle of the circle of blue sky there was a new moon. Then on new year’s eve the world experienced an unheralded but precious event, a blue moon on new year’s eve in the West and a blue moon on new year’s day in Asia. A blue moon means a second full moon in one month. A full moon on new year’s eve happens only once in every two decades or so. For both to coincide is something that only happens once in many centuries. Thus I believe we have had a very auspicious beginning to 2010, the Year of the Tiger.

It is interesting to note that while the group of Shamans and elders was holding their ceremony to mark the clean-up of the polluted lake, Federal Reserve Board agents were in the Philippines trying to cash $250 billion worth of gold-backed bonds in a desperate effort to keep their fraudulent institution afloat. The bonds are fake and they would not be allowed to cash them even if they were real.

There was also a lot of consternation and angst in the Japanese secret government after it was revealed the Emperor went to Washington in an effort to get cash to finance the climate change fraud in Copenhagen. George Soros was almost certainly counting on this money when he offered $100 billion in “climate change loans” to developing countries. When Black Dragon Society members in Washington froze the funds, the Emperor was forced to confess to the Chinese vice-President that he had returned empty handed.

So now China has contacted the Black Dragon Society with promises to help finance a campaign to deal with the real problems facing this world: poverty, war and the destruction of eco-systems.

The Black Dragon Society was also contacted by the Kokuryu-kai (the name translates as the Black Dragon Society) which is run by the descendants and spiritual descendants of the founders of the original Black Dragon Society. We explained to them that there was no sense fighting over a name. We explained to them that when I was inducted into the Red and the Green I was asked to start a Western version of that society.

The Western group that sprang up spontaneously across the world has very simple rules: we agree to work together towards shared goals and we agree to protect each other if attacked. This Western group is now capable of mobilizing the British Empire, the Vatican, the Muslim world and much of the US military/intelligence establishment.

We explained to the Kokuryu-kai and the Chinese that the West would never submit itself to rule from the East and likewise the East should never submit itself to rule from the West. Instead we proposed a 50/50 partnership between East and West. There will be many key meetings in January to iron out the details.

There are now several groups with active plans for implementing a new paradigm to replace the one of endless war and genocide being pursued by the criminals who have taken over Western civilization.

One group centered on the British empire would like to begin construction of massive free energy facilities to remove salt from sea-water and use the resulting fresh water to turn the deserts green. This group is allying itself with the Middle Eastern monarchies and plans to work simultaneously in Australia and the Arabian peninsula.

This group also wants to pay the world’s deep sea fishing fleets to stop all fishing for two or three years in order to allow the oceans to replenish themselves.

A different group based in Australia but with powerful connections throughout the G7 proposes turning the deserts green by using etheric weather engineering technology. They also plan to start cleaning up the world’s most polluted sites using zeolite, an abundant mineral that absorbs toxic substances and prevents them from interacting with the environment in a harmful manner. They also have free energy technology.

A third group based on the US military-intelligence establishment proposes a 5-year swords to plowshares transformation of the Pentagon. This group has the potential to develop the over 6,000 patents that have hitherto been suppressed for “national security” reasons. One technology they possess is anti-gravity. This would make automobiles obsolete and allow roadways to be transformed into gardens. They claim to control technology that allows the creation of portals into other dimensions. They claim (we have not seen proof but have heard this from many credible eye-witnesses) that many so-called underground bases around the world are actual such portals. Hopefully we will soon be able to see if this is true. If so the implications are more than mind-boggling.

This group will no doubt join forces with the various “programs” and trusts that have been fighting the Federal Reserve Board for decades.

A fourth group linking the Vatican and Russia sent us the following proposal:

We are working with leading world scientists from top prestigious institutions in Russia, they are developing many innovations in the fields of energy generating (heat and/or electricity) using water as fuel, manufacturing new elements and isotopes from cheap materials, converting radioactive materials (waste) into stable condition, desalinating sea water to produce fresh water without any salted residuals, transmutation of poisonous materials into inert materials, municipal waste recycling, motors of higher power at lower consumption of electricity, special converters and transformers, earthquake prediction, New Approach Towards Understanding Origination of Matter and Energy in Universe from vacuum, many technologies for the nuclear energy industry that will be the top energy by 2050 according to EDF, and much more.

There are many technologies/projects in need of investment that are on the market, some that are about to enter in the market and some that need more years of investigation. At any time it can be arranged a meeting in the several prestigious institutions in Moscow or the Officials/scientists can go to Japan to make the presentations.

Then there is a fifth group based in Japan that is planning to build a major university/research and martial arts center north of Tokyo. This group plans to transform the Japanese right/wing and yakuza establishment into a benevolent society that will always act in defense of the weak and the down-trodden. The Chinese have already agreed to help this group.

Of course the new financial system has to be put fully online for all of these groups to get started with their plans. This in return requires the dismantling of the Federal Reserve Board and the corrupt Washington D.C. corporation.

On this end we are hearing from multiple sources that a special Interpol force in the US has begun arresting or killing all those who are still trying to revive the old financial system. This may have to do with why Obama is looking so old and haggard after his “holiday” in Hawaii.

There are several key settlement dates in January that may finally force the corporate propaganda media in the West to start revealing the truth. We will know the turning point has been reached when the brainwashed sector of Western society is finally told the truth by their corporate overlords. The arrest or judicial killing of CIA Director Panetta would be a very good indication of change.

Also, we need to see what happens when the financial markets open for the new calendar year. A member of the British royal family says there is a strong chance a new currency to replace the US dollar may be announced as early as January 6th.

The Black Dragon Society has also made the following proposals to the Japanese government and the Chinese Red and Green. First we support the Chinese plan to create an entirely new United Nations and base it in Laos. Second we believe that a Chinese dominated replacement for the World Bank should be set up in Hong Kong. In parallel to that, we propose setting up a G8-dominated world economic planning agency in Osaka. After that, all US dollars held outside of the US should be renamed Hong Kong dollars (or whatever) and put under the control of these three institutions.

Existing institutions like the World Bank and the BIS can continue their operations but they will have to start generating their own savings and become self-financing if they are to survive.

The various commodities exchanges and stock markets will also have to thoroughly audited and the systematic fraud they have allowed to take place needs to be exposed. This process has already begun with the Chinese refusing to honor fraudulent contracts with various US and European based financial institutions.

It is also important to set up a South African style truth and reconciliation committee to begin the process of uncovering the secret government that has been manipulating humanity for centuries. Much of our history and even our science is going to have to be rewritten and retold.

In any case, we believe the great global turning point many predict will happen in 2012 will actually begin this year. We are headed into uncharted waters but the prospects are bright indeed.

Western Royal families and illuminati to hold emergency summit meeting in Vienna

The royal families of the West and the secret Illuminati royalty are planning an emergency summit meeting in Vienna, Austria, next month in order to come up with a strategy to save their plan for a New World Order fascist world government, according to a senior CIA source and a member of the Rothschild family. The summit is being called because a global police and intelligence operation is closing in on their leadership with multiple investigations on many levels. It is hard to see how the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral commission and their secret rulers are going to escape these probes unless they agree to surrender and promise to appear before a South African style truth and reconciliation committee.

[onlymembers]There are also now indications of a hidden force behind all the ongoing financial war for control of the planet earth. The illuminati in Italy confirmed they used astrology and the movements of the planets to make their long term plans. They also said their rule was set to end on December 21st 2012. Many unusual celestial events show they may be speaking the truth.

One big example was the blue moons seen at the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010. There was a blue moon in the West that ended on December 31st and a blue moon in Asia that started on January 1st. The moons were also, in case you saw them, actually blue in color.

The coincidences between the Asian lunar calendar and the Gregorian calendar continued this year, for example with the coincidence of a full moon with the Autumnal equinox this year. There are two other upcoming events that are of interest most notably on December 21st of this year. On that date there will be the Winter Solstice, a full moon and a full lunar eclipse (in Asia).

The other date is a full moon on March 19th of next year. This date is of special importance to some Asian secret societies because it is the day the last Ming emperor committed suicide (it also happens, by sheer coincidence, to be my birthday).

All of these and other coincidences indicate some sort of sophisticated long-term social engineering. It is like the apocryphal story of Jesuits using solar eclipses to convert various peoples to Christianity: “If you do not convert, we will destroy the sun!” The point being made here is not necessarily that we should obey the signs of the heavens but rather to realize that there are some very powerful, secret forces at work.

An individual claiming to represent the “illuminati” has warned the White Dragon Society that unless humanity gets its affairs into order by the Summer solstice of 2011 (June 21st) vast mayhem and destruction will be unleashed on the planet. This will include the setting off of all volcanoes on the Pacific “rim of fire.”

In another move, the representatives of the Federal Reserve Board have been demanding a meeting with Asian elders to discuss re-activating a top security financial corridor that was shut down in 1994 following the collapse of the Soviet Union. This corridor served as a neutral common financial transaction pipeline between the West and the Soviet Union during the fake “cold war” era.

It was shut down because Western governments started using it to loot the world’s wealth following the collapse of the USSR. Hillary Clinton is also expected to lobby for negotiations based on using this security pipeline.

However, the White Dragon Society and Asian elders believe that ongoing police corruption investigations need to take their full course in order to make sure the rot is completely removed from the old system before a new financial system can begin.

The next move on that front is expected to be a Rico anti-organized crime lawsuit against the owners of the Federal Reserve Board. This case, centering on $1 trillion in funds illegally held by Daniele Dal Bosco and a group known as the OITC is expected to be filed soon.

The OITC has been connected to the Federal Reserve Board, the United Nations and the Davos World Forum. In addition to stolen Dragon Family instruments, they also have been trying to cash stolen German and Austrian bonds. Evidence has also been uncovered that they have stolen money from many organizations and countries.

Strange as it may all seem, the investigative trail is ultimately leading to an ancient cult of worshippers of the God Set, also known as Ba’al, Molech, Lucifer and Satan. They have been plotting for centuries to set up a New World Order totalitarian world government.

To accomplish this, they were planning to murder 4 billion people through starvation, disease and war. Once the scope of their crimes becomes known to the brainwashed majority, there will be extreme fury and calls for revenge. Over 1 million of these Satanists have thus been secretly trying to find a country that will shelter them.

So far, nobody is willing to take them and they will find themselves facing the fury mainly of the American people. They will need to negotiate directly with the White Dragon Society ASAP or else face inevitable painful death at the hands of their victims. [/onlymembers]

Six North Korean atomic bombs located in Japan, five have been seized by the police

The North Korean government smuggled six nuclear weapons into Japan to use as blackmail against the Japanese government, according to a senior Japanese public security police source. Five of the bombs have been seized by Japanese authorities but the sixth is located in the basement of the headquarters of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chosen Soren) and police have been warned it will be set off if they try to seize it. The discovery of the bombs by Japanese authorities confirms the original warning about the North Korean plot to attack with Japan that from a KGB agent who claimed to report directly to Russian Prime Minister Putin. The nuclear blackmail is linked to a failed Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate plot to start World War 3 on the Korean peninsula in a bid to stave off bankruptcy.

[onlymembers]The battle for control of the world’s financial system is now entering a key phase. The latest news is that funds that have been blocked around the world may be released either starting on October 15th (not likely) or after the G20 meeting due in North Korea in November, according to CIA, Japanese security police and NSA sources.

However, despite the optimism from these diverse sources, there still appears to be a major, unsolved power struggle raging beneath the surface.

Last week the Obama administration sent feelers to the White Dragon Society, stating that “Obama is now allied with the military and he has kicked the Jews out of his government.” Michele Obama demanded that Rahm Emmanuel and others be fired because of racist remarks made about her children (he allegedly called them pikaninies), an NSA source says. However, we very much doubt the military will follow Obama’s orders since he hired a lawyer with no military background to head his National Security team after the departure of Marine General Jim Jones. It seems that Obama, realizing he was about to be thrown into the bus, decided to try to strike out on his own but he is probably in way over his head.

In fact we have heard the Khazarians have already “put a sanction” on Obama meaning he is not expected to be long of this world. It may even be a public Kennedy style assassination according to a senior US government source.

The fight in Washington still seems to be between the faction that wants to replace Obama with Hillary Clinton and a group that wants an interim military government under Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Gates is in Vietnam now meeting his Chinese, Japanese and ASEAN counterparts. We are still not quite sure what is being discussed but we are sure the North Korean nuclear bomb in Tokyo is part of it. That bomb is connected to North Korean spy Yasuhiro Nakasone’s desperate attempt to take over the Bank of Japan. This plot will fail since senior North Korean operatives in Japan, including former Prime Minister Koizumi and so-called right wing nationalist Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara have now been identified. The North Koreans will need to start negotiating directly with the White Dragon Society if they want to get anything.

BOJ governor Shirakawa will be resigning this month and is scheduled to be replaced by deputy BOJ governor Hirohide Yamaguchi (this is not the same Yamaguchi who was arrested with $134.5 billion in bonds in Italy last year).

Meanwhile, the Italian treasury police, working with Daniele Dal Bosco and the OITC have been trying to sell not only these bonds, but in addition $1 trillion in dragon family bonds as well as some Austrian and German bonds they have also stolen.

The latest intelligence report on OITC head Ray C. Dam is that he is fact a Muslim born in Kurdistan who has no royal blood. Nor does he have the university degrees he claims to have. The OITC also never had a UN charter like they claim but rather they pretended to have taken over former Indonesian President Soekarno’s charter.

There is a lot of information that we are now receiving that we cannot yet publish for a variety of reasons. However, the overall impression to be gained from the various information sources is that things are coming to a head quickly. There will probably be some senior secret meetings in the coming weeks aimed to ending the financial stand-off. Some important new secret people with “level 7” security clearance will be participating in negotiations with their Asian counterparts. No firm date has been set for the meeting yet.[/onlymembers]

Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate threatens Europe as their empire crumbles

The Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate has been threatening “terrorist” attacks on Europe in a bid to derail EU/Chinese negotiations. They have also revived their threat to set off a suit-case nuclear bomb in the US. In addition, President Obama, aware he is about to be sacrificed, has been threatening to take his handlers down with him. The widely publicized gift of a dead fish to departing White House Chief of Staff and Senior Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel was a death threat. The Feds for their part are now intensifying their push to replace Obama with Hillary Clinton. The prospect of civil war in the US is growing and global chaos is expected to intensify as the old financial system crumbles while the new one remains blocked.

[onlymembers] The Feds have been running the printing presses at hyper-speed and have been forcing countries around the world to devalue their currencies in response. The plan to introduce a gold-backed Amero is now degenerating into a plan to issue an Amero that is only “theoretically” backed by gold because of the outrageous leverage that will be applied to any real gold the Feds have managed to get.

The situation is expected to degenerate over the coming months and a senior Rothschild source is now saying the Federal Reserve Board will not last beyond January 30th of next year (2011).

The ongoing visit by Chinese Premier Wen Jiaobao to Greece, Italy, Turkey and Belgium and his public statements of support for the Euro and for Greek bonds is a clear and open anti-Fed signal by the Chinese. Europe is now engulfed in heavy rioting and strikes and the Eurozone governments are desperate to stablilize the situation and prepare for a post Fed era. One sign of this are France’s Sarkozy proposals for a EU/Russian alliance. Another sign is that NATO member Turkey has been engaging in joint military maneuvers with China and the Russians.

Asean European summit is important because it is basically a summit between the West and Asia that excludes the United States and its (temporary) Canadian colony.

A major Rothschild faction, meanwhile, has contacted the White Dragon Society and told them they had no choice but to deal with them if they ever wanted to get the financing needed to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and release the forbidden technologies. They were told to wait for the criminal charges to be filed against the United Nations, Davos and the people behind them before any deal would be reached.

The final legal preparations for the Racketeering charges to be brought against Davos and the UN are going ahead and charges are now expected to be filed next week. When the charges are filed, there will be international mass publicity to ensure the whole world knows.

In Japan, meanwhile, North Korean Fed agent Yasuhiro Nakasone, surrounded at all times by 26 North Korean bodyguards, is doing everything he can to support the Feds. He has conned many in the right-wing establishment into picking unnecessary fights with China and Russia。In addition, the Bank of Japan has been pressured into supporting the Federal Reserve Board through unsterilized market interventions. Bank of Japan governor Shirakawa is so fed up and pressured by the situation that he told a White Dragon Society member that he plans to resign this month. He says he has been too stressed out by the conflict over control of Japan’s money printing presses to be able to continue. Shirakawa at one recent point had US military troops stationed around his house to protect him from hired thugs.

However, the installation of US missile bases aimed at China in the Senkaku Islands is a move supported by the White Dragon Society because the US military establishment will need the support of the countries surrounding China after their Federal Reserve Board paymasters go bankrupt. They can help guarantee that the countries surrounding China do not become Chinese colonies.

The Chinese, for their part, know that time is on their side and have no intention of appearing overly aggressive. They will continue their strategy of peaceful development until their economic power becomes so overwhelming the world’s center of gravity will naturally flow towards them. War is not in their best interest.

The rest of the world, meanwhile, continues to assert their independence from the Feds. Notably, the Pakistanis have shown some spine and have cut off Nato fuel supplies to Afghanistan in response to US attacks on Pakistan. Attempts to start World War 3 there will not succeed.

The overall world situation is now extremely volatile and all efforts have to be made to prevent the Satanists from starting all-out global war. The Satanists, meanwhile, continue to look for a home for at least one million Satanist refugees who are expected to be chased out of the US, according to senior CIA and Japanese military intelligence sources. The Japanese at one point promised to resettle them in the Northern Island of Hokkaido but that offer has been cancelled. Israel has also refused to take them. Some sort of home will have to be found for them because it would be wiser to offer them an out than to force them to fight. [/onlymembers]