Are all of these emergency meetings of world leaders leading to some big announcement?

Seemingly unrelated events like the trouble in the Ukraine, the emergence of new countries in the Middle East and a never ending stream of meetings of world leaders are all inter-connected and leading to some world altering event. The event could be the announcement of an entirely different, and more benevolent, way of running this planet.

For example, the emergence of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria or ISIS, combined with the de facto new nation of Kurdistan reflect an agreement reached between the gnostic illuminati and the White Dragon Society to eliminate the colonialist and insensitive Sykes-Picot borders drawn by the English and French at the end of World War I. The end result of this ongoing process is expected to be the birth of a pan-Islamic Caliphate or loose federation of Sunni states. There is also expected to be an expansion of Iran or the Persian Empire into Shia lands in places like Southern Iraq. Ideally, the Sunnis and Shias should then bury their 1334 year old hatchet and start friendly relations. There will likely be plenty of turmoil before this new structure, based on the history and ethnicity of the region, jells into place as different groups jostle for advantage.

The situation coming to a head now in the Ukraine, for its’ part, is beginning to look like a move to force Russia and Europe into some new arrangement. As this newsletter went to press, Russia announced it was going to cut off gas to the Ukraine. If they do that, the next chess move will be

[restrict paid=”true”] for the Ukrainians or the mercenary army in the Ukraine, to make sure no gas goes through to Germany and France either. This would then cut the Europeans off their gas and the Russians off much of their money.

That is why the Russians are reporting the presence of Japanese troops in the Ukraine; they are there along with undeclared US forces to enforce the cut off of gas.

This is a dangerous form of brinkmanship and that is why the US is pretending they have nothing to do with the mercenary armies in the Ukraine. If the Americans made it official they were fighting in the Ukraine to cut off gas, then it would be like a declaration of war against Russia, Germany and France all at the same time. This would mean the end of NATO at the very least.

The end game is still likely to be a redrawing of Russia’s borders to include the Russian speaking parts of the Ukraine. There will also be some jostling for influence between the Germans and the Russians in other parts of Eastern Europe before things settle down.

Serbia could turn into a flash-point since there are still a lot of unresolved issues related to the NATO led break up of Yugoslavia. Basically, the Germans and Russians are going to have a tug of war over parts of what used to be neutral Yugoslavia.

Meanwhile, as the center of European gravity shifts to Russia and Germany, France and the UK are likely to re-assert their independence. This has already been shown in the anti-EU results for France and England in the recent European elections.

These big geopolitical moves in the Middle East and Europe were no doubt the main themes of the recent Bilderberg meeting followed by the emergency G7 meeting followed by the meeting of most European and North American royalty and heads of state ending last week.

As this went on, the Western press, including the alternative press, overwhelmed by events in the West, have mostly ignored a 133 nation


meeting that started this weekend in Bolivia. These nations, accounting for two thirds of all countries in the world called for a major paradigm shift in how the planet is run.


It is worth noting that the members of this group are the nations that have suffered the most from colonialism and resource rape and pillage by the West and are now reaching out to Russia and China for help.

Speaking rape and pillage, there is now plenty of evidencen coming out about massacres of Christians by Satanic groups pretending to be Muslim.






Even if the photograph shown on this newsletter last week was of a different event, it is clear the cabalists are trying to start religious wars in Africa as part of their ongoing campaign to create a one-world religion.

The 133 nation grouping is hoping to put an end to such mayhem fomented by Western non-state actors. War criminal Tony Blair has been doing his bit to contribute to this mayhem by making widely publicized remarks last week designed to inflame Christians against Muslims.


When this is all over, he will be jailed, of this you can be sure.

The UK, meanwhile, like the 133 nations and just about everybody else, is also reaching out to China in a big way. Li Keqiang, China’s number 2, and representative of the powerful Li clan, is in London this week for some major negotiations.

The British, hungry for Chinese investment, will be hand over plenty of high tech to the Chinese and allow them to own nuclear power plants, North Sea oil fields and high speed trains in the UK.

James Sassoon, of the Jardine Matheson opium war clan, told the UK Telegraph: “The Chinese fully understand that there is nowhere [else] in the world in terms of the big economies where they would be allowed to invest in something as sensitive as nuclear power.”


Li will also meet with Queen Elizabeth, head of the committee of 300, no doubt for some discussion that will involve more than just protocol. Our MI5 sources say the new financial system will be a topic of discussion at this meeting.

The Chinese and the Asians in general, for their part, told the WDS they are running out of patience with the West, especially the families that own the Federal Reserve Board.

Which brings us to note it is unlikely to be a coincidence that on Friday the 13th, on the day of a full moon closest to the Summer Solstice, a day of extreme occult symbolism, Richard Rockefeller, son of David Rockefeller, died in a plane crash.

This is what MI5 had to say about this crash: “the Piper crashed about 10 minutes after take-off which means that it could have reached pressurization altitude. Any problem with this process may have caused the pilot oxygen starvation. Alongside fuel cut-off and explosion, this is a trusted method of aviation sabotage.”

The WDS was not involved in this incident in any way and extends its condolences to David Rockefeller and his family.

However, a CIA source, for his part, says that all senior cabal members are targets.[/restrict]

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