Chinese prepare camps for Satanists in Xinxiang Province

Last week a representative of both the White and Black Dragon Societies met in Singapore with a purported senior Chinese leader to discuss the new financial system. It was agreed the fundamental structure of the new financial system would be a 50/50 partnership between East and West. The top leadership would remain secret but the system will be managed by a new meritocratic organization. Further discussions on actual implementation are now dependent on the official confirming his claim to speak for China. Despite the high level introduction, we have reason to suspect Mr. X may have been a representative of a Chinese faction that is working with Satanists although we hope to be proven wrong. So, despite these negotiations, the global crack-down on Satanists will continue unabated and will soon start affecting their top leadership..

[restrict paid=”true”] The Chinese official, who we will call Mr. X, made many startling claims, some of which we can disclose but others we have promised to keep secret in order to protect the lives of key individuals. Mr. X claims China was contacted by Aliens who had sophisticated weapons and were planning to rule the planet “benevolently” and in harmony with nature after 70% of the population was killed by impeding “natural disasters.” In the process seven Japanese Islands and most of China except Inner Mongolia would disappear, he said. The White and Black Dragon representative told Mr. X he was being fooled by Satanist lies and bluffs.

The release of new funds into the financial system would remain on hold for another 9 months so that the complete removal of all Satanists could proceed, he said. Mr. X also claimed the Chinese have built special concentration camps in Xinxiang Province to house Satanist refugees. The Dragon representative warned Mr. X it would be very dangerous for China if they took in these refugees.

Mr. X also said “why do you care about such a tiny planet, it is just a speck in the Universe.”

Mr. X was unable to answer any of the questions he was supposed to be able to confirm if he were a genuine representative of who he claimed to represent. However, he clearly was representing some influential group. He had many documents, including a 19th century treaty with Britain he claimed gave him the right to be King of Borneo.

We also have a photo-copy of his passport and photographs of him. We are keeping these secret at the request of Mr. X. He has been asked to arrange a meeting between a representative of the White and Black Dragon societies and Chinese President Hu Jintao. If he can manage this, it will be a good indicator he is a genuine high level Chinese government representative as he claims.

Our best guess is that Mr. X was sent by a Chinese government faction linked to Hu Jintao.to check out if the White and Black Dragon societies were for real. However, he may also have been a Satanist agent. We will know more in a few weeks time.

We have also been able to confirm that George Bush Senior was unable to cash the several planeloads of financial instruments he flew to Singapore recently and that they have all now been taken to Paraguay.

In the meantime, 5 different government agents have now come forth and are willing to testify about a plan by a group of oligarchs and world leaders including George Bush Senior, Henry Kissinger and Ban Ki Moon to start World War 3 and kill most of humanity. One of the agents’ testimonials was published on the internet last Friday. The testimony will be part of the Rico lawsuit soon to be filed against Daniele Dal Bosco, the Davos World Forum, the UN and others.

Most of the Pentagon, the US agencies, Interpol, the Black and White Dragon societies, the Red and Green, the Bilderberg group and many others are now lining up against the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate. We are still hearing the Feds will not be able to make a January 30th deadline. All signs are the Satanic cabal that has controlled much of the financial system will be removed from power during 2011 and that a long nightmare for humanity will be coming to an end.

In other news, European governments are offering to buy any Japanese “57” series bonds because they wish to use these bonds in order to secure a supply of gold to back the Euro. Only one person has successfully cashed a “57” before and that was Alexander Haig, working on behalf of the Paraguayan government and backed by George Bush Senior. However, the Europeans seem confident they have the leverage to force the Japanese to hand over the gold these bonds represent. [/restrict]

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