Letter to the Editor

The Russians are warning a famine is being engineered in the Ukraine. Here is the message they sent:

Ukraine is one step away from a humanitarian catastrophe

With the beginning of the military operation on the territory of Ukraine, trade transit and the supply of food to large cities completely stopped.
Food is left for two, maximum three days. Then famine will begin in large cities. He’s already coming.

The situation is aggravated by Kyiv’s destructive initiative to distribute weapons, which, of course, were taken by the most marginalized sections of the population. Mass banditry and looting is already beginning, shops are being robbed.

The police of Ukraine withdrew from the situation, the Nazis worsen it, not allowing people to leave the cities, leaving them as human shields.
In Kharkov, the Nazis shot several cars with civilians who were trying to leave the city.

Russia needs to immediately form humanitarian corridors and set up refugee camps for the civilian population.
Also right now, we need to start a dialogue with the mayors of large cities on creating corridors for the delivery of food to the cities, creating conditions for the survival of the civilian population.

If Ukraine plunges into chaos, this will be the reason for the introduction of “peacekeepers” into the country under the auspices of NATO.
Responsibility for what happened will be assigned to the leadership of Russia, up to criminal prosecution through the institutions of international justice, which are under the control of the United States.
This will be the beginning of the process of delegitimization of power in Russia with all the devastating consequences for our country.

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