Victory of the Light

The following letter was received in response to the statement in our report of 11-05-2018 which said:  “Of more interest, a female MKUltra victim who is being targeted by microwave weapons flew over from Spain to ask for WDS protection.  She appears to be working for the Jesuits, who are not necessarily enemies of the WDS.”  This letter has been translated from the Spanish.

Dear Benjamin,

I am going to write this email to you although there is no necessity, as I am going to read it to you in person, but I do it so all the people who are spying on you and me, which are a few, can read this.

First I want to thank you for all your kindness and support, but also I want to tell you to show me just one proof.  Not a million or a hundred, but just one proof that I am an agent of the Jesuits.  I am sorry, Ben, but I could only laugh when I read that.  Also, because you know you even went to the P2 Lodge of the Vatican to speak with them in person to learn their opinion in person (the extermination of 90% of humankind), and after that they even tried to kill you, showing how evil they are.

But you could not ask me while I was by your side if it were true what your sources told you.  Although I have only known you for a few days, I consider you my friend, as you have only shown me kindness and I think I also I have treated you fairly and justly at all times.  I am one of the honest persons of the planet and I totally hate lies.  And that is why I admire you and you are my favorite newspaper, because you are fighting for the truth.  And I do believe the only reason worth fighting for is love, peace, truth, freedom, and justice that for me are all one and the same.

Having said that I could only laugh when I read it in your article, because I was an atheist until recently almost my whole life, and my concept of God is that all is love and we are all one.  The only religion I always really felt a deep connection with is Buddhism, because they do not believe in gods but the enlightenment of all.  I love meditation because it means the control of your thoughts and therefore your actions and feelings.

My conclusion is:  Don’t you believe is very weird that the conspiracy book I just began to write and I have sent you (that someone broke illegally into my house to erase and the police refused to report when I went to denounce it), which begins with the financial system and groups of power and secret societies, and the only part written of this first chapter is about the Jesuits, not exactly speaking well of them, but quite the contrary?

My book is just notes now.  I wrote the Jesuit part first because in my notebooks of the conspiracy (where I have written all the interesting facts I have found over the years so I don’t forget them), I started investigating them, that’s all.  But don’t you think is very suspicious that they accuse me of being an agent of the Jesuits when the only part written of this chapter is the Jesuits?  I guess someone did not like that fact at all.  Don’t you think?  To accuse me with false accusations.  Although I believe most Jesuits may be really good people—the ones in poor areas living in a humble way with honest and pure hearts helping the most vulnerable—I also do believe that the very top is very corrupt and it is not just me, but popes, heads of state like Napoleon, and Jesuit priests themselves who have believed this throughout many centuries.  And not to forget that it was a Jesuit teacher who founded the Illuminati.

In any case, according to Cobra they have founded ISIS using the name of the Goddess of Love as a perversion to create terror and evil.  And they are at the very top of the chain of command of the planetary psychopaths (as I call them).  I am totally against any war and I am very upset about the war in Syria.  That is one of the many reasons that these people are targeting me.

I was never into any religion, secret society, or cult, although when I first started to investigate the conspiracy I was asked to found a lodge by one of my friends from my teenagers (the former Secretary of the Communist Party in Spain) and I refused.  This is another reason these people are targeting me and after I refused, the harassment started almost five years ago now.  I have nothing against Masons—probably most are really nice people—but I do not have to be persecuted just because I don’t want to be one of them.

About being an MKUltra victim—I was never a mind-controlled slave victim.  We all are, to some extent, as we have all grown up surrounded by this mind-control mental-slave matrix dictatorship.  But they are raping me while I am sleeping and unconscious, maybe drugging me, as I have woken up with needle wounds for many years now (actually since I refused to found the lodge), and I have the recordings to prove it now which I have given you.  And also I am targeted 24/7 with Direct Energy Weapons that have created in me many wounds and scars, and I can prove this with sound recordings (that you can hear during the rapes) and many pictures.

I was never trained as a programmed MKUltra slave and I am totally against it.  I hate what they do to them and I am totally against slavery in any shape or form.  I actually believe someone really free would never enslave any human being or living creature.  Someone really free just wants everybody to be free.  Only a deranged mental-slave psychopath would want to enslave others and turn them into slaves.  And although Cobra said all Lightworkers were taken to bases for programming from 1996 to 2001, I am not brainwashed and they could not stop my awakening.

In any case, I think they are harassing me 24/7 and raping me and doing experiments on me while I am sleeping because I am not a brainwashed person, I am not a sheroot—a zombie—and I am never going to be.  My aim is to be awakened, to love, share, and be honest, generous, kind, and respectful with everybody.  My aim is the liberation of all human beings, the whole universe, and myself.  The only law that should exist in my opinion is just peace and love.

To finish, I would just say something I keep repeating lately.  Ben, the truth is eternal, invincible, and indestructible, but the lie…mmm… the lie “falls by its own weight,” as we say in Spanish.  Being a good person is something you cannot hide, nor being evil either, at least not for a long time.  Like Buddha said, “There are three things that can no longer be hidden.  The sun, the moon… [no matter how many chemtrails they spray] … and


As Winston Shrout said about his false accusations, I do not need to defend myself.  The truth stands on its own, even if no one believes it.  I do not need to defend myself, as I am innocent.  I am completely sure and convinced that truth and justice shall always prevail forever.

I respect you;  I admire you.  Please publish this humble letter that although humble, is just and simply…


I wish you eternal happiness, health, love, peace, and the highest protection.  I thank you from the deepest bottom of my heart and will always be eternally grateful to you for all your help and support, and most of all for awakening millions all around the world and defending the truth and being so brave.


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