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Please address this in your Letters to the Editor, as even mainstream media don’t have fees like this.


The fee is typical of specialized newsletters and is what allows me to do the work necessary to gather the information I share with my readers.  I used to have a free mailing list for people who could not afford to subscribe, but the volunteers running it burnt out.  Now what I do is allow anybody to post the newsletter in full on the Thursday after the Monday that subscribers get it.  You can find it on sites like www.rumormillnews.com or www.fourwinds10.com.


Historic changes unfold worldwide as Zionist project collapses

Truly historic events are unfolding worldwide as the centuries-old Zionist project implodes.  This can be seen with the UN running out of money, a massive Turkish invasion of Syria, and an escalating civil war in the United States, among other things.  Also, multiple signs indicate that some sort of high-level deal has been reached between Russia, China, and the U.S. for a new system of global stewardship.

Let’s start with the situation in the U.S.  Here the military government headed by President Donald Trump has secured funding from China to avoid bankruptcy, Pentagon sources say.  In effect, China will pay cash for an abundance of food from the U.S. to buy it time until a global currency reset takes place, they say.

The U.S. military sent us this photograph with the caption, “To welcome the new fiscal year, Trump summoned military brass for a White House meeting and dinner on October 7 with [top General Mark] Milley and other Army generals wearing World War 2 uniforms and declaring war on Zionists and the Deep State.”

Furthermore, the Pentagon sources say, “The hunt for Red October is on as the Hunter (Biden and other traitors) becomes the hunted, and General Joseph Dunford oversees military tribunals.”

Russian sources tell us that former President Barack Hussein Obama has already been executed by a firing squad.  The Pentagon sources did not confirm this, but did say, “Civil war is raging with Gitmo [Guantanamo Bay] executions, declassification, mobilized troops and feds, and potential takeover of California.”

The Zionists, of course, are not going quietly into the night.  A senior MI6 source says he was told “by a very reliable source” of an “outlandish claim of a ‘glorious revolution’ by the ‘Fallen Angels (satanic bloodlines)’ between December 21st and 24th to instigate full thermonuclear warfare to exterminate the very vast majority of life on this planet.”

This is, of course, a reiteration of the Israeli “Samson option” to destroy the world if its existence is threatened.  Israel definitely is facing an existential crisis with a massive …

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A new source from Brazil

Hello Benjamin:

I am a reader of your site.  I’m from Brazil.

I’m sending you an article which talks about an attack that happened on the northeast coast of Brazil.  Tons of oil from abroad are killing our coast.  Could this have anything to do with the Dark Kabbalah [Cabal] attacks?  A boycott is happening with my country’s environment.  Could this be related to an alleged internationalization of the Amazon to control the world’s food and water production?

I would like to know if the content of your articles could be more related to Brazilian politics.  Could you make references to our situation?





Thanks for the information.  My understanding is that Bolsonaro works for Nazis who seized Brazil in order to get its resources and thus avoid bankruptcy.  Bolsonaro’s shooting during the election campaign, his treatment in an Israeli-linked hospital, and his friendship with Benjamin Netanyahu all show that he is a Nazi.

The destruction of the Amazon is a crime against humanity and I hope Bolsonaro is arrested soon.  Right now, though, the main battles against the cabal are taking place in Washington, DC and Israel.  After they are defeated there, Bolsonaro will be taken down.


About Clintons on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”

Okay now, who is this thing playing the part of that witch and criminal who should have been put into jail, or more simply, eliminated!  Who is this?  A Clinton double, Clinton clone or…?  What else?  And why is she appearing in this kind of TV show when, IF still the “original” one (most likely, definitely not) she should be arrested and get the death penalty!


There is no way that such people should be paraded and acclaimed!  For God’s sake, what happened to that awful video where she and her ”lover” were “skinning” a little girl’s face?  What is going on here, Benjamin?

That is a very good question.  It is like we are stuck in a matrix.  The military has promised to arrest these people but it doesn’t happen.  I have heard she was killed and yet she pops up again.  My best guess is that it is computer graphics.  The military need to occupy the TV studios and the tech companies to stop this nonsense.

I am promised things will happen this month.  Believe it when you see it.