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Guam citizens should have the right to vote in U.S. elections

I am writing on behalf of the governor of Guam, Eddie Baza Calvo, to ask you to consider publishing his recent letter to President Trump.

Governor Calvo Letter to President Trump-A Veteran A Vote

Guam is a tiny western Pacific U.S. territory, one-third of it occupied by two U.S. military bases, taken as spoils of war in 1898 and 1944.  Its indigenous people (the Chamorros) have long struggled for civil rights as well as political self-determination.  No one resident on Guam can vote for president or vice president of the U.S., although they are U.S. citizens by birth.

The governor is attempting to draw attention to the injustice of this issue with his initiative “A Veteran, A Vote,” because Guam has the highest military enlistment in the States or territories (one out of every eight adults), while being dead last in veterans funding.  We have highly decorated service members, such as former Congressman and Brigadier General Ben Blaz, USMC (Ret.), and Command Sgt. Maj. Martin Manglona, U.S. Army (Ret.).

Our non-voting delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives, Madeleine Bordallo, is preparing a House resolution on the issue as well.

We believe that at a time when the country is debating the rights of immigrants, this is a good time to remind the conscience of our nation of the rights of our veterans, and the rights of those who are already U.S. citizens.

On a personal note, I was born in Michigan to descendants of Irish and German immigrants and, when I moved to Guam in 2012, I too lost my right to vote.  As a longtime admirer of the suffragettes who won women the right to vote, I often wondered if I would have the courage they did.  Now I am finding out just how hard it can be to win attention even for a good cause.

Please consider helping our cause for civil rights by publishing the letter below.  I am also attaching a copy of the governor’s letter to the White House, some members of Congress, governors of other U.S. territories, and some members of the Cabinet.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Elizabeth (Isa) Bowman, Ph.D.
Special Assistant
Ufisian i Maga’lahin Guahan
(Office of the Governor of Guam)

From Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo

My Fellow Americans:

As another Fourth of July passes, in which our nation celebrates our independence from colonial Britain, and as debates over illegal immigrants continue to rend at the fabric of our unity, I ask you to join me in considering the rights of our own U.S. citizens in our island territories.

As the governor of the U.S. territory of Guam, I bring to your attention a matter of great importance to our nation—the plight of the U.S. veteran.

Our island of Guam is an American stronghold in the western Pacific and the “tip of the spear” in safeguarding our national security.  Our people are among the most patriotic of Americans:

  • One-third of prime land is occupied by U.S. naval and air force bases.
  • Guam has the highest per-capita enlistment in the U.S. military.
  • One out of every eight Guamanians has served in the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • The casualty rate for Guam service members in Iraq and Afghanistan is 450% higher than the national average.
  • Four thousand U.S. patriots are buried at the Guam U.S. Veterans Cemetery.

So many of Guam’s veterans laid down their lives, and thousands more fought and bled on foreign shores in the service of America’s noblest ideal—the defense of democracy.  Today, sons and daughters of Guam continue that legacy of service.  Yet, despite this, not one of these U.S. citizens can participate in the democratic process with a vote for their Commander-in-Chief, the American president.

This tragic irony affects thousands of our American citizens and military veterans living across the U.S. territories:  “Equal in war, unequal in peace,” as our late delegate from Guam, Brigadier General Ben Blaz, USMC (Ret.), told Congress.  Would we permit this to happen anywhere else—on the streets of Brooklyn, or in the small towns of Illinois—for those who gave their very lives to our nation?

“America, My Irony” is a memorial poem about the Guam U.S. Veterans Cemetery.  The Guamanian-American author, Joseph W. Duenas, is the son of a 27-year veteran of the U.S. Army.  His message resonates with our veterans, our military families, the U.S. citizens of Guam, and all brothers-and sisters-in-arms across the United States:  “And stacked four-high in concrete crypts, the U.S. soldiers lie;  no voice or vote for president;  democracy denied.”

American veterans residing in Guam and other U.S. territories have served our nation tirelessly for generations now, advocating with force of arms to protect our rights.  At a time of heated national debate, when voices are raised high for the rights of non-citizens and immigrants, whose voices are raised for their rights?

My fellow Americans, we have fallen short in advocating for the rights of our most honored citizens—our veterans.  It is time to right this wrong.  Where there is a veteran, there must be a vote.

EDDIE BAZA CALVO is the governor of Guam and a U.S. citizen who cannot vote for president.


America, My Irony
On this month of Independence & Liberation, we reflect on Guam’s greatest generation.  We honor those Guamanians, past and present, who have served the USA.

Watch the Video: “America, My Irony” (2 min):

Issues simmering over the summer may lead to war in the autumn

Several issues could trigger a brief, sharp war inside the U.S., in the Middle East, and possibly even in Japan this autumn, multiple sources agree.  The key issue remains 9/11, a mass-murder event that remains unpunished and officially unacknowledged to this day.  The 9/11 war crime was used as an excuse for the mass murder of Iraqi, Syrian, Afghan, and other peoples.  Furthermore, if you dig deeper, it ties into the Kennedy assassinations of the 1960’s, the murder of Martin Luther King, as well as the December 26, 2004 and March 11, 2011 human-induced tsunami mass-murder attacks among many other crimes against humanity.

It is interesting to note, by the way, that the 350 or so corporate publications that last week simultaneously put out editorials calling for freedom of the press have not dared to write the truth about any of these crimes against humanity.  That’s because they are mostly owned by the people who carried out these crimes—the Khazarian mafia.

When is The New York Times and the rest of the corporate propaganda media going to write that it was the Zionist neo-cons who planned and carried out the 9/11 attacks?  When are they going to write about what was in all the Kennedy assassination documents that were recently released?  Why don’t they write that it was Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, working under orders from his Khazarian Rothschild masters etc., who ordered the Kennedy assassinations?  Why don’t they report the truth like they are supposed to?

The complicity in crimes against humanity by these media outlets, controlled by six Khazarian conglomerates, means they are enemies of the people and need to be occupied by military police and forced to write the truth.

The truth, as readers of this newsletter know, is that the Khazarian faction of the Western establishment carried out these and countless other war crimes to remain in control of the world’s financial system and thus true world power.  As a member of the British royal family once told me, “They are not going to go quietly into the night.”  In other words, it is going to take all-out war to remove these criminals.

A lot of people think U.S. President Donald Trump is going to be the man to end Khazarian rule and tell people the truth.  Well, so far, since being elected, he has not said anything about 9/11, Fukushima, or other war crimes.  You can also confirm through open source news articles that, as a businessman, he was bailed out by the Rothschilds each time he went bankrupt.

Of course, Trump would never have been allowed to run for President if he was not controlled through the usual combination of bribery and blackmail.  However, even then Trump was scripted to lose the election.  It was patriots in the military and the ABC agencies who decided he was the lesser of two evils and used Special Forces to break into the computer centers (like the one under Denver Airport) that were being used to steal the election for Hillary Clinton (Rockefeller).

Also, thanks to the military backers of the Trump regime, enough U.S. officials involved in crimes against humanity have now been removed from power for the next phase of the revolution to begin, Pentagon sources say.  The sources say that starting this autumn…

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China’s AI “Goddess” and the East/West AI competition

Notice to readers:  This is the last of our three pre-written reports.  We will return to our usual weekly news format next week.  Your patience and understanding have been appreciated.

Last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin said whoever leads in AI (Artificial Intelligence) “will control the world.”  The Chinese took these words seriously and are investing huge sums of money in an effort to create an AI “Goddess.”  They hope it will give them unprecedented powers and help them in their bid to form a world government, according to members of Asian secret societies.

The West, for its part, is building a quantum-based financial system they hope will allow them to continue to control the main source of world power—the international financial system.

This battle is serious, and it even led to the Chinese supercomputer Tainhe-1—at one point the world’s fastest—to be blown up by unknown parties on August 12, 2015.  The fact that this explosion came immediately after a sudden unannounced 4% devaluation in the Chinese yuan was almost certainly no coincidence.  The fact that the European-headed IMF supported this move shows that the European faction of the Khazarian mafia was in on the plot.

Clearly, some sort of Chinese and European Khazarian attempt to use the devaluation and the supercomputer to destabilize U.S. dollar-based Western financial system did take place and was met with a kinetic response.

Now fast-forward to the third-year anniversary of this explosion.  As of June 2018, the U.S. Department of Energy surpassed the Chinese with the world’s fastest publicly acknowledged computer.  The system—called Summit—can process 200,000 trillion calculations per second, or 200 petaflops.  That’s eight times faster than America’s former top supercomputer, the Titan, and it maintains a big lead over China’s 93-petaflop TaihuLight, which had been the world’s fastest supercomputer since 2016.

No doubt the Chinese will soon announce something even faster than that as the AI “arms race” continues.  These days, though, the Chinese, instead of concentrating on finance, are taking a different tack with a “Goddess” project.

Representatives of an Asian secret society explained the goals of the new Goddess project to this writer earlier this summer.  As it now exists, the Goddess can identify anybody’s face and within 7 seconds pull up all the data available on that person “such as their blood type.”  The data also almost certainly includes (to those who are authorized access) the person’s educational records, medical records, criminal records (if any), their address, family members, close friends, insurance, private messages, financial situation, gaming duration, smart-home statistics, preferred newspapers, shopping history, dating behavior, their “social credit score,” etc.  All of this within 7 seconds.  They can also follow a person “anywhere on earth,” the sources say.

The real aim of this Goddess project, though, is to…

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Secret societies, secret services and religions: The current balance of power

Notice to readers:  This is the second of three pre-written reports as we continue our summer “digital detox.”

The secret war for the planet earth has been intensifying and is headed for some sort of climax.  For that reason, before the autumn battles begin, it’s a good time to look at some of the world’s most important secret societies and the governments, religions, and agendas they are associated with.

The first thing people must understand when looking at this issue is that in the real world, spy agencies, secret societies, and armies are subservient to religions.  The reason for this is that even though Mao Tse-Tung said, “Power grows from the barrel of a gun,” it really grows from the mind of the person holding the gun.  So the battle for the planet earth is really a battle for the hearts and minds of the people who really count during a power struggle—the warriors.

Let’s start with the Asian secret societies.  Overall, their view right now is that the West has ruled the planet for long enough and now it’s their turn.  However, the Asian secret societies, just like their Western counterparts, are divided into several competing groups.

The biggest is probably the Hongmen, with 55 million members, mostly located in China and in Asian communities around the world.  Chinese President Xi Jinping is a member of this group.  It can be seen as a sort of combination between a chamber of commerce and a gangster group.  This sort of thing, by the way, is true of Western secret societies, too, because wielding big money and big power requires protection.  The Hongmen are closely linked to, but not the same as, the Chinese Communist Party.  Their hierarchy is based on meritocracy and not bloodlines.  There is a Taiwan-based splinter group as well, but they are losing influence and power due to poor leadership and the betrayal of their March 19th secret pledge.

The Hongmen say they want a world government so that humanity can live in peace and prosperity.  However, based on my personal experience with them, they need to become more multicultural if they are to succeed.

The second major Asian group is the Dragon family.  This is a grouping of old royal bloodlines with their networks of retainers and their stashes of historical gold.  They are strongest in Taiwan, Northern China, and Southeast Asia.  North Korea is one of their main strongholds, since that country is the real heir to the Manchu Dynasty which ruled China during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912).  They are also strong in Northern China, Japan, and Mongolia.  They are the heirs of the Mongol warriors, and any country whose name ends in “-stan,” such as Pakistan or Afghanistan, has a strong Mongol heritage.  The Dragon family has close links to European royal families and also believes in a world government, but they think hereditary bloodlines and constitutional monarchies are needed to provide such a government with stability and continuity.

Another grouping that used to be very powerful was the Black Dragon Society (BDS).  They were behind the World War 2 Imperial Japanese push for a greater East-Asian Co-prosperity sphere.  This group thought the Nazis would win World War 2 and would proceed to try to enslave and then eliminate the Asian and non-white races, as Hitler indicated in Mein Kampf.  The BDS was very successful in recruiting non-European people around the world in their bid to end European/Western rule.  However, as an African-American activist explained to this writer, “We were all in favour of their aims, except that they told us we all had to become Japanese and obey the Japanese.”  There are several organizations that claim to be heirs of the Black Dragon Society, but none of them have any real power.

The other big Asian secret society is the Blue Dragon, and they are the heirs of the Assassins.  They are strong in Persia (Iran) and the Muslim world, especially the Muslims of India.  They believe a great leader called the Mahdi will emerge and rid the world of evil before the End Times.  This group, though lacking a clear leader, is working towards the common goal of liberating the Muslim world, especially the Middle East, of neo-colonialist rulers.

There are other Asian groups and subdivisions such as the Shinto-connected Three Legged Crow, but they are not major players in the current battle for the planet Earth and will align themselves with whomever emerges victorious.

Now let us look at Western secret societies….

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Benjamin Fulford Talks: Interview July 19, 2018 with Prepare for Change

Our July 19 interview went up a few days ago and now the transcript is there too:

This link with its associated article contains links to all six interviews by Benjamin Fulford on Prepare For Change in May-June-July 2018, as well as the July 19, 2018 full transcript.