Dutch Parliament to discuss Geo-engineering

Dear Editor,
In 2006, I started the Stop Chemtrails and Weather Manipulation Now citizen initiative. In October 2021, we reached the required 40,000 signatures to present it to the House of Representatives of the Netherlands. Initially to the Committee on Petitions and Citizens’ Initiatives. On March 22 between 13.45 and 14.00 we are going to offer it to the Committee on Petitions and Citizens’ Initiatives of the House of Representatives. Then it will go through some more procedures before we can start advocating the Citizens’ Initiative in the House of Representatives.
This Dutch initiative has worldwide importance and impact, because geo-engineering is a worldwide operation.
When I heard about it in 2006, I was not surprised; I had noticed the changed skies and sky for some time. And I had already experienced more in my life, so I could place it well. At first there was only a paper version of the Citizens’ Initiative, of which we collected 1200 signatures by then. Later when the signatures could also be collected digitally we collected 43,000 signatures so far via petitions.nl. So a total of 44,200. It may sound like a long time, but this time was apparently needed so that people became more aware of what is going on. It is as it is, but I am super happy that we can finally offer it and that the House of Representatives now can not ignore it, there really is something to do. See above: https://www.tweedekamer.nl/kamerleden_en_commissies/commissies/verz/burgerinitiatieven
In these 16 years, I and colleagues have collected many pages of sources through research. We have also compiled a list of 35 experts and people involved who can be heard. Many studies and books have been written worldwide and several scientists have investigated the total picture and/or subareas. There have also been several hearings and conferences about it and the Netherlands signed the ENOD UN Convention in 1983. Since 2006 it has been pushed into the conspiracy corner by the media and we have been called out for ‘aluminium hat’ and ‘wappy’. Since then, despite many requests and emails, the Parliament has never given it serious attention or asked questions about it. Serious attention and action could have prevented much pollution and disease. There are many sources, including military that acknowledge that Weather Modification and manipulation has been going on for decades. With this Citizens Initiative we ask for nothing more or less than the truth and an immediate stop of all activities (Chemtrails/Weather manipulation) in any case above Dutch territory and above the Leeward and Windward Islands. And we ask for a Parliamentary Inquiry so that the politicians, scientists, (civilian) researchers and military personnel involved can be heard under oath.
At the plenary, we will give an extensive presentation and share our many sources.
For this  presentation on march 22, I have written a summary poem, naming all the elements, which I will recite. It is attached as an appendix. You are allowed to publish it in your media or website with my name.
The offering will be on March 22, 2022 between 13:45 and 14:00 and afterwards there will be time for questions from the media in the States Hall of the House of Representatives. The address is Irenepad 1. The Hague.
Kind regards,
Elbert Westerbeek
Initiator and administrator
Citizens Initiative Parliamentary Hearing on Weather Manipulation
Stop Chemtrails and Weather Manipulation Now.

Poem: Chemtrails-Weather Modification-Albedo-SynBio-Mind Control
Again I see those expanding stripes,
and heave a deep sigh.
Who does Heaven belong to, anyway?
Why are you allowed to spray in the sky without our consent?
Who has been taken in by this madness anyway?
The sky used to be deep blue, now a whitish chemical, electromagnetic puddle
blankets and swirls.

Why does the Sun have to be stripped away all the time?
Whereby, for example, algae growth is inhibited,
people lack Vitamin D and are influenced and tamed via harmful waves &
Whales disoriented beaches and forests burning intensely?
Nano particles are found in soil, roots, flowers, lungs and brains?
Why is this, despite many scientific sources, laughed off and dismissed as a

Why do you allow the control of the weather and use it as a weapon?
This seems to be the real explanation for climate change!
In Geopolitics by using weather extremes to impoverish, blackmail and hijack
From HAARP and fanning stripes to the hole in the Ozone layer and Global

New diseases have unfortunately been created,
new types of clouds invented.
But no chemtrails can’t exist can they?
Weather modification already going on for decades, has already raped the
natural weather.

We want the “bio-terrorism” to stop and peel off the onion,
since weather modification is made up of many rings and layers.
The weather now seems out of whack to be able to predict it correctly.
That is why 44,000 residents are now coming to ask for a Parliamentary

This citizens’ initiative is deadly serious!
Go hear the many scientific and citizen researchers.
Stop the depressing puddle mongering, there is no choice.
Don’t let the secret services and defense ring you.

Investigate all available evidence, all sources.
Geo,- Bio,- & space weapons do not belong in the defense arsenal.
Through the UN Convention 1976* it is already forbidden, so do not act so
Heaven and Earth do not belong to the Military-Industrial Complex, but to all
of us!

Elbert Westerbeek, 22-02-2022.
Citizens Initiative Stop Chemtrails and Weather Manipulation Now!
Written on behalf of the presentation to the Dutch Parliament on 22-03-2022.

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